Pocket Wrench

Available in SAE or Metric. A Ruler, Opener, Wrench, Scraper And Driver In One!
Pocket Wrench
Pocket Wrench
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Manufactured in the US, this compact tool is laser cut to a precise shape that's incredibly useful. It comes in your choice of SAE or Metric, but it's way more than just a wrench. Use to quickly tighten or remove nuts and bolts, but also use to open bottles, scrape paint, remove screws, pry open cans, or measure length. It even has a hole that accepts any standard size bit or socket you have in your toolbox. Easily attach it to your key chain, quickly clip to a carabiner, or slide right into your pocket to keep it available at all times. The compact size is only a little bit bigger than your house key, and the stainless steel construction keeps it both lightweight and durable. Other pocket tools are flimsy, and essentially just a gimmick, but this one provides real power that rivals larger and more expensive options. Stop running to the garage for every small job around the house, and keep yourself prepared no matter where you are. This high quality tool can save the day in an emergency, or reduce effort and frustration when small jobs pop up unexpectedly.

Why It's Good

  • Durable. Superior steel ensures a tool that won't fail. The precisely cut angles and hard material create an easy to use tool that will last a lifetime.
  • Useful. More than just a wrench, this little guy has tons of uses. In one compact package, you will have a set of wrenches that also doubles as a ruler, a scraper, an opener and a driver.
  • Compact. Small in size, but big in functionality. It will fit almost anywhere, and it's almost unnoticeable when in your pocket. When used, it makes its presence known.
  • Flexible. Adaptable to many situations. Utilize for what was intended, or find your own ways.
  • Compatible. Attach drill bits, driver heads and sockets easily. It works with all of the standard size stuff you already have.
  • Local. Made in the US for superior quality, and a more local economic impact.

The Tools Explained

Use the point end to open bottles or cans. It functions as a pull tab flipper or a glass bottle popper depending upon orientation. For bottles, hook the small point under the cap and rock the large point in toward the bottle. To flip open cans, invert, slide the large point under, then rock upwards to open.
The sturdy beak is not super sharp, but it is great for scraping to remove stubborn stuff. Use it point-side-down to lift up old paint or scrape free other grime. The added grip prevents slipping and allows you to apply enough pressure.
Just one job of many, depending upon your selection, it will work for 4(metric) or 5(SAE) different sizes. The interior is precisely cut to accommodate different nuts or bolts based on your position. Just slip on and twist to tighten or remove.
The front tip makes a perfect #2 flat head screwdriver in a pinch. The thick material prevents slipping and bending so you can twist loose stubborn screws, or assemble simple projects without getting your toolbox. The side indents provide a nice handle.
Pry Bar
Open paint cans and other containers without effort. The end of this tool fits in easily, and the shape provides ideal leverage and easy action. Just roll downward to lift up the lid. Thick, steel construction gives you plenty of power.
Sockets & Bits
A hole toward the front allows you to insert sockets and other bits to increase functionality. The size is perfect for accepting standard accessories you already have, so use as an impromptu ratchet, or mini drill for your next little job.
The cut out grip doubles as a measuring tool. Each notch will represent 1/8", and the whole section measures exactly one inch. Quickly size things up when nothing else is available, or take a measurement in locations where other products don't fit.

Don't waste money on thin alternatives that are likely to fail just when you need them. This sturdy wrench offers rugged durability, but it's remarkably lightweight at the same time. It's so thick that you never have to worry about breaking or bending, and the quality construction means it will offer the same precise functionality each time you whip it out. With so many ways to use it, this product makes a great addition to any glove box, pocket, key chain or backpack.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Pocket Wrench Multi Tool
Dimensions (Metric) .1875" x .95" x 2.75"
Dimensions (SAE) .1875" x .85" x 2.6"
SAE Head Sizes 9/16", 1/2", 7/16", 3/8", 5/16"
Metric Head Sizes 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm
Ruler Specs 1 inch with indents to mark each 1/8"
Material Stainless Steel
Uses Wrench, 1/4" socket driver, flat head screwdriver, ruler, bottle and can opener, pry bar, scraper
Laser Cut Yes.
Finger Grips Yes. Doubles as ruler.
Ergonomic Yes.
Compatibility Attach to keyrings and carabiners easily. Fits in almost any pocket, box or bag too.
Sockets and Bits Works with standard size stuff you already have. Attach sockets and other tools to work in compact locations.
Made In USA
Manufacturer Screwpop
Shipping Weight .6 lbs

A versatile tool that is always available when you need it. Save time, or save the day. Keep a mini toolbox on your key ring, or store one in a glove box or suitcase for emergencies while traveling. Sturdy materials and quality design ensure a useful tool that will handle tons of use and abuse. Order Yours Today!

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