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Microfiber Cloths

High Quality Cloths For Chemical Free Cleaning.

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Choose our high quality cleaning cloths, and avoid similar looking products that don't work as well. We only carry the very best available, so when you choose any one featured here, you're guaranteed to have a tool that will clean effectively, and last for thousands of uses. You may be able to save a few pennies by shopping elsewhere, but nobody sells the quality that we do for such a low price. If you want professional level material that practically dies the cleaning for you, then select any of our commercial quality options, and get ready to clean faster, and more efficiently than ever before.

We have a wide variety of specialized cloths, but we also have several that are great for all around cleaning. You can always use your favorite waxes, polishes and cleaners with any of them, but they work so well, water alone is enough to eliminate 99% of all dirt and germs while leaving surfaces polished and streak-free. The weave varies depending on application, but in general, they all make cleaning fast and easy, and they enable you to do it without using any chemicals or additional sprays. Any of the microfiber cloths featured on this page would be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal because they provide a simple way to reduce costs, avoid toxic chemicals, and improve results. They also save you time because you'll be able to speed through tough jobs, and you won't be running back to the cupboard with each new task.

All microfiber is not created equal. Our cloths give you a fast and easy way to clean almost any surface, and they easily outperform the competition. Once you try one, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Looking For a Microfiber Mop?
[Click Here] For a high quality microfiber mops at low prices. Clean your floors without chemicals. With these mops and water alone, you can remove 99% of all dirt, dust and germs from your floors.

How About a Microfiber Duster?
[Click Here] For the ultimate dusting tool. This bendable wand can easily dust in, on, over, behind, between and more. Make it easy to clean ceiling fans, dust under the stove, and more. No chemicals necessary!

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