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Mittens and Gloves

Clean Dirt, Dust and Hair Without Touching It.

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Some people hate to touch dirt when they clean. For these people, mittens and gloves offer a better way to clean. Instead of holding a cloth to wipe surfaces, you can use a glove or mitten in order to completely surround your hand with cleaning power. Protect your skin from all the dirt, and harness the power of tough, microfiber fabric, or durable rubber bristles. These tools offer an efficient way to clean all sorts of surfaces, and they allow you to do it quickly. You don't have to worry about touching dirty surfaces, or yucky hair with your skin, and in most cases you will have more surface area to work with. Cleaning your home, office or vehicle is a whole lot easier when you use the best tools available. Our thoroughly tested line of mittens and gloves will give you the power you need to ease the hassle of cleaning.

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