Water Bottle Sippy Toppers (2-Pack)

A spill-resistant water bottle lid. Transform a regular bottle into a sippy. Great for parents on the go!
Water Bottle Sippy Lid Set
Water Bottle Sippy Lid Set
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Avoid spills, increase convenience, and let kids drink straight from the bottle. These universal lids fit on virtually any water bottle, and they all but eliminate the possibility of mess-making. The large, round opening of the water bottle is replaced by a sippy lid that that has three tiny holes. With this kid-friendly lid in place, children can drink without getting too much at once, and they can control the bottle without worry of accidental spilling. As they drink, children get ample flow to satiate their thirst, but if the bottle gets tipped over, or dropped, the contents won't spill out quickly.

These Water Bottle Sippy Toppers are perfect for busy parents on-the-go, but they can also be used at home, everyday, for convenience and piece of mind. Allow your children the independence of drinking from a "big kid" bottle, but never worry about cleaning up afterward. Stop filling special cups before you go, and eliminate the worry of carrying them around with you while traveling. Pack these lids alone in your diaper bag, or pair them with sealed bottles that are full and worry-free while driving or flying. With these convenient lids, you can pack bottles that are guaranteed to be leak-free, but you also have the convenience of being able to buy more, at any moment, while you're away from home.

These universal water bottle lids are a life saver when traveling with small children, but they can also be used at home to ensure your kids drink plenty of water everyday. Make it fun and safe for them to drink from regular bottles, and avoid the hassle of maintaining fancy, multi-part cups that require excess time and effort to fill and clean. These simple and effective gadgets fasten to most water bottles in a matter of seconds, so use them instead of other options when you're at home, and take them as an essential travel companion whenever you visit the pool, the beach, or the park.

Product Features

  1. Universal Fit.
  2. Convenient 2-Pack.
  3. Safe, BPA-Free Material.
  4. Dishwasher Safe.

Why This Product Is Good

Healthy Option

Improve the chances of your children drinking water by making it easy to serve it to them. Avoid sugar-filled beverages and other less healthy options, and keep your kids properly hydrated with these fun lids.

Very Effective.

Get the same level of safety and security that you get with beverage containers designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Instead of a large round opening for water to flow from, these lids will restrict it down to three tiny holes. Children can still get as much water as they want when drinking, but the possibility of accidental, or intentional mess-making, is greatly reduced.


Simply remove the lid that comes standard, and screw one of these on instead. You'll instantly transform any bottle of water into a spill-resistant, toddler-friendly, drink receptacle.

Simple To Use

Easy to clean, and a snap to maintain, these toppers will also eliminate the need for juice boxes, sippy cups and other bulky items when you travel with kids. Keep the compact toppers with you instead, and share water with your child, or convert any bottle you buy while you're on the go.

Easy Maintenance

The design allows for easy washing, especially when compared to other options. Quickly clean by hand with little effort, or place in your dishwasher instead.

Highly Compatible Thanks to the universal fit you can feel confident that these Water Bottle Sippy Toppers will work with virtually any water bottle. Big ones, small ones, flavored water, sparkling and more. Use with a wide range of brands, bottle shapes, and container sizes.

How To Use It

Anyone can use these lids to quickly add safety to any water bottle, and make it perfect for use by babies and small children. Although the process is quite simple, we do recommend to follow the tips and instructions below for best results, and to maximize longevity.
  1. Determine compatibility prior to use. Works with most water bottles. Use on any with same size threads.
  2. To use, unscrew the lid that is factory installed. Replace with a Sippy Spout universal lid by screwing it in place by turning it onto the bottle, twisting in a clockwise direction.
  3. When the bottle of water is empty, remove for later use. Totally reusable.
  4. When dirty, hand wash or place in dishwasher for cleaning.
  5. 2-Pack convenience. Always have one clean and ready-to-go.

Product Specifications

Includes: (2) Sippy Spout Water Bottle Toppers
Dimensions 1.25" x 1.25" x 1.25"
Package Size 2-Pack. Each Package contains two, universal screw-on lids.
Color Varies: One 2-Pack is purple/turquoise, and one 2-pack is blue/green. For color request, please use comments box at checkout. If no request is made, color option will be random.
Material Plastic
BPA Free Yes.
Dishwasher Safe Yes.
Uses Replace the lid on any water bottle to turn it into a kid-friendly drink with a sippy lid. Prevent spills and promote independence.
Compatibility Works with 8oz, 12oz, and 16.9oz bottles. Compatible with brands including, but not limited to: Nestle, Ice Mountain, Deer Park, Poland Spring, Arrowhead, Ozarka, Zephyrhills, Calistoga, Kirkland Signature, Albertson's, Aquafina, some Arrowhead, some Dasani, Deja Blue, Fiji, Gerber Spring Water, Ice Age, Ironman Triathalon, Naya, Odwalla, Palomar Mountain, Ramona, and more.
Washable Yes
Reusable Yes
Spill-Resistant Yes. Sippy lid provides increased safety and security, and will prevent large messes. It is not spill-proof, but it will help to prevent spills, and limit accidental leakage.
Installation Threaded
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

The perfect no spill solution for virtually any water bottle. Give your children the goodness of water without worrying about the mess. Order Yours Today!

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