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Teeter Popper

The Name Says It All. Pop And Rock While Sitting, Standing, Twisting, Wobbling And More.
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Product Description

Sitting, standing, kneeling or laying down; there's no limit to how kids will choose to use this toy. It looks like a cross between a rocking chair and a skateboard, and it's one of the best ways to encourage physical activity in kids of all ages. The bold look will catch their attention, and the non-stop fun will keep them coming back. Thanks to such a clever design, there are numerous ways to use it, and due to top quality construction, it will hold up to any abuse they put it through. Let them wiggle and twist, balance and rock, or sit and spin. With each back and forth movement, the integrated suction cups will grab the floor, and then release to make a pop, pop, popping sound that children can't get enough of. No matter if they use it as intended, wear it as a hat, sit in it like a chair, or stick it to the wall, this unique rocking toy is sure to please.

How It Works

It's basically a one person teeter totter, but the suction cups on the bottom, the bright colors, and the overall shape allow it to be so much more. It's the perfect size to allow kids to use it however they want, and it's durable enough to withstand any moves they come up with. The underside has a gentle curve to allow for rocking, and the concave shape on the opposite side makes the perfect seat. Built in handles on either side allow children to hold on tight, but they also make the perfect foot rest, if they choose to stand. There isn't one certain way to use it, so let kids explore the possibilities and discover their own ways to play. Thanks to the high quality suction cups at the bottom, stability is increased, and each tip and wiggle is rewarded with a fun popping noise.

Why It's Good

  • No Limits. With no single way to use it, each child may think up their own unique way to interact with it.
  • All Ages. There is a weight limit, but children of all ages can enjoy this toy. Smaller kids will often maintain a sitting position, and older, more advanced users are often found standing up to balance and rock.
  • Versatile Shape. Great design gives it a shape with unlimited possibilities. Watch as kids try moves you never thought of.
  • Good Exercise. Children will be working out, and burning calories without even knowing it. The Teeter Popper is perfect for improving stability and balance as well as increasing core strength, coordination and gross motor skills.
  • Stimulating. Trigger their imagination and arouse their senses with this open ended rocker. Each new movement will result in sound effects to encourage more play.
  • Highly Durable. Let them use it however they want, and don't worry about it breaking, falling apart, or wearing out.
  • 14 Suction Cups. The key to the popping sound, but also useful for stability and adding pops of color to the face of the board. High quality silicone is used for long lasting performance.
  • Easy To Use. From the first time they get on it, kids will just know how to use it. It all starts with a wobble or a twist, but once their imagination kicks in, the fun never stops.

What kid doesn't like bubble wrap? It seems like any child finds this packing material to be more fun than most toys they own. Giving a Teeter Popper is like giving them their own personal stash that never wears out. The difference is that this fun little noise maker also tires them out, and forces them to be physical with their whole body. Your child will be exercising muscles and improving coordination without even knowing it, and that fun little popping noise will keep them at it for more time than you thought possible. It's not so loud that you'll find it annoying, but it is just satisfying enough to keep them rocking, bouncing, and tipping, over and over again. Don't settle for ordinary toys that force them to be stationary. Get your kids moving to keep them happy and healthy instead.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Teeter Popper
Dimensions 28" x 11.5" x 7.5"
Weight Limit 110 lbs.
Color Your Choice. Blue, Green or Pink.
Material Sturdy Plastic
Suction Cup Material High Quality Silicone
Number of Suction Cups 14
Integrated Handles Yes
Uses Rock, twist, wobble and more. Kids can stand, sit, kneel or lay on it for a multitude of play options. With each move, suction cups cling to the ground, and then release with a pop.
Awards ASTRA's Best Toys for Kids Award 2014
Ages 3 and up.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

More than a teeter totter, and unlike anything else out there. Once children get on top, they won't want to get off. Endless fun can be had in numerous ways, and the fun popping noise keeps them moving. Order Yours Today!

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Average Rating
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5 out of 5
Great toy for 4th birthday!
My four-year-old loves the teeter popper. Best buy in a long time.
Reviewed by: on
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4 out of 5
Only for smooth floors
I loved the very clever idea, but it depends on suction cups, which can't work on any but the smoothest, hardest surfaces. My floors are old wooden ones and largely covered by carpets, so it turned out the only place the kids could use this toy was in the bathtub, which didn't amuse them for very long. Good product, but only for a specific use.
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
Teeter Popper
Sturdy plastic, suction cups fastened securely, no rough edges. Grandson LOVES this new toy.
Reviewed by: on
Was This Helpful?  or   | 1 of 1 Found It Helpful
4 out of 5
Teeter popper
Teeter popper was a hit with grandchild. Well built.
Reviewed by: on
Was This Helpful?  or   | 1 of 2 Found It Helpful
5 out of 5
My 2 boys love this! It is helping them balance and strengthen their muscles. I am so glad we bought it!
Reviewed by: on
Was This Helpful?  or   | 2 of 3 Found It Helpful
5 out of 5
Future gifts
I have not given these to my grands yet. They are gifts for Valentines. They look like fun, can't wait to see them enjoy them.
Reviewed by: on
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Product Questions

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Please explain about adult supervision and about appropriateness for a 3 years 9 months old autistic child? Thanks
Asked by:  on 12/15/2014
It would definitely appeal and be appropriate for the child you describe, but there is a risk of injury due to falling. Adult supervision would be recommended, especially if you are unsure of the coordination of the child in question. That being said, this toy is pretty low to the ground, so any accident would be pretty minor in most cases.
Answer provided by: on 12/15/2014
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7 of 7 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
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