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Advanced multipurpose microfiber mop pad
Advanced multipurpose microfiber mop pad

18 in. Microfiber Mop Pad (Advanced Multi)

Replacement Pad for your Microfiber Mop. Wet or Dry. 18"
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These Advanced Multipurpose Pads are similar to the regular multipurpose pads, but they have integrated scrubbing stripes. You will find that the regular multi pad is thicker and more fluffy compared to this one, which would make those ones more absorbent, and better for cleaning spills. The regular multi pads may also be preferred for dry dust mopping due to the extra fluffy, split end material that covers the full face of the pad. This advanced pad will perform better when wet for many users, and has added material for increased scrubbing power. The straight, course microfiber that makes up the scrubbing bands is directional, and will point forward as you mop. This allows it to gently scrub the flooring surface, as well as pick up hair, dirt and debris as you clean. Though it is more course, and certainly gives you increased scrubbing power, it is still safe to use on any floor, and you won't ever risk any type of damage. The two pads are similar in many ways, but some users may prefer one over the other, and there are definitely strengths and weaknesses that differ from pad to pad.

These mop pads are intended for use with the 18" microfiber mop we sell, but you could use them on any one that is the same size. They are high quality pads that will make mopping even easier, and will leave any hard floor super clean with very little effort. Great for all around cleaning, and designed to be used wet or dry on all types of floors. You can use these pads dry for dusting, sweeping and polishing, or wet for mopping and cleaning. Want to get several different pads? Mix and match for reduced pricing when you by more than one in a single order, or check out our 4-Pack & 5-Pack of pads.

Save money by mopping with microfiber because each pad is washable hundreds of times. Once dirty, they can be laundered instead of replaced, and they don't even need to be washed after every mopping. After a light mopping, just rinse the pad in warm water and then store it on the mop for later use. When it becomes completely soiled, put the pad in the washing machine for cleaning. Please Note: Never use bleach or fabric softener when washing microfiber. Bleach deteriorates the fibers and fabric softener clogs them, leading to decreased performance and a shortened life.

Since you only need water to remove 99% of all dirt and germs from your floors using these pads, it is the material that is doing most of the work. The higher the quality of microfiber, the easier your job will be, the cleaner your floors will be, and the longer they will last. We only sell the highest quality microfiber pads, so you can be sure that they will last for years, and keep your floors looking clean and polished without any stress or strain on your part. The integrated scrubbing bands make these pads even more unique. The multipurpose material is a split end microfiber material. THis means that the already super fine fiber is split at the end to make it even tinier, and provide more surface area for cleaning. This type of microfiber is extra soft and fluffy, and well suited for wet or dry use. Each tiny strand will skim across the flooring surface to lift up and lock in any and all debris. Since the fibers are so fine, and then split after that, even the smallest particles will be collected and cleaned by this pad. The more course material that makes up the stripes is stiff and points in one direction. This allows it to sweep up debris as you mop, but also scrub clean more stubborn dirt. You will find that this material is not very absorbent, but it will make extra dirty floors easier to clean.

These mop pads are not treated with any chemicals, and you don't need to use any when you mop with them. The material so good, that all you need is water to clean 98-99% of all dirt, dust, hair and germs from your floors. The fiber's wedge shaped filaments follow surfaces, lift up dirt, and trap the particles inside the fiber. This eliminates the need for harmful cleansers and toxic chemicals. The capillary effect between the filaments and nylon core creates a high absorbency, which in turn enables our mop pads to clean and polish at the same time. Only water is needed as a detergent to clean any type of surface. Order Your Replacement Mop Pads Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) mop pad
Dimensions (l x w) 18" x 5"
Compatibility Works with any 15.75"-17.75" microfiber mop head. Works with these two mops that we sell: Smart 3-in-1 Microfiber Mop & Household Swivel Mop
Color Blue & White
Type Multipurpose - use wet or dry
Shape Trapezoid - Short side: 15" & Long side: 18"
Uses designed for wet or dry use (mopping, cleaning, dusting, polishing, etc.)
Microfiber Type terry (multipurpose) & straight (scrubbing bands)
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Scrubbing Stripes Yes
Edges sewn
Washable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front
Shipping Weight .2 lbs.

18" Advanced Multi Microfiber Mop Pad - Advanced Multipurpose mop pads for your microfiber mop. Integrated scrubbing stripes make cleaning floors even easier. Use these pads wet or dry to clean all types of floors. Machine washable hundreds of times.

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