E-500 Mini Dehumidifier

Wireless Operation. No Batteries or Electricity Needed! Designed For Smaller Spaces.
Eva-Dry E-500 - Small, cordless dehumidifier.
Eva-Dry E-500 - Small, cordless dehumidifier.
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Do you have important documents, ammo or guns sitting in a safe? How about valuable artwork or photographs in storage? Maybe you just have a slightly damp food or linen storage closet, or a mildew problem in your bathroom due to excessive moisture. If any of these, or something similar describes you, then you need this small space dehumidifier. The Eva-Dry E-500 is one of the easiest and most eco friendly ways to pull moisture from the air, and leave any space dry and humidity-free. With an improved climate, your food will stay fresh longer, clothing won't rot or stink, documents and paintings won't get ruined, and guns and ammunition will stay rust-free and in proper working condition for when you want to use them. This little device will also eliminate any worries of mold or mildew growth where ever you place it because the air won't be wet enough for it to happen. It's intended for smaller spaces, and will effectively dehumidify areas of up to 500 cubic feet. It doesn't need to be plugged in to work, and you don't even need to worry about batteries either. This thing operates without additional power, and you will only need to plug it in for recharging once it is full. Since there are no cords or plugs involved, this mini dehumidifier is incredibly versatile. You can easily place it inside a safe, on any counter, under a sink, inside a boat or RV, and it even comes with an optional hanging hook, so placement in a closet is simple.

This is the perfect device to eliminate moisture almost anywhere. Simply place it where you need it, and it begins to work automatically. It will continue sucking moisture from the air until it reaches capacity, at which time you will need to recharge it, so it can be used again. This one unit can be used over and over without ever replacing batteries, buying refills, or performing any special maintenance. The indicator window on the front makes it easy to tell when it is full. It will be blue when it is new or recharged, and will slowly turn pink as water is removed from the air and collected inside the unit. Once it turns all pink, you know it is full, and you only need to plug it in over night to return it to a ready state.

How It Works

It's a wireless device that features completely silent operation. The way that it works is via advanced design and specialized silica gel crystals. These crystals are what do most of the work, and they are totally safe for the environment, and free of any odors. Once exposed to moist air, the crystals begin to absorb liquid as air flows through the E-500. The capacity of this unit is 8-10 ounces of moisture, and once absorbed, the water is locked in so it won't leak or spill. There are no switches to flip or cords to connect so you can use it anywhere it fits. When not full of liquid, it is always on and working. Once it gets full, you will know because the blue color of the crystals will turn to pink. Once this takes place, it is time to recharge the unit to remove all of the water. A plug will flip out from the bottom so you can connect it to a standard outlet. After being plugged in for about 12 hours, all of the moisture will be out, and you can use it again. When connected to the outlet, it generates heat in order to empty itslef of the collected water. All of the moisture will be released as vapor to evaporate and/or dissipate into the air. For this reason, it is important to recharge outside, or in a well ventilated room to prevent reintroduction of the same moisture.

Other Options

Looking for something a little bigger? Want to protect a larger area of your home? If you would you prefer a more efficient appliance that runs on electricity, then the EDV-1100 may be a better choice for you. It plugs into the wall, but it's nearly silent when operating. The one on this page is great for compact spaces, or areas where there are no outlets, but if you want one that can handle twice the amount of space, you may prefer the 1100 model.

A completely safe and eco-friendly appliance, the Eva-Dry E-500 is safe around children and pets, and is totally non-toxic. It has the ability to reduce allergens, eliminate odors, and improve the climate in your home, office or recreational vehicle by drying out the air. It will last 6-8 weeks before it needs recharging, and collect up to 10 ounces of water, so this is a hassle-free way to dehumidify any area. Because it is a small, wireless unit, it can be placed anywhere in your home, but is also compact enough to bring along with you. There is never any worry of spilling or mess making because even if you knock it over when completely full, there won't be one drop of water spilled because it is all locked inside the crystals.

Perfect for the photographer who wishes to keep his gear moisture-free when traveling to damp climates. You can also use it in a closet to eliminate dampness that can harm your clothes through the development of mold. For the underwater enthusiast, it is great to keep your gear dry when stored in its bag. It will help protect clothes and valuables from the damaging effects of mold/mildew and moisture rot. Place it in the linen closet to keep sheets and towels smelling fresh. Use it where you store your winter clothes to prevent damage and mildew growth. Place one in your pantry to keep food fresh longer. Use one in that corner room down in your basement to dry the spot that your larger unit has trouble reaching. You can even stick one in a small bathroom where you have mold problems to make those troubles a thing of the past. It is the perfect unit to use inside a safe, and can be especially useful for anyone with a boat, RV or camper. It is 100% renewable and needs no power to operate. Use one to decrease moisture, allergens and mold anywhere they occur. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) E500  mini  dehumidifier
Dimensions 8" x 2.5" x 5.5"
Capacity 8-10 ounces
Area Works in areas up to 500 cubic ft.
Uses remove moisture from the air, prevent mold and mildew, dehumidify small spaces
Usage Time 6-8 weeks use before recharge is needed
Recharge Time Fully renewed within 12-14 hours
Noise Level Totally Silent
Life Span 10+ Years
Wireless Yes
Renewable Yes
Battery Operated No
Eco Friendly Yes
Non-toxic Yes
Spill-Proof Yes
Warranty 5 year limited manufacturer warranty
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

A renewable, wireless dehumidifier. This powerful unit will eliminate moisture anywhere you place it. Perfect for closets, safes, RV's or any other small space. Order Yours Today!

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