1. ML-21 Mister (with AC adapter)
ML-21 Mist Maker
ML-21 Mist Maker

ML-21 Mister (with AC adapter)

Replacement Misting Device with Remote and Inline Controls.
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The ML-21 is a controllable mister with inline and remote controls. It features a 20mm ceramic disc size so it is technically able to produce moire mist than one with the smaller 16mm disc. The ML-21 Mister comes with a number of our misting fountains, but it can also be used by itself for other applications too. If your fountain stops working, you may need to replace the electronics, so this would be the part you are looking for. These devices usually last for years, but due to accidents, or heavy, prolonged usage, you may need to get a new one sooner. If the lights still work on your fountain, then you most likely only need to replace the ceramic disc, and not the whole misting unit. This item is for when you need a complete overhaul on your fountain. When it is operating, the ML-21 will act as a decorative focal point, but also a humidifier and air purifier too. When you add fragrance oil to the water, it will diffuse the scent into the air, allowing you to deodorize your home safely as it increases humidity and generates a thick cloud of natural mist.

This clever little device is not magical, but when you look at it when running, you may think otherwise. It does not use dry ice or any chemical formulation to make the mist. It is produced via ultrasonic oscillation where the ceramic disc vibrates at a high frequency in order to sort of evaporate the water on the surface of the mister. The result is a constant cloud of fine mist that floats on top of the water, and then dissipates into the air. When it is running, it also generates negative ions which help clean the air as well. The ML-21 Mist Maker is equipped with a low water shut off switch, that automatically turns the mister off by utilizing a sensor that detects the water level. It comes complete with both inline and remote controls, so you can adjust the LED light show and mist volume with the touch of a button. Use the button set built into the cord, or operate it it from across the room by using the battery powered remote control. The 12 LED lights can be set to stay a solid color, rotate through 16 color combinations, fade in and out of a select set of colors, or strobe. You can also turn the unit on and off as well as set it to have the lights off with just mist. The ML-21 features a 20mm ceramic disc for higher mist output. Looking for a cheaper option? Get one without controls or a smaller disc size for less. The CH-24 Mister has a 16mm disc and is controllable. The JAS-20 Mister has a 20mm disc, but it is not controllable. Like the controls, but don't care about the remote portion? The CN-24 is probably a good choice for you.

This small device produces a psychological feeling of calm and well being, and has the added benefit of generating negative ions which help to clean the air of impurities. It also increases the humidity in a room, which can help sufferers of colds, sore throats and asthma. Increased humidity can also be very beneficial to indoor plants. An ionizer, humidifier and aroma therapy diffuser all in one. Use the ML-21 to fix a broken mist lamp, or to make your own. Add this amazing device to any bowl of water to generate a natural cloud of mist. As soon as it is fully submerged in water, it will start to generate mist and display a dazzling light show. It is a great alternative to traditional humidifiers, and can also be used to enhance the look of indoor fountains and other water features. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) misting unit, (1) Remote Control, (1) AC adapter
Dimensions 1.85" diameter
Compatible Splash Guard Holder Splash Guard Holder B
Color Silver
Material Metal
AC Adapter Included Yes
LED Lights 12 color changing
Light Adjustment 18 mode adjustable
Inline Control Yes
Remote Control Yes
Ceramic Disc Size 20mm
Ceramic Disc Life >5,000 hrs.
Output 90 ml/hr
Auto Shut Off Yes (low water sensor)
UL Listed Yes
Cord Length 3 ft.
Power 24V
Shipping Weight 2.5 lbs.

ML-21 Replacement Mist Maker- Repair a broken fountain or make your own with this replacement misting device kit. Submerge into any bowl of water to create a mesmerizing cloud of mist.

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