Pig Tail Flipper (2 Piece Set)

One Large And One Small. The Faster, Safer and Easier Way To Flip Meat On The Grill.
Pig Tail Food Flipper - The best bbq utensil
Pig Tail Food Flipper - The best bbq utensil
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It may have a funny name, but this revolutionary set of cooking tools is one of the best available. The unique design looks way different than the tongs or spatula you are using now, but this pork inspired shape actually increases speed and accuracy, while reducing damage when cooking food on your grill. This two piece set will quickly become your favorite option as it replaces the pokers, forks, flippers and turners you are currently annoyed with. Instead of squashing your steaks or getting frustrated as hot dogs roll around, you will be able to quickly turn and maneuver your meat to perfection.

Use either one indoors or out to turn, flip, move and carry food safely and easily. The end of each Pig Tail Flipper is tapered with a sharp, spiral snare that allows you to lightly pierce any food to flip or move it without trouble. You never squeeze out juices and marinade, and you never push stuff around and smash it into the side of your barbecue. A quick flip of your wrist is all that it takes to turn food over, and the versatile design can handle almost anything. Use it outside to turn racks of ribs, hot dogs, veggies, steaks, burgers, chops or chicken, or take it inside to turn bacon, move baked potatoes, flip french toast and more. Comfortable handles keep your hand cool while cooking, and an ample reach keeps you at a safe distance from the heat.

Other Options

This is the two piece set, and it contains one of each size flipper. If you only want one or the other, then we also sell them individually here: Large Pig Tail Food Flipper & Small Pig Tail Food Flipper. Giving them as a gift? Check out the Box Set for the same tools presented in a wooden gift/storage box.

Plastic Or Wood

Originally only available with the classic, wood handle, you now have the option of ordering this powerful set of tools with high quality ABS plastic handles instead. The wood version is the original, so many people will always prefer the rugged, natural look, but the plastic version may be preferred by certain individuals. When you get the plastic ones, the grip is a bit wider, and the material is easier to clean because it's dishwasher safe. Both types will stay cool to the touch while you cook, and both are ergonomically shaped for comfort. The wood ones do cost a bit more due to the raw material costs, so if you don't care about the look, and want to pay the lowest price, plastic is probably the choice for you. Both sets are from the same manufacturer, and the only difference is in the handle material. These are the original tool, and the overall quality is far superior to similar looking alternatives.

What Makes Them Better?

No scraping up grease using a spatula or getting frustrated when food slips out of your tongs. Switch to this set of tools and you will wonder how you ever got along without them. It doesn't matter what size or shape the food is, or what type of marinade or sauce you may have on it. Because of the unique design of these flippers, you will be able to avoid common annoyances while cooking or grilling. It is ideal for any kind of meat, but also works for other foods like corn on the cob and grilled cheese. Anything you turn, flip or rotate while cooking is fair game when using this set. Tongs force you to squeeze food too hard, and it often slips out when you loosen your grip. Forks leave large holes, and will often require you to make several attempts to turn your food. When using a spatula, the applications are limited, and it is common to struggle with slipping it under you meat. The Pig Tail’s hook and shaft are made of surgical-grade stainless-steel for strength and durability and the hook will not leave marks in your meat or cause them to bleed. When you grab a piece of food, it will hold secure, but then release easily with a slight technique. You never smear off sauce, or squish out flavor, and you won't get frustrated while trying to pick up your food.

How To Use Them:

Flipping and moving food is made simple when you use one of these. A similar technique will work on all sorts of foods, so modify slightly depending upon what's for dinner. Anytime you need to move, position, rotate or flip food over a hot surface, use these to do it faster and more safely.
  • Choose the flipper you will use. Longer is generally better outside, and shorter usually works best at the stove.
  • To grip food for flipping, use a continuous wrist turning action to pierce and turn at the same time. Scoop it up and flip it over with a single action and never worry about getting underneath.
  • To grab meat and move it, simply poke lightly, apply pressure and then push or pull to place it.
  • To release food, use a reverse action to back out. The same quick wrist turning action will slip it out, and cause food to remain in place.
  • When inserted the sharp coil will hold tight. Use to flip transport, push, pull or turn.
  • Stainless steel prevents sticking and washes clean easily after you finish. Hand wash for increased longevity.

Two Tools Are Better Tan One

This set ships with two Pig Tails - a 19-inch tool that's great for outdoor cooking, and a shorter 12-inch model that is ideal for stove top grilling or sauteing. Both Pig Tails have wood handles for a cool grip, leather cords for hanging near the grill or stove and are covered by a lifetime replacement guarantee. Use either one indoors or out because it will really come down to preference, as to which one gets used most where. Because of the long reach offered by the 19" size it is better suited for using at the grill in your backyard. It will keep you far enough away from the flame to be comfortable, but allow you to get in quickly and do all of your turning without letting out all of the heat. Because the smaller sized flipper puts you a little bit closer to the food, most people like to use it in the kitchen. As a kitchen utensil the Pig Tail is incredibly useful and efficient. You can turn and flip many kinds of food without switching tools, and you are able to flip quicker and easier because it grabs so well, but doesn't hold on too tight. This set of tools will increase speed, decrease messes, and allow you to have an easier time preparing food. There is a bit of a technique involved, but after one or two uses, anyone will be cooking like a pro, and looking like one too. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) set of two pig tails
Large Tool Length 19"
Smaller Tool Length 12"
Material Metal (stainless steel)
Handle Material Wood or ABS Plastic (your choice)
Uses Kitchen/Barbeque
Orientation Right handed.
Washable Yes (hand or machine washable)
Warranty Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
Shipping Weight 1.5 lbs.

Pig Tail Food Flipper - The easiest way to cook on the grill. Fast easy and safe. This unique tool is great for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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