Back Saver Lumbar Support

A mesh back support cushion for improved posture and pain relief. Totally portable, and adaptable to any seat.
Back Saver Lumbar support
Back Saver Lumbar support
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Give your back the support it needs with this convenient and easy-to-use lumbar support cushion. The Back Saver is a high quality, mesh-covered, metal frame that easily installs on virtually any chair or seat. It's an incredibly lightweight and ergonomic lumbar support system, that will improve your posture, increase circulation and relieve pain. It's constructed using a firm, but flexible mesh fabric that gently cradles your back to provide the perfect amount of support right where you need it. This mesh material offers more support than squishy cushion versions, but also allows for airflow when in use. This means that you'll get firm support that doesn't flatten or wear out over time, and you'll remain cool and sweat-free while you're using it. The flexible elastic strap, and convenient design allows you to secure this portable lumbar cushion to virtually any chair, and that makes it incredibly versatile. Use the Back Saver Lumbar Support at work in your office chair, in your car on the way home, and then on the couch while relaxing at night. Because it's so lightweight, you can easily bring it along with you to anywhere you need it.

Product Features

  • Large 16"x 14" Cushion.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Adapts To Any Chair.
  • Strong Metal Frame.
  • Flexible Mesh Surface.
  • Added Strap For Secure Positioning.

Why This Product Is Good

Super Comfortable For Any User

This wide cushion provides the perfect amount of support for every user. Thanks to the flexible metal frame and the mesh pillow surface, this cushion adapts to any user to create an extremely comfortable experience. Unlike regular pillows that are too soft, or foam ones that are too hard, this one will feel just right. You'll get the perfect level of softness combined with an ideal level of support.

Works On Any Chair

The Back Saver is perfect for improving comfort in an office chair, or to make it bearable to drive long distances while sitting in the seat of your car, but it also works on couches and chairs all over your home too. Thanks to the materials and overall design, it will add support and comfort to any seat, and thanks to integrated strap, you can place it exactly where you want it. Make any chair more comfortable and make sure every seat has an adequate level of lumbar support.

Lightweight and Portable

Install it permanently in any chair, or take it with you everywhere you go. The install process is easy, and the materials are incredibly lightweight, so you can easily take it on and off any chair, and bring it with you while traveling or on-the-go. Get one for every chair that you use most often, or move the same one from seat to seat. Thanks to the lightweight and easy-to-carry design, either option would be a good choice.

Long-Lasting Performance

Other lumbar support pillows will get flat, or lose their shape over time. High quality options will last longer then cheap ones, but many can start to feel ineffective with just a few uses. With this one, the metal frame supports the mesh pillow surface, so it will never lose shape, and it will only wear after years of regular use. This high quality cushion can be used on a daily basis, and it will provide the same level of comfort and support time and time again.

Breathable Material

With other back pillows, the material will cause discomfort over time due to the heat it creates. Many people will end up sweating with other options, but this breathable alternative allows for plenty of airflow, so you'll never sweat when you use it. Lean back on it ll day long, and you won't get any warmer than you would without it. In fact, it may actually keep you cooler when conditions are uncomfortably warm already.

Why Use It

Use the Back Saver Lumbar Support Cushion to increase the comfort of any place you sit. If you have lower back pain, you know that sitting for long periods can be excruciating if you don't have the right amount of support. That's why this device is so great. It will instantly transform any seat into an extremely comfortable and supportive chair so that you can remain in place for long periods without feeling the strain and pain you normally do. The Back Saver contours to the curvature of your spine to support your back and promote better posture. You'll find that it strengthens back muscles, relieves pain, improves circulation, keeps you more alert and adds to the comfort of your existing seat. This great device is perfect for cars, trucks, RV's, office chairs, around the house or anywhere you sit for long periods of time.

lumbar back support

Most back strain occurs in the lumbar area of your spine. The Back Saver is the perfect solution to this problem. Anyone who experiences back pain in this area knows that you can never have enough support. This flexible back cushion allows you to improve the lumbar support in your existing chair or create support where there was none previously. It's a life saver for long car trips, or for those that sit in an office chair all day. The advanced design provides the perfect amount of support for anyone that uses it. It can be adjusted up or down, and used right-side-up or up-side-down for the perfect fit. The mesh material allows it to contour to any back shape and provide the exact degree of support needed. The Back Saver is incredibly comfortable and will position your back correctly for optimal posture. With improved sitting position and lumbar support, you will be able to sit longer and be more comfortable while doing it. It is ideal for use while traveling, working, watching television, sewing, scrap booking, reading and more.

Why It's Better Than Other Options

Regular lumbar pillows are made from some sort of cushion material in most every case. This one is not. Because of this fact, standard pillows will only provide minimal support, and will flatten over time to become useless. Memory foam versions can last longer, and provide more support, but they are super expensive and will generate a lot of heat if you sit against one for long periods of time. The Back Saver provides superior levels of support even when compared to more expensive memory foam models, it lasts for much longer than either traditional version, and it allows you to stay cool while using it thanks to the breathable material. With such an affordable price tag, its hard to beat.

Back Saver Uses - on your office chair, in the seat of your car, at home and more.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Back Saver Lumbar Support Cushion
Dimensions 16" x 14.5" x 5.25"
Uses A portable, mesh lumbar back support cushion for home, office, car and more.
Color Black
Support Material Mesh Fabric
Frame Material Metal
Portable Design Yes
Adapts To Any Chair Yes.
Ergonomic Yes
Breathable Yes
Installation Strap Yes.
Shipping Weight .8 lbs

Back Saver - Comfortable and convenient mesh lumbar support cushion. Attach this great device to virtually any chair to instantly provide the perfect amount of support, right where you need it. Improve posture, decrease pain and make your seat more comfortable. Order Yours Today!

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