PVA Sponge

A super absorbent sponge. Soak up spills and dry surfaces quickly. Clean as you wipe. Highly durable matrial for long-lasting performance.
PVA Sponge - A super absorbent sponge block
PVA Sponge - A super absorbent sponge block
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Over ten times more absorbent than a regular sponge, and way more durable too. This powerful PVA Sponge block will soak up moisture like a vacuum, and hold it without dripping. It'll never tear, shred or leave behind lint like a regular sponge can, but it will soak up spills, remove dirt, and deliver outstanding performance. Perfect for home, auto, boat or commercial use, our premium quality PVA Sponge can be used as a drying tool, a cleaning tool, an applicator for paints, and much more. It's not affected by harsh chemicals or salt water, so you can use it almost anywhere, and with any type of cleaner you prefer.

Unlike traditional sponges, this one is made from a specialized material that is super smooth. The premium quality PVA material is super dense, and it ensures a unique and useful tool that's safe for use on any surface, and able to pick up hair and light debris as you wipe. A simple rinse will release any fur or chunks of dirt that you collect, and it can soak up more than 25 times its own weight in moisture, so it's ideal for drying spills and cleaning other types of wet messes. Just place this large sponge on top of any spilled liquid and press down. Once you let go, it will slurp up more than 8 ounces of liquid like a vacuum. When you wipe to clean wet spills, it'll quickly absorb the liquid while eliminating any solid particles too.

PVA Sponge Features

  • 7" x 3" x 1.5"
  • Premium Quality PVA Material
  • Commercial Grade Durability
  • For Cleaning, Dusting, Drying and Soaking Spills
  • Safe For Any Surface
  • Compatible With Any Cleanser
  • Super Absorbent Material

Our PVA sponge is ideal for any job that involves excess moisture, but it works great for regular stuff too. Use it to wipe down counters, wash dishes, dry tables, eliminate flooding, clean up after puppies and children, and so much more. It'll do everything that a regular sponge will, just ten times better.

Other Options

Looking for a larger sponge? The version featured on this page is our regular size PVA Sponge. We also have one that it twice as big. For a much larger option, check out our Extra Large PVA Sponge. It's made from the same premium grade material, but it will soak up more than double the moisture thanks to its larger size. Want a version with special abilities? We also have an option with a specialized shape. Our Damp Duster PVA Scrub Sponge is smaller than this one, but it has ridges at the top to aid in cleaning and dusting.

Why This Product Is Good

Super Absorbent Material

Suck up an amazing amount of liquid with little effort. Just press down or glide over the top to pull in moisture like a vacuum.

Extra Tough Construction

Bleach, ammonia, soap, cleansers, it doesn't matter. No cleaning chemical will harm this PVA Sponge, so use with confidence in combination with your favorite cleaners and disinfectants.

Long Lasting Durability

Way more durable than cellulose or the natural sea variety, the premium quality PVA material does not wear out or fall apart like those options do. It will hold it's shape and remain intact for much longer in comparison.

Incredible Cleaning Power

The unique material will absorb and pick up dirt as you wipe, Surfaces will be clean AND dry when you finish.

Rinses Totally Clean

Unlike sponges with large holes, this one will completely release everything you wipe up when rinsed. This prevents grime storage and the possibility of old particles causing scratches.

Bacteria Resistant Material

The material is naturally mildew and bacteria resistant. It also dries rock hard to further prevent growth. As an added layer of protection, it also releases yucky stuff to eliminate hidden grime that would otherwise store for later.

Large Size

Much bigger than average, this super absorbent PVA sponge block is large enough for any job, and the perfect size to dry large areas, or soak up large spills. Not only is it longer and wider than most sponges, it is also much thicker.

How To Use It

  1. For wiping damp counters or cleaning up small messes, use this advanced PVA Sponge like any other. It will soak up liquids as you wipe, quickly drying surfaces to a streak free shine.
  2. As you move along, it will also pick up dirt and hold it in.
  3. When wiping, a single, continuous motion will work best. Move from one side to the other.
  4. For soaking up large amounts of water like a thawing freezer, spilled drink or flooded bathroom, a slightly different technique will produce better results than standard wiping. Downward pressure on the top of the block gets the vacuum ready to suck. When you release this pressure, the sponge will begin to suck up any spilled liquid quickly and efficiently.
  5. Press down to soak, and then move to a new location. Keep up with this technique until the sponge feels completely saturated, and then take it to the sink to wring out all of the collected moisture.
  6. To apply paint or stain without leaving brush strokes, use the sponge damp. Make sure the paint or stain is in a large enough container, then use the face of the sponge to dip down and collect the paint.
  7. Spread on the paint with even, deliberate strokes, and you'll easily get a smooth application with no lines or imperfections.
  8. Paints and stains will go on in wide sections, and you won't have to worry about brush lines, thin spots or uneven finishes.
  9. For drying surfaces that are only slightly wet, skip the press and suck technique, and opt for a regular wiping motion. Your vehicle exterior and other similar surfaces can be dried quickly without any risk of scratching, spotting or streaking.
  10. For a job like this, simply continue in one direction, and with one long wiping path to remove all moisture and let the surface shine.

Tips For Success:

  • For general use, you can pretty much use this product like any regular sponge.
  • The unique thing about PVA is that it will dry rock hard if you let it. This can be good for eliminating the possibility of mildew and bacteria growth, but you can't really use it when it's in this hard, dried form.
  • When the sponge is new out of the package, it will feel slightly damp, and will be soft and squishy to the touch. You can always keep it this way by storing it in a container or zippered bag. This will ensure it's ready to go at a moments notice.
  • It's important to make sure the material is clean before you store it to prevent unwanted growth caused by residual moisture and dirt combined.
  • You can always store it dry. Drying it out does not effect longevity or performance, it will just make it necessary to wet it before you use it.
  • The sponge only has to soak in water for about a minute to go from rock hard to squishy as new.
  • Always make sure the sponge is slightly damp and squishy before you use it. If you try to use it hard, you will have less than desirable results.

PVA Sponges VS. Regular Sponges

Choose a more durable tool that's easier to work with, and you'll also get one that produces better results. This super absorbent PVA Sponge can soak liquid faster and more efficiently than a regular one can, and it's also made from a much longer lasting material. The smooth finish helps it glide over any surface, but also collects every spec of debris in it's path. pick up debris as you use it, but won't store it for later like regular, more porous sponges do. This means that no grit, sand or other debris will be left after use, so you won't be able to accidentally scratch any surface you use it on later. It's resistant to chemicals, and it can be washed hundreds of times to clean it for reuse. Because the material is so durable, you'll be able to it over and over again without it wearing out, losing shape, or becoming ineffective.

Our PVA Sponge is an incredible tool that can replace paper towels, and make washing dishes or defrosting a freezer easy. It can pull spilled drinks up out of carpeting or upholstery, and lock them in so that you can make it back to the sink without dripping. Once you get there and wring it out, an amazing amount of liquid will gush out like a river, and you'll be wondering how it was stored in there in the first place. Take it outside, and it can be a useful tool for applying paint, stains, wax or varnish in even, easy to apply coats. The smooth surface and excellent absorption capabilities allow it to coat surfaces without streaking, and ensure a more consistent application, and better appearance once dried.

Stop replacing your sponges so often, and don't dry another spill with a cotton towel or disposable piece of paper. Traditional sponges wear out quickly due to inferior materials, but this one provides long lasting performance while accomplishing more. When you choose a tougher, more effective product, you'll save time and money while making annoying jobs easier. Your bathrooms and kitchens will be spotless, and your cars and trucks will have a showroom finish. You'll be able to soak up puppy accidents, dry any surface after washing it, avoid catastrophe when things overflow, and so much more. It's the perfect tool for accidental spills, so parents with toddlers, families with new pets, professional cleaners, and almost anyone else can rest easy when they have one at their disposal.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) PVA Sponge
Dimensions 7" x 3" x 1.5"
Thickness 1.5"
Color Varies: Yellow, blue, purple or pink. To request a specific color, please use the comments box at checkout. When no request is made, color choice will be random.
Material 100% Pure PVA
Uses amazingly absorbent - soak up spills or dry wet surfaces. Also picks up dirt and debris as you wipe so it is good for general cleaning too.
Chemical Safe Yes. Not affected by strong chemicals, harsh cleaners or salt water.
Washable Yes
Reusable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front and back.
Texture Smooth
Integrated Scrub Pad No
Absorbency Holds up to 25 times its weight.
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

Far more absorbent than a regular sponge, this high quality pva sponge block soaks up liquids like a vacuum. It works better and lasts longer than traditional products, is safe for any surface, and can be used with any chemicals or soaps you prefer. The perfect cleaning accessory for any home. Order Yours Today!

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