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Natural Rubber Broom Head Without Pole.
Natural Rubber Broom Head Without Pole.

Rubber Broom Head

A Powerful Tool. Get The Sweepa Rubber Head Without A Pole.
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No need for a full broom set? No problem. Order just the head to save yourself some money. The broom head featured here is the same one that comes with any of our full broom sets, but many people may already have a pole, or would prefer to get one locally. You can get the head in the same three sizes, but it will not come with a matching handle. This can save you money, and allow you to reuse an old pole, or use a different style that you like better. Far superior to similar looking heads sold elsewhere, this powerful tool is a solid piece of natural rubber that has been molded into the ideal shape. Attach to any pole with a standard thread to outperform the traditional alternative you are using now. This head is able to sweep up stuff that other tools just skim over, and it will eliminate any fine particles from flying away as well. Stop dreading the task of cleaning your floor, and start using a better tool that will save you time as you expend way less effort.

As previously stated, this is the natural rubber head only. If you would like a pole to come with your head, then you should check out the full sets here: 12" broom | 13.5" broom | 18" broom


  • Use on any floor type, even carpet. Will not mark or scratch any surface, and will produce excellent results no matter what your floor is made of.
  • Use the sqeegee to clean exterior windows, dry a flooded basement and more.
  • The flexible rubber bristles work great for use as a scrub brush. Get wet and add soap to clean floors, wash your car and more.
  • Use on carpet with short strokes to pull up dog and cat hair.
  • Use on the bathroom floor to eliminate long hair or sweep up wet, sticky grime.
  • Durable material can be used outdoors to sweep you deck, clean your garage, or even scrub your boat or RV.
  • In the winter, this head makes the best snow brush. Attach to a telescoping pole for easy storage, and ideal length when clearing snow. The squeegee side will completely clear windows with a singe swipe.
  • Use at a vacation home to sweep sand from entryways and front porches
  • For construction work, it can collect nails and other hardware easily, and can even eliminate fine drywall or saw dust.
  • Oh yeah. You can also sweep up dirt in your kitchen too.

Power through regular dirt with ease, and sweep up notoriously tough stuff that other brooms don't work on. This head will collect dog hair easily, eliminate drywall dust and other fine particles, and it can even sweep sand. As you work, the bristles will flex to conform to any surface type, and they form a solid wall so that nothing gets passed over. It will also build a slight charge to keep dirt close to the head, and prevent hair and other stuff from flying up into the air. Flip it over to use the squeegee side to dry floors or clean windows, and the blade will flex to remove all liquid in a single pass. On area rugs or full room carpeting, this head can pull up pet hair that your vacuum missed, and it can rake up the nap to improve the appearance. Other similar heads are made from inferior materials, and some are even plastic with rubber bristles attached. Any of these will look the same, sort of, but when you go to clean, you will be pretty disappointed. When you get the one featured here, you can be sure that it works like we say it does, and that it will last for many many years of outstanding performance. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Broom Head Without Pole
Size Your choice - 12", 13.5" or 18"
Thickness 12" = 2.15", 13.5" = 2.75", 18" = 2.75"
Bristle Height 12" = 1.25", 13.5" = 1.75", 18" = 1.75"
Uses Flexible and durable natural rubber is ideal for sweeping any surface. Outperform traditional tool and make cleaning easy. Actually works on tougher grime like pet hair and sand.
Handle Included No - This is the head only. For full brooms, use these links: 12" broom | 13.5" broom | 18" broom
Color Black
Material Natural Rubber (one solid piece)
Integrated Squeegee Yes. Back side has flexible squeegee for moving liquid or sweeping away fine particles.
Thread Type Standard
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Replacement Rubber Broom Head - Available in your choice of sizes. This is for the head portion only, and is not a full set. It is perfect for anyone that already has a handle, or for anyone that prefers to get one locally. If you expect a full broom you will be disappointed. Order Yours Today!

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