Replacement String Mop Head

A threaded mop head that's lightweight and highly absorbent. Replace an old one, or pair with a pole you have now.
String Mop Replacement Head
String Mop Replacement Head
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Replace a worn out head on your Ultimate String Mop, order extras for added convenience, or add to a mop pole you already have for a powerful floor cleaning system.

This revolutionary string mop head combines the cleaning power of microfiber with the absorption ability of a synthetic shammy. It's more absorbent than any other available, and thanks to the high quality microfiber fabric, it cleans incredibly well too. The advanced material allows it to clean floors with only water as a detergent, but you can also combine it with your favorite cleaner if you want to. Thanks to the specialized microfiber strings, this replacement mop head can lift and collect dirt without any chemicals, remove 99% of all germs with only water added, and hold 47 times more liquid than a traditional cotton mop. Because it also dries incredibly fast, it won't begin to stink or grow mildew over time like a regular mop head.

Use this Replacement String Mop Head on any type of floor, and know that you'll never cause damage, but you will ensure that the surface is cleaner than ever. The gentle action is extremely effective, and this head is so hygienic that it can even be used in clean room applications. Machine wash it whenever it gets dirty, and you'll easily get hundreds of uses out of each replacement head. This is one of the safest and easiest ways to get your floors clean, and one that'll save you time and effort while guaranteeing professional looking results.

Mop handle sold separately. Use as a replacement head, or pair with a pole to build a full mop.

Product Features

  • Mop head only.
  • Standard thread. Use on a wide variety of poles.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Safe for all flooring types.

Where To Use It

The material that this Replacement String Mop Head is made from is safe for any flooring surface. It'll never scratch or leave marks of any kind, but it will thoroughly clean any floor type you use it on. The specialized material is able to be gentle on flooring surfaces and special finishes, but tough on dirt at the same time. Gently skim the surface while picking up and removing every last spec of dirt, germs and other grime. Use this mop head on hardwood, linoleum, tile, granite, marble, ceramic, concrete, natural stone and more. No surface is too delicate, and no dirt is too caked on. Using just water alone, this powerful mop head will eliminate dirt and soak up spills with ease. This is the environmentally friendly way to clean your floors and keep them safe for children and pets. It also works great for cleaning up spills, leaks or puddles.

Why This Product Is Good

Pro Grade Construction

Commercial grade construction means that this replacement head will work well, even with everyday use. Never worry about it falling apart, or failing with repeat mopping, and always be sure that your floors will look professionally cleaned when you finish. Get professional quality results at an affordable price.

Super Absorbent Material

Soak up an amazing amount of liquid. The advanced material is made even more absorbent due to the unique construction of the head. It'll suck up water and other moisture like a vacuum, and it locks it in to prevent dripping. This string mop head works great for cleaning, but it's ideal for drying surfaces, or picking up spills too. If you need to clean a floor or soak a spill, this is the perfect tool for the job.

Lightweight Microfiber Strings

You'll be surprised how little this mop head weighs in comparison to how well it works. You don't need a heavy head that's difficult to wring just to get the job done. This advanced alternative works better, and it weighs way less than a traditional cotton string mop head. Reduce the effort required to mop your floors, and get the job done in less time.

Washable and Reusable

So easy to clean. Just unscrew the mop head from the pole, and then pop it in your washing machine to clean it after every use. You can wash and reuse each head a hundred times or more.

Safe and Gentle Cleaning Action

The soft microfiber strings will never mark or scratch any surface you mop. Use this Replacement String Mop Head without worry on any surface. It can be used with an abundance of water on surfaces like tile, or very little moisture on surfaces like wood.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The microfiber threads will only get more effective with use. This powerful mop head will last for may uses, and the material will not wear, tear, or lose effectiveness over time. Wash and reuse time and time again, but never worry about diminishing performance, misshapen strings, or any other annoying stuff.

Incredible Cleaning Power

Advanced microfiber strings do all of the tough work for you. No intense scrubbing to get floors clean, and no need for multiple trips to the sink to dry and eliminate spills. A single swipe will lift and remove dirt, and a light touch will initiate absorption.

An Eco-Friendly Mopping Option

Although it is compatible with a range of soaps, cleansers, and disinfectants, the powerful strings will actually clean with only water added. This makes it a very environmentally friendly choice when mopping your floors.

Stop using stinky cotton rags to clean your floor. Traditional string mops clean well, and reach under and around objects with ease, but the material gets pretty gross over time, and it can be very heavy when you clean with it. This head is even better at cleaning, super absorbent, lightweight, and it more effortlessly scrubs every inch of flooring in comparison. Stop wasting time money and effort. This replacement head will fit the pole you have now, but it'll do a way better job. No heavy cotton to struggle with. Just light and effective microfiber strings.

Other Options

Looking for a complete mop with the pole? We also carry a full mop set with head and pole here: Ultimate String Mop

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Ultimate String Mop Replacement Head
Dimensions 13" x 3"
String Length 12"
Connection Type Threaded (Standard Thread)
Pole Compatibility Use With Any Standard Mop Pole
String Material High Quality Microfiber
Microfiber Type Spun Lace Viscose (non-woven - extremely absorbent)
Washable Yes
Cleaner Compatibility Works with water alone. Also safe for use with any standard floor cleaner or soap as well.
Floor Compatibility Safe for use on any hard flooring surface.
Uses A highly absorbent and lightweight mop that gently cleans any type of floor. Get surfaces incredibly clean with little effort, and never worry about streaks, spots, lint or anything else. The powerful fibers do the cleaning for you.
Color White / Green
Shipping Weight .4 lbs

Replacement String Mop Head - Replace your lost or worn out string mop head. Order several for reduced pricing. Perfect for use in your kitchen or bathroom. Specialized microfiber strings power through grime with little effort. Order Yours Today!

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