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Painter's Pyramid & Grabbers Combo Pack

Get 4 Pyramids & 4 Grabbers In One Convenient Package.
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Product Description

Get 4 Grabbers, and 4 Painter's Pyramids in this convenient combo package. Each of these products is extremely useful when used alone, but combine them together, and you will have even more versatility. Thanks to the shape and clever design, you are able to combine one of each together in order to make something different. Instead of a regular pyramid, you will have one that is rubberized on the bottom. This will allow for more precision and a larger number of applications because wherever you place your pyramid, it will remain without moving. You still get the same great non-stick point at the top, but now you also have a sturdy, non-slip base as well.

Finish both sides of a project without waiting, and without worrying that slipping and sliding will lead to mistakes. Achieve a higher level of accuracy and support just about anything you are working on. You will be able to access all sides of the object, and also be sure that it will not move. Connect several pairs together in order to lift up oddly shaped, or otherwise hard to hold items. Simply insert one of the integrated tabs into the notch on another one and they will snap together to remain securely connected. With this technique, you can connect two or more in order to form unique configurations and adapt to any project you have. You can always screw down Painter's Pyramids when used alone, but combining with grabbers eliminates this step while still offering a similar level of security. You don't need to permanently affix the support in order to be sure that the object on top remains in place.

This combo pack is perfect for almost anyone. Whether you are painting a model, constructing a craft project or staining furniture, these helpers will make the task easier and less time consuming. The friction created by the rubber surface at the bottom will make the Pyramid stay in place even when you are working on the object above. When force is applied as you paint or stain, the triangle supports will not slide across your counter or move in any way. They will gently grip the surface in order to remain in place, and hold your project securely. At the top of the triangle, is a small balance point that is the tip. The material is chemical safe, but also resistant to sticking. This means that freshly painted, stained or glued objects can be rested on top without sticking or ruining your work in any way. This allows you to complete one side, flip it over, and then keep on working without waiting for things to dry. Your results will be quicker and more professional looking, and there will be less frustration involved in getting there. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Grabber Specs
Includes: (4) Grabbers
Dimensions 2.375" x 2.375" x .25"
Uses Elevate objects and prevent them from slipping sliding or moving in any way.
Color Black and red
Material Plastic and bonded rubber
Compatibility Use alone or use with Painter's Pyramids or The VersaSpin 360
Rubberized Surface Yes - Double sided non-slip surface
Elevate Projects Yes - Raise objects by .25" when on top.
Package 4-Pack - One package contains a total of 4 grabbers
Shape Triangle
Shipping Weight .3 lbs

Grabbers - The fast and easy way to keep things stationary while you work. Don't waste time with clamps when sanding or drilling. Use these little triangles instead and finish the job in less time. Order Yours Today!

Pyramid Specs
Includes: (4) Painter's Pyramids
Dimensions 2.5" x 2.5" x 2"
Uses Elevate objects to allow for easier access. Rest wet side on pyramid point to keep painting or stainign without waiting. Non-stick material and tiny balance point will not ruin your work.
Color Varies (red, blue, yellow) For specific color choice, simply request it in your order comments at checkout.
Material Durable Plastic
Compatibility Use alone or use with Grabbers or the VersaSpin 360
Connectable Yes - Stick several together for the perfect size and shape surface.
Mountable Yes - Secure directly to your work surface.
Stackable Yes - Stack or nest neatly for storage.
Elevate Projects Yes - Raise objects by 2" when on top.
Package 10-Pack - One package contains a total of 10 pyramids
Shape Triangle (pyramid)
Shipping Weight .3 lbs

Painter's Pyramids - Painting, staining and priming made easy. This simple little device solves some of the biggest painting problems. Finish your painting in half the time with this innovative tool. Paint without the wait! Order Yours Today!

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5 out of 5
Like 2 more pairs of hands
Wish I had gotten these when first available. Together with a turntable, they make painting items in a paint booth a snap.
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