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If you have a problem with flooding, or need to do any regular work involving liquid, then you need a Slide N Pump. It is available in two different sizes to suit any preference or volume of work, and is an affordable way to manually pump or siphon any liquid. The Slide N Pump is ideal for pond and aquarium maintenance, bailing water from a boat, removing liquid from a ditch or hole you are digging, drying flooded areas, draining kiddie pools or spa and pool covers, and basically any other job where you need to move water. It is an advanced tool that makes it quick and easy to pump liquids or start a siphon in any location that you can fit a hose in. Anyone can use the Slide N Pump because it is easy to use and does not require a lot of strength to operate. With just a few pumps, you can move gallons of water, and eliminate liquid from virtually any space. Below are some helpful tips, and recommendations for care and cleaning of this great tool.

Helpful Tips

  • For best results, use a sturdy hose that is high quality. Thinner hoses are often cheaper for a reason, and you run the risk of the hose collapsing under the pressure if you use one. Basically you need a hose sturdy enough to handle the increased suction created by using this device.
  • When using as a siphon it may be easier to remove the Slide N Pump once the siphon is initiated. Swapping the tool for a quick connect is usually a good way to do this. Once the flow starts, you no longer need the Slide N Pump to be connected to the hose.
  • The longer the intake [red end] hose, the longer it will take to prime the Slide-N-Pump to actually start pumping or siphoning. This means that the longer the hose you have attached to the front end of the tool, the more amount of time it will take to get things started. If you feel like it is taking too long, or is difficult to work with, try a shorter hose section.

Recommended Care & Cleaning

Your Slide N Pump will require very little care due to simple design and high quality components, but after each use, it is recommended to do the following:

  • When not in use, disconnect your Slide-N-Pump from the hoses
  • After the hoses have been removed, give it a few pumps to drain any residual liquid from the unit.
  • Once rinsed, towel dry to remove any other moisture. If dirty, you can clean with a dish detergent or window cleaner, then towel dry.
  • Store in a dry place.
  • Moisture left in the unit during storage can cause problems like mold and mildew, which won't effect performance, but will cause it to stink, and in extreme cases, may result in a health hazard.

Mini Slide N Pump (18")

Regular Slide N Pump (25")

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