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TopFlight 20 ft. Telescoping Flagpole

The Ultimate Flag Pole! Makes all Others Obsolete.
20 Ft Telescoping Flagpole
20 Ft Telescoping Flagpole
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This deluxe, telescoping pole has a whole host of exclusive features that aren't found on other similar models. Don't settle for an ordinary flagpole when you can have the TopFlight™ Telescoping Flagpole. This premium quality pole extends up to a full 20 feet in seconds, and collapses down to 7 feet for easy portability and/or storage. Four sections "nest" inside each other, clicking and locking into place with a smooth, low-friction action. There is no twisting required to raise or lower the pole, a simple push button action allows you to extend or retract it quickly and easily. It even ships complete with a full size American flag to make sure you are fully equipped right away.

Product Features

  1. 7 ft. - 20 ft. Telescoping Pole.
  2. Flag and Hardware included.
  3. Totally Portable.
  4. Easy-To-Install.
  5. Commercial Grade Durability.
  6. 5 Year Warranty.

This is the only flagpole to receive the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. That's because it is extremely easy to raise and lower, yet has no ropes, pullies or extra hardware to blow in the wind or get in the way. With this pole, you won't have to listen to metal parts constantly clanking against the pole and there is very little hardware that can wear out or break with use. The 360 degree rotating collars with steel clips will ensure your flag will never snarl or tangle. It will fly freely no matter which way the wind is blowing. A double harness allows you to fly up to two flags, or fly one at half mast. Lightweight and super strong construction makes this telescoping flagpole easily portable, so you can take it with you for vacation homes, tailgating and more. Child proof locking collars and a locking ground sleeve prevent theft and make it safe around children. Each unit comes in your choice of three color finishes, and includes an American flag and gold ball for the top.

Flagpole detail

Built to Last

The TopFlight™ Telescoping Flagpole offers you the finest in quality and workmanship. It's strong, 16 gauge aluminum, is built to stand up to years of wind and weather with little or no maintenance. Available in an anodized aluminum, anodized bronze, or white baked enamel finish, it will never need sanding or painting. The low-friction telescoping mechanism works easily, and requires no lubrication so almost anyone can use it with ease. Strong polycarbonate flag collars with stainless steel flag clips will never rust or corrode over time, and will remain strong and sturdy for years to come. This flagpole is so good that it even comes with a manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Extends Easily

This telescoping flagpole locks into place with no twisting or searching needed. The patented design eliminates the twisting required to extend most similar units, and turns it into a quick and easy task. Many poles don't even offer a telescoping mechanism is the first place, but the few that do are often sub-par when compared to this one, and offer a more frustrating and less user friendly method of use. For this one, you simply extend each section of the pole one at a time, and they snap automatically into place. You no longer have to search around to engage the locking mechanism or make sure that each part is properly popped into place. To lower the pole just press the stainless steel buttons on each section and let them slide down into place. The exclusive locking safety collars help prevent children or casual contact from accidentally lowering the pole.


Great for tailgate parties and more. Because it can be removed from its ground sleeve, you can lower the TopFlight™ Telescoping Flagpole and move it to a different sleeve (at a summer house, for example) or take it inside when you're away from home. Better yet, you can take it with you! The optional Wheel Stand makes it easy to display flags next to any vehicle.

This high quality flagpole eliminates much of the hassle associated with flying a flag in your yard. It is super sturdy, and the high quality construction will ensure years of use, and a product that will look great for years. It can be used by almost anyone and is far more decorative, and less noisy than your run of the mill style flagpole. Enhance your yard, and show of your patriotism with this amazing product. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 20 Ft. Telescoping flagpole Set
Max Pole Height (exposed) 20 Ft.
Min Pole Height (exposed) 7 Ft.
Actual Pole Length 22 Ft.
Pole Diameter 2 5/8 Inches at the base. 1 3/4 Inches at the top.
Pole Type Telescoping. - Raise or lower easily. Remove quickly for storage, severe weather, or travel.
Material Aircraft Grade Aluminum (high tensile 16-guage)
Color Your choice. Choose from Silver, Bronze or White.
Compatibility Install in any yard. Also compatible with optional dock/deck mount, or wheel mount sold separately.
Wind Rating 60 Mph max recommended wind speed with flag.
Stuff Included (1) flagpole, (1) ground mount unit, (1) American Flag, (1) gold ball topper, swivel rings w/ flag clips, locking safety collars & a double flag harness
Flag Included Yes. 3' x 5' American Flag Included.
Double Harness Yes. Display one or two flags.
Topper Included Yes. Gold Ball Topper Included. Optional Gold Eagle Upgrade Sold Separately.
Locking Ground Sleeve Yes. For safety and piece-of-mind, the pole locks into the base.
Portable Yes.
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included.
Shipping Weight 18 lbs

TopFlight 20 ft. Telescoping Flagpole - The ultimate choice to enhance any yard. Easy-to-use and simple to install. This telescoping flagpole has all the features that the other poles lack. Order Yours Today!

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