Ultimate Window Cloth

A double-sided, micro-sham cleaning cloth for windows, mirrors & more. Clean without streaks, spots or lint.
Ultimate Window Cleaning Cloth
Ultimate Window Cleaning Cloth
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An easy way to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. This incredible double-sided cloth allows you to wash windows like a pro, and thanks to the dual surface design, it may be the best window cleaning cloth available. One side cuts through grime with amazing power, while the other side sucks up moisture like a vacuum. When you combine the abilities of both sides, you can easily wash and dry windows quickly and effectively. Although you can safely use the Ultimate Window Cloth with any cleanser you prefer, it'll remove 99% of all dirt with just water as a detergent, and you'll never leave behind spots, streaks or lint when you finish.

Instead of spraying and wiping, followed by more wipes to eliminate streaking, you'll be able to completely clean the surface with a single wipe, and there will never be anything but sparkles left behind. Cut down on the time it takes you to complete your housework, and be environmentally conscious at the same time. Use the Ultimate Window Cloth in your home, office, car or RV for unmatched cleaning without any chemicals needed. The microfiber side cleans by attracting dust, dirt, grease and grime, and the smoother synthetic shammy side dries the surface to a streak-free shine. Use the combination of materials to clean windows, mirrors, shower doors, counters, chrome or any other hard, shiny surface.

Stop wasting money on paper towels, and avoid the frustration that follows when you try to clean windows with newspapers, or low quality rags. The dual-sided material on this incredible window cleaning cloth will do most of the work for you, so it won't take intense effort to get good results. One side offers superior cleaning power, and the other side is unbeatable for it's ability to dry. Use the cloth damp to clean windows and other glass surfaces with just water, or avoid moisture to dry and polish surfaces. Because there's no additional cleaning solution necessary, you can just add water to wash and polish any glass surface to a streak-free shine.

There's no easier way to clean windows in your home, office, or vehicle than this amazing cloth, and due to the quality construction and commercial weight fabric, you're guaranteed professional level results, and long-lasting performance. The Ultimate Window Cloth is even safe for use on tinted windows, so you can use it with confidence to detail your whole vehicle. Save amazing amounts of time, effort and money when you switch to this powerful cloth.

Product Features

  • Large 15" x 16" Size.
  • Edge-less Design.
  • Double-Sided Convenience.
  • Streak-Free Cleaning With Only Water.
  • Use Wet or Dry.
  • Totally Washable and Reusable.

Why This Product Is Good

Dual-Action Performance

Why use a regular cloth with the same material on both sides, or result to two different cloths when you need multiple materials? This high quality window cleaning cloth effectively combines two cloths into one, and the combination delivers incredible cleaning power. Wash with one side and dry with the other. You'll save time and effort while also getting better results. Flip from one side to the next to get glass surfaces sparkling clean.

Streak-Free Finish

Other cloths force you to use too much moisture, or soaps and cleansers that leave behind streaks, spots and residues. This one does not. The Ultimate Window Cloth cleans with only water, and once the dirt has been removed, you'll never have streaks, spots, lint or residue to deal with afterward. Thanks to the material and the fact that you only need water as a detergent, anyone can clean windows without streaks using this cloth.

Non-Linting Microfiber Material

If you've ever used a cotton rag, or low quality microfiber cloth to wash your windows, you know that they often leave behind lint and fuzz as you wipe. This cloth will never shed like others do, so you'll never have a single spec of fuzz or lint to pick off when you finish cleaning. Why clean your windows twice. Skip the part where you collect all of the little pieces of fuzz, and get your windows clean in one easy step.

A Super Absorbent Cloth

Microfiber is already highly absorbent, but when combined with the synthetic shammy on the opposite side, it becomes way more absorbent. You can soak up incredible amounts of moisture using this cloth, and when you wipe using the drying side, it'll pull in every drop of moisture to dry and polish the surface at the same time. This feature makes the cloth good for cleaning spills, but it's also what guarantees your results when wiping clean glass surfaces.

Top Quality For Better Performance

Don't be fooled by lower quality cloths that look similar. It's tough to find an alternative that works as well as this one, and if you do, it'll probably cost quite a bit more. Get our affordable window cleaning cloth instead, and you'll be guaranteed a commercial quality cloth that'll last for years, even with regular use. Why waste money on other options that can't guarantee performance? When you choose this one, you will never have to worry if it will work well. You'll get perfect results each and every time.

Use It Wet or Dry

Get the cloth damp for cleaning, but keep it dry for dusting or wiping down moist surfaces. The green side can clean when wet or dry, and the orange side can absorb moisture when wet or dry.

Washable and Reusable

Get hundreds of uses out of just one cloth. They are totally machine washable and reusable, so just toss it into the laundry whenever you need to.

Edge-Free Construction

Other cleaning cloths have sewn edges, and they can leave marks on delicate surfaces. Due to the material and construction of this cloth, you'll never have to worry about sewn edges, and you can actually cut them to any size and the material will never unravel.

Highly Effective Cleaning Ability

The proof is in the results. You'll be amazed at how well this cloth performs, and how many jobs it can be used for. Toss out those old rags, towels and squeegees. Use this cloth instead, and get better results with less effort.


Combine the cleaning power of microfiber and the drying power of a shammy and what do you get? The most incredible cleaning cloth available for windows, glass and other hard surfaces. This truly is the Ultimate Window Cloth and the proof is in it's cleaning ability. The easy and efficient dual action cloth can be used time and time again, and it's ideal for glass, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, Formica, kitchen appliances, shower doors, fiberglass and much, more. It's also useful for computer monitors, televisions, chrome, crystal, and tinted car windows. This amazing cloth combines friction, static-electricity, and capillary action to absorb and remove micro-particles, dirt, oils and moisture. Your windows will be cleaner than ever, and also chemical and residue free at the same time. You can use a mild soap or detergent if you want to, but the great thing about this cloth is that you don't have to.

Other Options

Don't need something quite so fancy? No problem. If you don't care for the dual-sided convenience offered by this cloth, you can always go with a cloth that's the same on both sides. Our Streak-Free Cleaning Cloths have the same cleaning ability as the one featured here, but you won't have the synthetic chamois side for drying. A regular multipurpose microfiber cloth will do a great job too. If you just want the drying side, and don't really need to clean, check out our PVA Drying Cloth. It's highly absorbent, and made from a material that's very similar to the drying side of the cloth featured here.

How To Use It

Using this window cleaning cloth is super easy, and highly effective. You don't need to spray down any blue stuff to remove dirt and smudges, and with just water alone, any glass or metal surface will be totally cleaned without any lint, streaks or spots left behind. Follow the instructions below for the best way to clean any window in your home, car or office.

  1. Step one is to saturate the cloth thoroughly with water. Once wet, wring out until it no longer drips and yiou are ready to go.
  2. The green side is meant for cleaning, and the orange side is meant for drying.
  3. Fold the cloth into quarters to give yourself a nice fluffy pad, and also several clean sides to work with. You can also use it full size or however you feel comfortable, but a smaller square seems ideal for most people, and it allows the cloth to fit comfortably in your hand.
  4. Wipe in one continuous direction to lift up dirt, cut through grease, and leave your windows incredibly clean and polished looking.
  5. For extra dirty panes, you will want to unfold and re-fold your cloth to reveal a clean side once one gets dirty.
  6. The special green material easily scrubs away dirt in a single motion and negates any need for scrubbing or spraying down expensive cleaners.
  7. Once the glass is clean flip it over to the orange side for drying.
  8. Even the best microfiber will leave a little bit of residual moisture, so use the chamois side to suck it all up.
  9. Wiping with this side in a single direction will act like a sponge and squeegee in one to make the glass bone dry to prevent any spots from forming.
  10. This amazing window cleaning cloth can be used hundreds of times before replacement is needed, so just pop it in the laundry when your job is done.

The incredible, dual-action micro-sham material makes this innovative cloth perfect for auto detailing, house cleaning, RV maintenance and more. The advanced technology makes the chore of cleaning easier, and it eliminates the need for harmful cleansers. With such good results, and a simple method of use, this is easily one of the best tools for cleaning glass and metal. Get one Ultimate Window Cloth to save money on spray cleaners, and reduce the use of harsh chemicals in your home, then order more once you see how well they work. Receive discounted pricing when you buy more than one cloth in a single order.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Ultimate Window Cleaning Cloth
Dimensions 15" x 16"
Weight 600 GSM
Grade Premium Plus / Commercial Grade
Shape Rectangle
Uses Clean and dry windows and other surfaces with only water. Leave behind no spots, streaks or lint. A versatile cloth that offers high absorbency, and powerful cleaning abilities.
Where To Use Safe for any surface. Will not scratch, and no chemicals needed.
Color Green / Orange
Material Non-Woven Microfiber and PVA Chamois
Microfiber Type Non-Woven / Spun Lace (smooth) 70/30 blend
Edges Edgeless. No sewn edges.
Absorbency Soaks up to 30 times more than a regular cotton cloth
Compatibility Use wet or dry
Cleaning Surface Front. Green Microfiber Side.
Drying Surface Back. Orange Chamois Side.
Machine Washable Yes - Machine wash, tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach. Hang to dry to avoid shrinking.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

The Ultimate Window Cloth - Super absorbent and great at cleaning. Washing windows has never been this easy. Just add water to get an incredibly clean and streak-free window. Great for home, office, auto and RV usage. Order Yours Today!

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