1. Smart Bathroom Mop
A bathroom mop for quick and easy bathroom cleaning.
A bathroom mop for quick and easy bathroom cleaning.

Smart Bathroom Mop

A Multi-Use Tool For Mopping, Scrubbing, Squeegeeing & More.
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This versatile tool will allow you to clean your whole bathroom faster, and with less effort. It is more than just a floor mop, so you will be able to use it for cleaning your tub, to squeegee shower doors and mirrors, scrubbing grout and other crevices and so much more. It can be used on the pole like a regular mop to do floors, or to clean hard to reach portions of your shower and the tops of tiled walls. Take it off the pole to give yourself a powerful hand held cleaning tool. When in your hand, it can be used to clean the same way by utilizing the pad, but you will also be able to flip it to squeegee, or turn it to scrub. The sides of the mop head are loaded with extra convenience. One edge has a rubber blade to clear and move water, while the other two are lined with nubs for incredible scrubbing power. Since the pad is totally machine washable, you will be able to use this tool over and over again without any refills or additional parts to buy ever. Thanks to the advanced microfiber pad, most dirt and grime can be cleaned with just water as a detergent, so you won't even need all of those expensive spray cleaners either.

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The advanced head on this mopping tool sets it apart from the rest. The smaller triangular shape allows you to easily mop anywhere, and eliminates the hassle usually associated with cleaning in corners or behind the toilet. Skinny areas of flooring or high up corners of your shower will no longer be impossible to reach, or time consuming to clean. The head swivels to any angle so it can turn and pivot easily, but it can also become low profile to get under stuff as well. The sturdy telescopic pole is commercial grade, and adjustable to suit the person using it, or the job being performed. Take the head off the pole for a remarkable hand held tool for all types of cleaning. The squeegee edge can be used for clearing water from shower doors after use, cleaning mirrors and windows, or drying tile and other surfaces to a spot-free shine. Flip the head to one of the bumpy sides and you will be able to thoroughly scrub grout and other crevices with minimal effort or give a little extra attention to that stubborn spot on the floor. Because the integrated scrubbing bumps are so sturdy, they will not wear out, or become ineffective like traditional brushes and sponges do. For general cleaning of any surface in your bathroom, simply wet the pad and get to work. Use it in your hand to concentrate on small areas of flooring, or wipe down tile and fiberglass surfaces. Attach to the pole to mop the whole floor, or to get spots that are tough to reach. It can clean 99% of all dirt and germs with just water as a detergent, and it is safe to use on any surface.

This one tool can be used to clean the shower, the tub, the floor, the walls, mirrors, windows and more. It will never scratch, mark, discolor or otherwise ruin anything you use it on, and since you don't need any harsh cleaners, you can clean worry-free, just about anywhere. The smaller size is perfect for the bathroom, but it can be just as effective for smaller kitchens, entryways, porches or laundry rooms as well. It produces incredible results as a regular mop, but will also help to make other areas easy to clean too thanks to the detachable head.
Keep your bathroom safe and chemical free without compromising cleanliness. This is the environmentally friendly way to clean your floors and other surfaces, while keeping them safe for children and pets. Use it dry to dust and sweep, or get it damp to mop and clean. You can use it on tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble, granite, glass, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete and more. Pretty much any hard surface encountered in your home can be cleaned safely with this tool. You run no risk when using it, and the results it will produce are outstanding.

Thanks to the high quality microfiber pad, you will only need to dampen it with water for most cleaning tasks. You can use a stronger cleaner if you want to, but in most cases, it would be unnecessary. With just a damp pad, you will be able to cut through grime, lift up dirt and hair, and clean and remove 99% of all the yucky stuff. To prepare the pad for cleaning, simply get it wet under the faucet with warm or hot water, then wring it out so that the pad is damp and not dripping. After the pad has been dampened, simply secure it to the mop head. It will stick on easily, and stay secure thanks to the strong velcro adhesion. Once the pad is in place, you can either use the head attached to the pole, or held in your hand. When on the pole, it works like a normal mop for cleaning floors. It also works well for walls, ceilings, windows and other harder to reach areas due to the long reach it gives you. Take it off the pole to use it as a hand tool for closer cleaning of any surface in your bathroom. The side of the head can be used to scrub either on or off the pole. Simply flip to one of the two bumpy edges and work back and forth to thoroughly scrub cracks and crevices, or remove scuff marks and other tough grime. Use the third side as a squeegee to move water and dry surfaces. The pliable rubber blade will thoroughly dry floors, or remove all moisture from glass surfaces so that they are left clean and spot-free. Once the cleaning is done, simply remove the pad and toss it in the wash. Each pad is washable and reusable for hundreds of times before it needs replacing.

The distinct triangle shape is just part of what makes the head on this mop so special. The smaller, more angular shape is a key asset that will allow you to easily mop into corners, under sinks and in those funny little areas that are too small for other mops, but that it is only part of it. This nicely shaped head also swivels like a champ. It can spin and pivot to any angle, but can also tip and swerve to become flat or upright depending upon your needs. These two characteristics will allow you to quickly mop behind the toilet or clean into little nooks. Pick it up off the floor and it will help you scrub into the corner where the tile meets the ceiling or other similar spots that can be nearly impossible to reach otherwise. Thanks to the smaller size, you won't have to go over areas more than once because you will be able to apply adequate pressure to remove dirt the first time. The pad on this bathroom mop is great when damp or dry. It acts like a dust mop, light sweeper or extension duster when you use it dry, and it will quickly pick up light dirt and dust while polishing the surface at the same time. Get it damp and you have a mop, a window cleaner, a tile scrubber and more. When the pad is damp, you switch into deep cleaning mode, and will be able to cut through and remove tough dirt and other build up. Discover a better way to clean your bathroom. And do it without chemicals! This microfiber bathroom mop from Smart is the easiest, fastest and safest way to clean almost any surface of your bathroom. Order Yours Today!

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