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Fragrance Oils

Scented Oils For Use With Warmers, Misters and Diffusers.

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Deodorize your home or office without the use of aerosol sprays or harsh chemicals. Add just a few drops of these concentrated oils to a misting bowl, oil warmer, reed diffuser or other device to add fragrance to any room in a safe and effective way. Instead of spraying deodorizer into the air which can cause respiratory problems or harm people with sensitive skin, you can diffuse it naturally to avoid these problems, but still make the room smell better. In a misting fountain, the scent is mixed in with the thick cloud which then floats throughout the room. A warmer heats the oil in order to release the scent and improve the smell of your home or office. You can use these high quality oils with any fragrance diffuser designed for use with similar oils, so stop choosing more dangerous methods. These oils offer a safer and less expensive way to take the stink out of any room.

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