Easy Dry Chamois

A Super Absorbent Drying Towel. Use For Sports, Auto Detailing Or General Cleaning.
Easy Dry Car Towel
Easy Dry Car Towel
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Incredible absorption power makes this synthetic chamois ideal for many uses. It is constructed from a thick and squishy PVA Material that makes it similar to a large, flat sponge, and ideal for all types of drying. Take it with you to the gym, swimming pool, or while camping to have a compact towel that dries your whole body quickly, and then put away without waiting for it to dry. Use on your vehicle to dry after washing, and eliminate moisture from large areas without any spots or streaks left behind. For general cleaning around the house, this absorbent towel will dry wet counters, collect moisture under a dish drainer, pull spilled liquids off your floor and so much more. It is able to soak up incredible amounts of liquid, and then hold it in without dripping, and it is safe to use on any surface type. It will leave surfaces completely dry even when the cloth is damp, so it is ideal for heavy usage, or for instances when time is limited. The Easy Dry Chamois comes complete with a plastic storage tube to make it convenient to take with you, simple to put away, and fool-proof to keep clean when not in use.

This is a high quality tool, and it is twice as thick as our economy level alternative. For many people, our lower cost PVA Cloth may be enough to get the job done. It is still highly absorbent despite being a bit thinner, but has no storage case included. We also have other cloths made for similar uses, so if the soft and spongy Polyvinyl Alcohol material is not right for you, a viscose shammy might be a better option.

The high-tech material that this drying towel is made from is called PVA, or Polyvinyl Alcohol. When you look at it, it will look similar to a natural leather chamois. When you touch it, it will feel cool, soft and squishy like a strange, sponge-like fabric. This synthetic material was designed to mimic the cell structure of a natural sea sponge, and this creates little pockets that are able to absorb and hold in moisture extremely efficiently. It will suck up water three times faster than a regular towel or traditional chamois, and it has nearly double the capacity when compared to similar sized alternatives. The same amazing material that allows it to dry surfaces so easily, also allows it to be durable and long lasting, chemical resistant, mildew resistant, and safe for any surface or skin type.

This compact little towel is the perfect product to take with you on the go, and is ideal for quickly drying your body at the gym, or anywhere else. The small size, and included container, make it easy to pop into a bag when you head out to the pool, pack for a camping trip, or go for a workout. When you take it out, it will pull water off your skin faster than a cotton towel, and it will lock in the moisture without dripping. Thanks to the PVA material, you never have to wait for it to dry, so you can slip it back into the tube and be on your way in less time. Instead of sharing a towel with some stranger, or dragging a big, heavy cotton one from home, take this smaller and more powerful alternative to reduce bulk, save time, and add convenience. Some people call it a swimmers towel because it will work when still wet, and it is ideal for that use, but this same characteristic also makes it great for taking on your next boating trip or amusement park outing.

It would be difficult to find a more effective way to dry your car or truck after washing. Many people consider this powerful chamois to be the best way to dry a vehicle to a showroom shine because it works so well, and it makes it so easy to achieve good results. When you use it, you will never risk any damage to the paint or polish, and it will help you save time while you do a better job. It will even absorb any leftover dirt as you suck up the water, so your car will be totally dry, but also super clean and streak-free. There is never any chance of leaving behind lint because it is not a regular fabric, and you won't leave any trace of moisture, so spotting is eliminated as well. To use it, simply expand to full size, and then place over the wet area of your car. It will immediately begin to absorb water, and will sort of vacuum itself to the surface. Grab the two corners closest to you, and then pull straight back to eliminate all water. As you slide the chamois toward yourself, you will begin to see perfectly dried surface reveal behind it.

Add to your cleaning arsenal, and this absorbent towel will provide much usefulness for a variety of jobs. Because it is basically a large flat sponge, you can use it anytime you would use one, and it will provide greater surface area in order to save time, and dirt absorbing properties that traditional sponges don't offer. It will work great to wipe down wet counter tops, dry dishes, or catch drips as they dry in a rack. It can also help collect moisture as you defrost your freezer, or clean up after you give your dog a bath. It can even be used to quickly dry your pet in order to remove more water and prevent shaking that spreads it all over. If a child spills juice on the floor, simply place this large cloth over the top, press down, and watch it completely soak into it. Because this chamois is made from PVA, it will also suck up dirt and other debris as you use it, so any surface you wipe will get clean and dry at the same time. It is resistant to harsh chemicals, so you can use it with any sort of cleanser or disinfectant without any worry of ruining the cloth. Although it will provide much power to get the job done, the material is actually quite gentle, and will be safe to use anywhere.

With so much power and versatility, this synthetic chamois is great for the jobs listed above, but also ideal for a variety of other tasks not discussed. It will quickly make any surface bone-dry and clean at the same time, and it is incredibly easy to use. Keep one in the garage for drying off patio furniture and sports equipment prior to storage, or stick one in your vehicle to use in emergency situations. It can be used as a hair towel for those with longer hair, and works as a pet towel for dogs and cats. Bring it to the beach to save space and lighten the load, or store some on your boat for drying wet seats and spotty windshields, or use as a towel after taking a dip. The Easy Dry Chamois is great for any application where speed and drying power are important. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Easy Dry Towel
Dimensions 16.25" x 12.5"
Shape Rectangle
Uses Take swimming, camping or to the gym as a sports towel, use indoors for general cleaning, or detail your vehicle to a showroom shine. Dry smooth, shiny surfaces without leaving spots or streaks, or pull water off your body with an already damp towel. Also picks up dirt and debris as you wipe.
Where To Use Safe for any surface. Will not scratch or mark, and easily sucks moisture off any surface type.
Color Varies - For specific choices, please use comments box at checkout.
Material 100% Pure PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)
Storage Case Included Yes - Store wet and take with you easily.
Lint-Free Yes - No possibility of linting.
Chemical Safe Yes - Not affected by strong chemicals, harsh cleaners or salt water
Absorbency up to 20x - Easily soaks more moisture per weight than cotton or microfiber
Compatibility Use damp
Cleaning Surface Front and back
Machine Washable Yes - Machine wash, but do not machine dry. See more care instructions below.
Shipping Weight .3 lbs
Care Instructions
Machine wash, or hand wash using any type of soap or detergent. Do not machine dry. Hang up to dry, or store damp in the included plastic tube. Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets because it will reduce absorbency over time. For best results, give it a good washing before your first use, and to keep it working well, wash after every thorough useage. Because it does absorb dirt and other particles, they can remain imbedded in the towel from use to use if not washed out. Store wet or dry. When dry it will stiffen to become rock hard, but adding moisture will make it useable again. When stored damp, it will be ready to go right away. You can use this cloth in a single large layer, folded up to form a thicker pad, or sort of bunched in your hand. Try all three techniques to determine which is best for you.

Easy Dry Chamois Towel - An easy way to dry your vehicle to a showroom shine. Leave no spots or streaks as you eliminate moisture quickly and easily. Works like a big fat sponge to suck up moisture like a vacuum. Order Yours Today!

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