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6-in-1 Multi-Use Jar and Bottle Opener
6-in-1 Multi-Use Jar and Bottle Opener

6-In-1 Multi-Use Opener

A powerful tool to help you open almost any lid. Use with jars, bottles, cans, bags and more. Eliminate strain and struggle.
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Open almost anything, and never worry about pain or strain. Jar and bottle lids can be difficult to open, especially when they get stuck, but this tool makes the job easy. It's ideal for elderly folks, and those with arthritis or strength problems, but anyone can benefit from its use because it helps to reduce the effort required to loosen and remove a wide variety of lids. There will be no more straining or struggling because our 6-In-1 Multi-Use Opener will improve your grip, and increase your twisting power. Instead of wasting time and effort to get the lid off, you'll quickly pop off any top without any trouble. The advanced design adapts to a wide variety of lids, and because it acts like six tools in one, you'll be able to use it on jars, bottles, cans, bags and more.

The inner portion of this tool acts as a gripper, and the whole thing opens and closes so that it's compatible with big or small lids. The smaller opening is ideal for twist-off bottle caps, while the larger opening is better suited for jar lids. The rubber material will help to provide a secure grip along the edge of any top, and this will ensure that you're able to twist it off easily. The reverse side of the small opening works like a regular bottle opener when the tool is in the closed position, and a pointy tab at the tip can be used to grab and pull can tabs. Use the portion of the tool between the two openings to grip yogurt lids and other thin film, and pull them off with ease, or use the cutter at the base to quickly rip open, and access the contents of small bags of snacks, or large bags of chips. No lid will be too difficult to open because the effortless operation of this tool is easy for anyone to master.

Product Features

  • 6 Tools In One.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Opens To Adapt For Size.
  • Compatible With Jars, Bottles, Bags, Cans and More.

Why It's Good

  • High Quality. Be careful when shopping for similar looking tools elsewhere. This one features incredible quality and guaranteed performance, while most others will be lower quality in comparison. Don't let our affordable price tag fool you. Our 6-in-1 Jar and Bottle Opener will work better and last longer than similar products, even when they cost twice as much.
  • Easy-To-Use. It may seem complicated due to how many lids types it works on, but anyone can learn to use this tool like a pro. It does provide incredible functionality, but each of the six use options are easy to master. Unlike other options that may be too complex, or those that require special skills, using this tool is simple and effective. Never worry about getting good results. This easy-to-use tool will provide excellent results, even on your first try.
  • Versatile Performance. Thanks to the adaptable design that allows it to work with a wide range of lid sizes, and because it combines six tools into one, this opener is a highly versatile kitchen gadget. Get it to open jar lids with ease, but also take advantage of it's added abilities to twist open tight bottle caps, rip open stubborn bags, pull back difficult can tabs, or pop open non-twisting bottle caps.
  • Compact Convenience. Reduce clutter and make it easier to find a compatible tool. This powerful opener replaces six other tools, and it fits in the palm of your hand. Easily store it in a drawer, or take it with you while traveling because this powerful tool is also a space-saver. Never fumble through a drawer again. Keep this tool handy, and you'll always have the correct opener right at your fingertips.
  • Highly Effective. Other all-in-one tools don't offer the level of performance that this one does. Much more than just a gimmick,the multiple functions on this tool are all highly effective. No matter what you use it to open, you'll be guaranteed that it will work well and get the job done, all while saving you time, effort and frustration.

How To Use It

Although this tool is incredibly easy to use, each portion is designed for a different job, so it can seem a bit complicated. To master the six tools in one, use the instructions below. The tips and directions will help you use it correctly, and ensure that you can easily remove an assortment of lids.
  1. FLIP TOPS: A classic "church" key style opener opens flip top bottles. Just make sure the tool is in the closed position, then align it correctly, and secure it on top of the cap. To open, rotate upwards to pop off the top. Use this part of the opener to remove lids from beer bottles and other glass bottles without twist off lids.
  2. PULL TABS: A pointy tab at the tip of the opener doubles as a lifter and a hook. Use it to get under, and lift up can tabs, then turn it to hook the tab, and pull it back to open the can. Use this portion of the opener to open canned food and other similar stuff, or to help you open soda can lids.
  3. SCREW TOPS: Place the smaller opening over the bottle cap, then open and squeeze tight to grip securely. The inner material will grip tightly to the lid. Once in pace, simply grasp the tool and twist counterclockwise to open. Use this portion of the opener to open water bottles and soda bottles with twist off lids.
  4. THIN FILM LIDS: The center of the tool can be used to grab and pull thin, peel-off lids. Simply align the edge of the lid with the center of the tool, between the two openings. The rubber inner material will grab on tight when you close the tool, so just grab and pull to easily open this type of lid. This portion of the tool is perfect for yogurt containers, or even the sealed inner lids on vitamins and supplement bottles.
  5. JAR LIDS: The larger opening is perfect for gripping and twisting jar lids. Because it opens and closes, it can adapt to a range of lid sizes, so just open and then grip tight to make it fit on almost any jar. The inner rubber will grab on tight so the lid is easy to turn. Use this portion of the opener for jars of food with stuck lids.
  6. SNACK BAGS: The base of the tool has a small cutter to help you access bags and other packaging. Simply open the tool and then align it so that it closes down onto the bag where you want to open it, then just press down and pull to tear it open with ease. This portion of the tool is perfect for snack packs, chip bags, crackers and more.

Why waste time and effort with multiple tools, or ones that don't work very well? Easily open a wide range of lids using this compact and powerful tool. It'll outperform other similar, all-in-one tools, and it'll save time, space and money when compared to using multiple tools for the sane jobs. Don't waste another minute struggling with openers that don't work as well, and never deal with pain just to get a lid off. Start using this affordable tool, and no lid will be any trouble again.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 6-in-1 Multi-Use Opener
Dimensions 6" x 2.5" x 1"
Compatibility Works with a wide range of jar, bottle and can lids. Also rips bags, and grips thin film.
Color Your choice: Black/Red
Inner Material TPR (rubber)
Bottle Opener and Cutter Material Stainless Steel
Outer Material Durable ABS Plastic
Uses Open lids quickly, and eliminate pain or struggle. 6-in-1 action. Grip and turn twist caps and jar lids, pop open bottle caps, pull open food cans, lift and pull thin film lids, or rip open snack bags.
Ergonomic Design Yes.
Opening, Adjustable Handle Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Perfect for use at home, but high quality enough to be used in commercial settings. Replace several inferior tools, and save space. Open a variety of lids with this helpful tool. Order Yours Today!

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