AutoChron Wireless Light Switch Timer

Programmable. Turn lights & other devices on & off automatically.
AutoChron Wall Switch Timer
AutoChron Wall Switch Timer
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Add computer automation to any toggle switch in your home in less than five minutes! The AutoChron Wall Switch Timer installs with a single screw over your existing switch plate, and is easily programmed by following the simple instructions provided. You will have it attached in a matter of seconds, and then programmed within a couple minutes after that. Set a light to turn on and off at the same time every day of the week, or choose different times for each individual day. You can even have multiple cycles in a single day, or set by groups so that you have one time for the weekend and another for weekdays. Within just minutes, you will have this advanced system fully programmed so that you can start forgetting about ever flipping the switch to turn outside lights on at night or off in the morning. It will save you money by preventing wasted electricity, and it will add convenience by preventing you from ever coming home to a dark house again. Add an additional layer of security that will deter burglars and give you piece of mind when you are away from home. It is simple enough for anyone to set up and works on any regular style toggle switch.


The AutoChron is perfect for porch lights and other outside lights because you can always be sure that they are on when it is dark, and then off exactly when you want. Set the timer for sunrise to have lights turn off in the morning, or set a time in the middle of the night to save on electricity. Hate coming home from work to a dark house? Simply set AutoChron to turn interior lights on just before you get home and you will never have to worry about that again. You can also set kitchen lights to come on as you wake up in the morning to avoid stumbling through a dark house, half asleep. Combine this with an automatic coffee maker and your morning routine just got a whole lot less annoying. Want to try and save money, but also stay cool in the summer? Add AutoChron to your ceiling fan switch to make it turn off automatically in the middle of the night after you are fast asleep, and the house has cooled down. It even features illuminated buttons, a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, and an indoor thermometer and clock that are always on for added utility.


Beyond convenience, this advanced device is perfect for added security when you are away from home. A dark house looks empty, and makes criminals more likely to choose it when looking for their next victim. Leaving lights on all day is almost as bad because although your house is lit at night, it still gives the appearance of the owner being away. One or two AutoChrons can fix this and leave you free of worry when you decide to go on vacation. Put one upstairs and one downstairs to turn lights on at separate, seemingly random times when no one is there. You can have the downstairs light come on at 6, and the upstairs flip at 7. Then set them both to turn off at different times too to complete the effect. This simple process will prevent break ins by giving your home a lived in appearance, and you won't have to waste electricity or be nervous about leaving the lights on all day. If you live in a dark area, or have a long driveway, it can be scary to walk up to a dark house when you get home at night. AutoChron can turn outside and inside lights on before you pull up, so that you can feel safe and be sure there isn't anyone hiding in the bushes as you approach your front door.


The AutoChron Wireless Switch Timer works on any toggle switch. What is a toggle switch? It is the regular looking light switch that we are all familiar with. It will not work with the fatter rocker switches or any type of dimmer switch. This means that anything you have hooked up to a switch can be controlled through AutoChron automation. The obvious choice is lights, but you can also use it to control space heaters, televisions, stereos, ceiling fans and much more. At the core, this is basically just a device that flips switches for you. You tell it when to flip up and when to flip down, and it will cover the rest. It works perfectly on single switches, but you can also use it for double and triple switch banks as well. When installed on a double or triple, there will be just enough clearance to easily use the other switch. It does not require any wiring, so as long as you have the right kind of switches in your home, AutoChron will work for you.


With this automated light timer, you can improve your life and make up for your laziness or poor memory by allowing it to turn things on and off for you. Once you have it installed, you can basically forget about it, so using it is more in the set up than anything. Immediately after installation, it will begin turning things on and off at the times, and on the days that you have set. Of course, you can also use the on and off buttons on the front of the unit to manually operate the switch any time you want to as well. AutoChron will continue as programmed and flip the switch at the designated time even if you have used it manually in between. It even knows whether the switch is currently in the up or down position to avoid trouble if you have flipped it yourself. So not only do you transform your switch into a computer activated timer, you also upgrade it to a cool push button switch as well.


The function of this device is quite simple, and that is what makes it so great. It remains incredibly versatile and easy to use, thanks to this simple concept. Simply put, a plastic piece at the center of the unit fits over the existing switch on your wall, and moves up and down in order to flip it. The motor that controls this plastic plate is triggered by an advanced programmable timer. Once you have it set, the timer will turn the motor on at the set minute in order to flip the switch up or down and operate your light or other appliance.


This ingenious wireless switch timer installs right over the existing switch plate with a single screw. It does not require any wiring, fancy tools, or excessive work. A regular Philips head screwdriver is all you need to complete installation. Simply remove the lower screw from the switch plate under the switch you wish to automate. Place the AutoChron over the switch with the front door open. Then use the included screw to tighten on the AutoChron. You will need to install 2 AA batteries in the unit which are not included and that will complete the installation. After this final step, simply close the front and proceed to programming. You have multiple possibilities when it comes to programming this unit. Use the following link for more info on how to program the AutoChron. In the process of programming, you will also set the current time for the clock which will display on the screen along with the current temperature in the room.

The AutoChron Wall Switch Timer is the perfect addition to any home. Most people can find at least one way to use it in order to save time, reduce energy consumption, add convenience or beef up security. It can be set to flip the same switch up to nine times a day, or 63 times per week, and can remain on for as little as one minute or as long as 24 hours. It's as easy as setting an alarm clock, and it has a large screen to provide current information and make setting it up easy. It requires very little space and no hard wiring, yet it is able to provide advanced home automation of a single device. Choose the exact minute you want lights or ceiling fans to turn on and off, and never worry about it again. The battery operation makes it easy to set up, but also keeps your settings saved in the event of a power outage. A single set of batteries will operate the AutoChron for several months without needing to be replaced. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) AutoChron Wireless Switch Timer
Dimensions 1.625" x 3" x 5.125"
Color White
Uses Automate switches in your home
Compatibility Works with any toggle style switch - even works with double and triple switches
Power Batteries
Battery Type 2 AA - Not included
Display Type LCD
Material high-impact plastic
Backlit Display yes
Programmable Yes - daily, weekly or multi day programmability
Clock Yes - always on, displays current time
Indoor Thermometer Yes - always on, displays current temperature
Min. ON Time 1 minute
Max. On Time 24 hours
Max # Cylces 9 per day, or 63 per week
Illuminated Buttons Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Shipping Weight .8 lbs.

AutoChron - The easiest way to add automation to any home. Easily set any device hooked to a toggle switch to turn on and off at predetermined times. Great for vacation or everyday security and convenience. Easy install and setup takes only a few minutes.

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