Microfiber Bath Towel

Super soft to the touch, and extra absorbent. A fast drying, spa quality towel. Pamper yourself on a daily basis.
Super absorbent, microfiber bath towel.
Super absorbent, microfiber bath towel.
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Treat yourself to the most luxurious bath towel available. Our high quality Microfiber Bath Towel is made from a revolutionary material that is extremely soft to the touch, super absorbent, and fast drying. The advanced fabric absorbs more than 10 times its weight in water, and it dries much faster than cotton. This means that it'll work faster and more efficiently to dry you off, and it'll stay fresh longer because it dries out quickly to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Ditch that bulky cotton bath towel, and replace it with a better performing version that feels great, and one that doesn't make your bathroom or body smell all musty.

Thanks to the high performance material that is also light weight, it's also perfect for use away from home while traveling, camping or going to the gym. You'll be delighted with how well it works, and you'll be even more happy when you discover how long it lasts due to the high quality material and superior construction. This will be the softest bath towel you'll ever own, and as with all microfiber, it takes less heat to dry, so you'll save on energy costs too. If you prefer to hang your laundry on a line to dry, you'll love how it stays nice and soft because microfiber doesn't get stiff like cotton does.

Why This Product Is Good

It's So Fluffy

The light and fluffy material has long fibers that are split at the end. This increased surface area allows it to dry you off quickly, but it also makes it extra soft to the touch. You'll like how it works, but you'll love how it feels.

Lightweight Material

Although it feels thick and fluffy, and is able to soak up loads of water, this towel is extremely lightweight when compared to other options. It's perfect for people that prefer to avoid wrestling with bulky bath towels, but it's also ideal for anyone using it for travel, backpacking, the gym or camping.

Fresh Scent

Unlike cotton versions that may stay wet for days, this one dries quickly to avoid bacteria and mildew growth. The advanced, synthetic fibers add to this effect so you'll never have to hold your nose to dry after the shower, and you can say goodbye to the musty mildew scent that you are used to.

Highly Absorbent

The high tech microfiber material is a premium grade fabric with an extra plush finish. The surface is packed with fibers, and each one is split to create even more surface area. When in contact with moisture, the advanced material will suck it up like a vacuum. You will be able to dry off faster, and the towel will hold more water than similar version of the same size.

Fast Drying

Although it will soak up more water than your traditional cotton bath towel, it will also dry faster when you finish. Moisture gets locked into the fibers to prevent dripping, but it's also separated and aerated to promote quick drying. Never get annoyed by a damp towel in the morning, and never deal with a stinky towel you were forced to pack wet while traveling.

Long Lasting

The amazing material makes this towel work great, but it is also highly durable. Use it day after day, and wash it hundreds of times without it wearing out or losing any ability. It will work and look like new for years to come.

How It Works

Made from a high quality, ultra plush micro fiber, this bath towel is unlike any other towel available, and it boasts an incredible 100,000+ fibers per sq. inch. Each strand is 100 times smaller than a human hair, and also split at the end to create and incredible amount of surface area. When woven together, these fibers create pockets and capillaries to lock in moisture, and the plush material extends out to wick up water in any location. These factors combine to create the perfect product for pulling water from your body with little effort, and in record time. As you move it over your skin, the millions of fluffy fibers will soak up every last drop, and they will lock it in to prevent dripping. Once you finish, it will also dry fast thanks to the unique fiber content.

Taking two showers a day is no longer a problem with this quick drying bath towel. Use it in the morning and it will be dry again, later in the day, to be used again. Despite it's light weight, it has a thick and fluffy feel to it because the advanced fabric creates a plush texture that is extremely absorbent. It'll feel great against your skin as it is literally pulling the water off your body. Get yourself more dry in less time with this amazing towel. It works better than a cotton one, and feels softer too. Add to that the fact that it dries in a fraction of the time it takes cotton, and this becomes one great addition to any bathroom. It's exceptionally silky against your skin, and it stays fresh because it dries quickly to discourage mildew and bacteria build-up.

Our Microfiber Bath Towels are the perfect choice for home use, and a must for camping, taking to the gym, traveling and more. Olympic swimmers prefer microfiber because it's super absorbent and dries in less time than the alternatives. Discover the ultimate way to pamper yourself when you use one of these super fluffy towels. Available in popular colors to match any decor.

Other Options

Looking for something smaller? Check out our microfiber hand towels. They're made from the same material, so they work just as well, but they're sized for drying hands instead of whole bodies.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) microfiber bath towel
Dimensions 27" x 54"
Weight 400 GSM
Color Your choice: Blue or Beige
Material Premium Plush Microfiber
Absorption Up to 10X own weight
Machine Washable Yes. Wash with like colors. Tumble dry low.
Lightweight Yes
Fast Drying Yes
Uses Dry quickly, absorb more, and reuse faster. Perfect for everyday use, but also ideal for camping, gym or travel.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

A super soft and luxurious bath towel that works far better than cotton. Treat yourself to the ultimate bathroom accessory. Fast drying and super absorbent. Order Yours Today!

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