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Colori Paring Knife

Sharp And Stick-Proof. A Versatile Tool For Slicing, Dicing, Paring and Peeling.
Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife Colori
Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife Colori
Red color colori paring knife.
Green color colori paring knife.
Glide through apples and other food thanks to the sharp, non-stick blade.
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Product Description

Attractive design and high end performance combine to create a powerful knife that's perfect for any kitchen. It has a 4-inch, carbon steel blade with a nonstick coating, so it slices without effort, and washes clean easily. Food can't cling to it so your cuts will be more precise, and instead of drying to become stuck, food will wipe off with ease. An ergonomically designed handle, and a sheath that keeps it safe when not in use round out the package, so it will quickly become your favorite tool for chopping, mincing, slicing and other tasks. This sharp looking knife would be an nice looking addition to any knife drawer based upon appearance alone, but it's performance will keep you choosing it for job after job. Sleek styling and a colorful coating make it more attractive than others, and high quality materials, a super sharp blade, and Swiss design ensure you will get years of use out of it.

Prefer a jagged edge on your blade? We also carry the same tool with that style, so check out the Serrated Paring Knife Colori if you like that blade type better. Looking for something a bit longer? Try the Colori Utility Knife. It's almost identical, but the blade is inches instead of four.

Why It's Good

  • Incredibly Sharp. Carbon steel sourced from Japan creates a durable blade with a razor sharp edge.
  • Slippery. The colorful coating allows the blade to cut without effort due to reduced friction, but it also prevents sticking to make washing it easy too.
  • Long Lasting. The superior steel ensures quality, but the included sheath guarantees longevity.
  • Portable. Easily toss it in a bag, or include with a dish to bring with you to parties, picnics and camping trips. The plastic cover prevents accidents, and avoids damage.
  • Vibrant. The colorful coating improves performance, but it also makes it look good.

The sharpness of the blade, and the superior material it is forged from allows for easy usage all by itself, but the addition of the stick-proof coating only makes it easier. Instead of struggling with a dull blade that mashes and mangles, or getting frustrated over food sticking after you slice, you will be able to glide through food with ease. Once the job is done, cleaning up will also be a snap because food will not get stuck to the blade, so it will rinse clean with very little effort. The included safety sheath is great for storage, keeping the blade sharp, or for taking the knife with you on the go. Just slide it into the sheath, and toss it in the drawer, or pack it with the rest of your food.

Tired of struggling to cut fruits and vegetables with a dull, low quality knife only to end up with mediocre results? How about the frustration that comes from sticking and stalling when trying to slice cheese and other foods? Kuhn Rikon's Paring Knife Colori is the answer. It makes chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing easier than ever, and clean up afterward, quick and simple. Hard or soft food is just as easy to cut using this tool, and thanks to the coating, it can even glide through sticky stuff like soft cheese without hassle. The included storage sheath makes it easy to stow, and ensures that the blade will stay sharp for a very long time, and remain in perfect condition, right when you need it when not in use. It also allows you to easily take the knife with you on the go, so you can share with friends and family, or bring it along as a supply for meals away from home.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) nonstick paring knife colori
Overall Dimensions 8" x 1.2"
Bade Dimensions 4" x 1.2"
Color Silver
Uses slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing and more
Handle Material Sturdy ABS Plastic w/ soft comfort grip
Blade Material High Carbon Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe Not recommended
Non-Stick Yes
Storage Sheath Yes(included)
Blade Type straight / scalpel
Warranty 5 Years
Manufacturer Kuhn Rikon
Shipping Weight .5 lbs.

A powerful little cutting tool that is guaranteed to work well. Cut without effort and then clean quickly thanks to the sharp, non-stick blade. 

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