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Freezable Wine Cooler Pouch

Keep Your Beverage At The Perfect Temperature And Serve It With Ease!
Freezable Wine Cooler Pouch
Freezable Wine Cooler Pouch
Two colors to choose from: black or pink.
Strong and comfortable handle makes serving easy.
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Product Description

Chill wine to the perfect temperature, and make it easier to pour by using this freezable sleeve. The large pouch is similar to other freezer pack cooling devices, but this one has thick elastic bands to keep it in place around your bottle of wine. An added handle on the side is comfortable to hold, and it allows you to serve wine without touching the bottle. With cooling gel on both sides, and throughout the interior, it surrounds bottles with an ice cold layer that helps to prevent warming, and keep your beverage at the ideal temperature until finished. It's incredibly simple to use, so just toss it in your freezer for at least two hours, then slip it onto any bottle to keep the beverage inside cold for an hour or more.

It comes in your choice of two colors, and each one has a fun design printed on the exterior. It's completely washable and reusable, so don't settle for warm wine again. There's no need to take it out when it's time to pour, so hot hands, and swampy air never have to touch the bottle. Ideal for dessert wines and whites, but also useful for other beverages that fit. Use this stylish cooler to make each sip more enjoyable, and impress friends and family members you share with.

Optimal wine drinking temperatures: Whites are best served at 44-48 degrees, and reds will be best when consumed while at 56-62 degrees.

Other Options

Want one that maintains temps for even longer? We also have a Cooler Bag that has a freezable internal sleeve and an thick, insulated cover that zippers shut. Looking for something to transport bottle when on the go? Check out our 2 Bottle Tote or Four Bottle Tote. They are insulated to maintain temps and protect against damage, and internal dividers allow you to carry more than one bottle without any clanging glass.

Why It's Good

  • Ice Cold. When pulled from your freezer, this pouch will be extremely cold, but it will also remain flexible to conform to the rounded exterior of the bottle.
  • Simple. Incredibly easy to use, just slip the bottle inside after freezing and you'll be good to go. Once secure and in place, use the handle at the side for pouring.
  • Long Lasting. Once in place, it will maintain the temperature inside the bottle to keep your wine cold for an hour or more.
  • Reusable. The nylon material is much more durable than flimsy plastic alternatives, so it will last longer without showing wear. When dirty, just wipe clean and keep on using.
  • Versatile. The large pouch and powerful elastic bands combine to provide a snug fit and ample coverage with any number of bottles. Use with 750 ml or 1.5 L wine bottles.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Freezable Wine Cooler
Dimensions 6" x 3" x 9"
Uses Add an ice cold wrap around your wine bottle. Chill the beverage inside and make it easier to serve. An integrated handle makes pouring simple, and allows you to avoid touching the bottle.
Color Your choice: Black or Pink
Inner Material Nylon
Outer Material Nylon
Freezable Interior Yes.
Integrated Handle Yes - 1 reinforced serving handle.
Capacity One Bottle
Compatibility Intended for use with standard size, 750ml bottles, or larger, 1.5 L bottles.
Closure Type Elastic
Elastic Size 2" x 2.5" & 3" x 2.5"
Elastic Location 2 Straps on the side, 1 on the bottom
Opening Top
Cooling Ability Keep wine cold for an hour or more.
Washing Spot clean or hand wash for best results.
Shipping Weight .4 lbs

A convenient way to transport wine. Keep one or two bottles safe and secure, and maintain temps if desired. A large opening allows for easy entry, and built in handles make carrying a breeze. Order Yours Today!

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