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Microfiber Hair Towel - A super absorbent towel for drying your hair.
Microfiber Hair Towel - A super absorbent towel for drying your hair.

Microfiber Hair Towel

A Super Absorbent Towel. Perfect For Drying Long Or Short Hair.
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This large, spa quality hair drying towel is specially designed to soak up a maximum amount of moisture. It works faster, and absorbs more water than traditional cotton bath towels, so you will spend less time using it, and actually get your head more dry at the same time. Because it works so well, many people are able to stop using damaging blow driers, or at least limit exposure by reducing the amount of use necessary. This elimination of intense heat will result in healthier hair, and less split ends, so you will look better, and allow for more time between professional cuttings. Our hair towel is made from the highest quality, waffle weave microfiber, and the superior construction combined with this advanced material makes it ideal for quickly absorbing water from any surface. Thanks to the higher end material, it has great performance and a long life, but is lightweight when compared to the bulky traditional option you are using now. Plus it dries faster than cotton when you are done using it, so it is less prone to stinking or growing mildew, and will be ready for re-use sooner. It's large size makes it perfect for almost any length of hair, and the incredibly soft fabric will wrap into a turban easily.

A regular cotton towel does not compare to this advanced alternative. You will quickly notice that it does not weigh nearly as much in comparison, but upon using it, you will also notice that this does not impact it's ability to eliminate water from your head. Softer than cotton, and much thirstier too, this towel sucks up moisture like a vacuum, and saves you time by drastically reducing the amount of blow drying needed - if any, eliminating the need to wring out excess water, and preventing the possibility of having to dry with a cotton towel still saturated from the day before. This one will stand up to hundreds of washes without losing strength, and will smell more fresh for a longer period of time, so you won't even need to wash it as frequently. Because it will dry fast after use, it is less prone to mildew and bacteria growth, and therefore, doesn't get that funky smell like cotton versions do. The large 26" x 36" (over 6 square feet) size is complemented by a high quality, 75/25 blend of waffle weave microfiber. The fabric features a a tufted, high pile loop with a more pronounced pattern that creates larger absorption cups. It is these absorption cups that makes this fabric the very best material for drying your hair quickly and efficiently. Hair towels made from different material are not even in the same league, and similar looking ones made from lower quality microfiber will not work as well, or last as long. This amazing tool will easily allow anyone to dry their hair faster and more thoroughly as an exclusive solution, or reduce hot air exposure as a combined approach.

No longer will you have to damage your hair with prolonged heat exposure on a daily basis. Give those locks a break by using this high quality hair towel instead. Because it is so absorbent, you don't really have to rub your head when you use it, so you will enjoy less tangling, snarls and snags when you go to brush or style your hair. This makes it great for people with fragile or damaged hair, or those with more sensitive scalps. The incredible absorption capabilities of the microfiber material will actually pull water from your hair so that it practically dries itself. This means healthier hair in general, and with the overall reduction in daily damage, it should also help to balance the oils, and make it look better too.

Aren't you tired of using that heavy old towel to dry your hair? What about blow-drying or leaving the house with wet hair? Get instant relief with this amazing hair towel. Dry in half the time, so you can get ready quicker and have healthier hair. It is ideal for the gym, sports, outdoors, camping, fitness, travel or everyday use. It takes up less space, yet holds more water, stays fresher, and is ready for re-use sooner. Discover a more efficient and natural way to dry your hair. Order Yours Now!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) large waffle weave, drying towel
Dimensions (l x w) 26" x 36"
Color purple or white
Shape rectangle
Microfiber Type waffle weave (drying)
Microfiber Weave 75/25
Washable Yes
Usable Surface Front & Back
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs.

Microfiber Hair Towel - The perfect towel for drying long hair. Holds more water, and absorbs quicker than a traditional cotton towel. It is great for everyday use, and ideal for traveling, athletes, spas, salons and more. Order Yours Today!

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