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Premium Screen Cleaning Cloth

High Quality Cleaning Tool for TV's, Computer Monitors & Touch Screens.
Screen Cleaning Cloth
Screen Cleaning Cloth
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Clean any screen, and never worry about scratches and other damage. This non-linting cloth will thoroughly clean any surface, and you don't need some fancy spray to go along with it. A single swipe will remove 99% of all dirt, and it will never leave behind fuzz, streaks, spots, or any other mark. It's not treated with any magical potion or toxic cleanser, but it will power through tough grime and thick dust to leave delicate objects completely spotless. In most cases you'll just wipe quickly with a dry cloth, but when the dirt is sticky or crusty, simply dampen with water to increase power, and lift it off without scrubbing or scouring. It's perfect for your computer screen, tablet, phone, or TV, but you can use it on any other glass, metal or wood surface with the same great results. This cloth alone will completely remove every last particle or smudge to leave your screen sparkling clean with a shiny, almost polished finish. Stop spraying liquid on your expensive electronics, and don't waste money on pricey miracle cloths either. This affordable tool guarantees results, and it costs the same as the cheap version you can get locally. The difference with our top quality cloth is that it will work way better, and it will last for ten times as many cleanings.

Why It's Good

  • Top Quality. This premium grade cloth may look similar to other you've seen, but it's made in Korea using far superior material. This means that it will pick up dirt more efficiently, and the heavier weight fabric will last longer because it's more durable. Save a few pennies by getting something sold elsewhere, or guarantee performance and longevity by ordering this one from us.
  • Reusable. Paper towels are a terrible idea, but may people use other disposable wipes to clean screens and other surfaces. This cloth offers the same sort of convenience, but you can use it over and over again. Once it finally gets dirty, just wash and put back in service.
  • Eco-Friendly. Get amazing results with only water as your detergent. With nothing to throw away, and no harsh chemicals used, this cloth makes an environmentally friendly choice for home entertainment cleaning.
  • Scratch-Proof. Never worry about permanent marks of any kind. The soft and powerful material is totally safe for any material, and it's guaranteed to never leave a scratch or other mark.
  • Powerful. Light dust, greasy fingerprints, dried on food, it doesn't matter what kind of grime you are cleaning because this cloth can clean it all. Use it dry for standard cleaning, or get damp with water to easily remove the tough stuff.
  • Compatible. It doesn't matter what the technology is behind the screen because this cloth will work on them all. CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma and more can be cleaned in the same way. Use it on any smooth shiny surface for thorough, worry-free cleaning.

Other Options

Prefer a different size? This one is a 12" x 12" size, so it is perfect for at home in your entertainment center, in your laptop bag for your notebook, or in a desk drawer at the office. We also have other sizes in similar style cloths, so if you prefer a smaller cloth, check out our 5" x 8", 8" x 8", 9" x 10.25" or 8.25" x 12" size. If you like to work with a larger cloth, then our 16" x 16" cloth would be more your style. They will all clean the same types of surfaces, and will produce similar results, but some people may like one size over the other.

Guaranteed Results

When you clean a screen with this cloth, you don't have to worry about water damage, incompatible spray cleaners, scratching of surfaces, or any of the other problems that come along with traditional screen cleaning products. It is not treated with any chemicals, and you don't need to use any to achieve professional looking results. It is the weight, weave and design of the actual cloth that allows it to be so darn good at cleaning. With just a single swipe, you will be able to remove all of your standard build-up. Fingerprints and other smudges will wipe away with ease, and thanks to the thick, high quality material, this screen cloth will clean the most oily and residue covered screens with ease. Thinner more nylon feeling cloths that often come free with electronic purchases don't even come close to the cleaning power offered by the screen cleaning cloths featured here. They won't work as well, or last as long, and if you have ever tried to clean with one, you know that it takes a lot of work to actually clean a surface. Our cloths require little effort, and will glide across your screen to pick up and absorb every micro particle and filmy residue spot.

You'll be amazed at how easy these are to use and the great results they produce. Your computer screen or TV will be cleaner than ever, so you can be more productive, less embarrassed by a smudgy surface, and able to better enjoy that new movie on your big screen TV. There is nothing more to refill or buy later, so for a one time, affordable price, you can have a screen cleaning tool that will last for the life of your device. With no risk of damage, and guaranteed results, it is hard to find a reason to not use one of these to clean your TV or monitor.

How To Use It:

Under normal circumstances, you just want to use the cloth dry. For extreme level cleaning, get it wet with regular water to super-charge your ability.
  1. Ensure that the cloth is clean and free of debris. Wipe dirty surfaces using a back and forth or circular motion.
  2. Work from one end to the other, or clean from top to bottom to ensure that every spot gets cleaned.
  3. To increase usable surface area, fold into quarters, and then wipe. Once one square of cloth gets dirty, re-fold to reveal another clean square.
  4. A dry cloth will handle most screens and can remove all of your standard build-up. If you have an exceptionally dirty screen, with caked on dirt and grime, then you can supercharge your screen cloth by getting it wet with ordinary water.
  5. Wet under the faucet, then wring out until only damp.
  6. Proceed to wipe as usual. When damp, these amazing cloths will remove almost any kind of grime quickly and easily, and because it is only damp, you never run the risk of any liquid ruining the device you are cleaning.
  7. Once the cloth is dirty, simply throw it in the wash and launder normally. You can wash and reuse it hundreds of times.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) cleaning cloth
Dimensions 12" x 12"
Uses Clean screens quickly and efficiently with no sprays or chemicals. Also useful for glass, metal, wood, etc. Use wet or dry for cleaning almost anything.
Color Gray or Blue
Shape Square
Material Premium Grade Microfiber
Microfiber Type Ultra Suede
Fiber Content 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend
Edges sewn
Reusable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front and back
Washable Yes. Clean and reuse hundreds of times. Machine wash and tumble dry, low.
Compatibility Safe for any surface.
Origin Made In South Korea
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

A fast and easy way to thoroughly clean any LCD or Plasma Screen. Perfect for TV's, computer screens, cell phones and other handheld devices. It even works on touch screens! Order Yours Today!

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