Gripper Flipper Tongs

A handy tool for any chef! Like a spatula and tongs combined, but so much more. Use it everyday to lift, flip, whip, mix, grab, drain and more.
Gripper Flipper Tongs - A spatula, tongs, whisk and slotted spoon in one!
Gripper Flipper Tongs - A spatula, tongs, whisk and slotted spoon in one!
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Grab, flip, mix, strain and more. These versatile tongs switch from grabber to flipper in a flash, and thanks to the stainless steel wire, they can also help you to whip or strain when needed. Clever, 6-In-1 functionality creates the perfect tool for cooking, prepping and even serving. Unlike regular tongs and spatulas that only offer basic usage, this advanced set adapts to be useful in almost any situation. It has a nylon spatula on one side, and a metal wire spatula on the other side. The two spatulas are skinnier than normal to be more tong-like in appearance and function, but either side can be used to grip or flip, and you can even rotate the wire one to change the operation and orientation of the tool. Pick up hard boiled eggs or cooked spaghetti, and the water will stay inside of the pot, or flip fried food and oil will drain down to keep things crisp. The metal tines change shape to conform to rounded foods or large loads, and the heat resistant spatula easily slips under anything, so you'll guarantee a secure grip on virtually any food.

It won't matter how delicate or elaborate the food you're cooking is because this tool will easily lift it up, flip it over, rotate it, or serve it without any damage. Forget about slipping and sliding, and never worry about squishing or damaging any type of food. You'll be able to gently grip stuff as you flip it over, or lightly cradle stuff while you wait for fluids to drain away. Use it to grab onto large stuff without it tipping over, or delicate stuff without it breaking. This tool brings together the benefits of many in order to help you look like a pro when preparing a wide range of dishes in your kitchen.

Easily slip under any food, and then clamp down to grab and turn at the same time, or use the wide grip to grab large items to lift or turn. The integrated locking switch allows you to secure both parts together for storage, or for use as a rigid spatula. Pull and twist to rotate the metal side. It can curve up or down, and when left perpendicular to the other side, the tool makes a great whisk for mixing or whipping. The advanced design and spring loaded action reduces effort, improves results, and ensures that food doesn't slip or slide. Stop running to the drawer to get multiple tools, and stop ruining the stuff you cook by using inferior ones. This combination kitchen gadget will quickly become you new favorite tool.

Product Features

  • 6-In-1 Functionality.
  • Locking switch.
  • Dual tong ends.
  • Rotating arm to increase versatility.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

Why They're Good

  • Multi Tasking. Tongs, spatula, whisk and slotted spoon in one. Simplify many cooking, prepping and servings tasks with this versatile tool.
  • Gentle. Easily turn delicate foods, or lift them without crushing the exterior. This tool provides a secure grip on all sorts of stuff, but it does not apply extreme pressure to do so. Gently cradle food in order to prevent damage and still get the job done.
  • Low Maintenance. Totally dishwasher safe, cleaning is easy when these get dirty.
  • Locking. Ideal for storage, a thumb switch allows you to secure both sides together, and prevent it from opening. For this tool, this feature also adds functionality.
  • Open Ended. The stainless steel ends are made from a wire that makes it look like a whisk. This design causes them to expand and conform to what you are holding, but it also allows for drainage of liquids.

When To Use Them

Use them anytime you need to stir, whip, grab or flip. They will replace existing spatulas and whisks, and give you a more versatile tool to use for preparation, cooking and serving. The list below includes some of the many uses for this tool. Use for anything listed, or anything else similar.
  • Turning and lifting fried foods.
  • Grabbing hot baked potatoes from the oven or microwave.
  • Lifting hard boiled eggs from a pot of water.
  • Serving cooked pasta.
  • Serving a fresh, green salad.
  • Whipping eggs for an omelette.
  • Flipping BBQ chicken on the grill.
  • Retrieving hot rolls from the oven.
  • Flipping quesadillas and other large foods without damage.
  • Turning hamburgers, steaks or pork chops.
  • Grab hot dogs from a pan with hot water.
  • Mix sauces or stir dressings.
  • Get pickles or olives without touching the juice, or dropping it due to slipping.
  • Turn or remove corn on the cob.

How To Use Them

Most people know how to use the individual tools that this item replaces, but there are some special steps and techniques that will help you get the most out of this one. Read the instructions below to grip and flip like a pro.
  • Operate the locking mechanism with your thumb. A large black switch at the top of the handle slides back and forth to hold both sides together, or allow them to open and close. Press forward to lock, and pull backward to release.
  • To use as a flipper, lock both sides together for increased strength, or keep them apart for increased control. You can slide the whole thing under your food, or use one side to gently grip as you lift it up.
  • To use as a grabber, unlock the ends, then simply squeeze to pick up any food. The metal will conform to grip easily, and the open end will allow you to leave all liquid behind.
  • To use as a whisk, lock the ends together, or leave them apart according to your preference, then whip, blend or stir like normal.
  • The tongs are spring loaded to make them easier to use. When unlocked, they will open themselves, and spring back and forth for effortless operation.
  • Place in dishwasher or hand wash when dirty.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Gripper Flipper Tongs - A 6-in-1 chef tool
Dimensions 12" x 2.75" x 1.5"
Color green/black
Uses Whisk, tongs, slotted spoon, spatula and more. Grab food, flip it over, or mix it up. 6-in-1 functionality allows you to flip, lift, grab, turn, whisk, and serve.
Handle Material Plastic
Top Tong Material Stainless Steel
Top Tong Type Wire Tines / Open / Slotted
Bottom Tong Material Heat Resistant Nylon
Bottom Tong Type Solid / Slotted
Adjustable Yes. Top tong can rotate to align with or against the opposite one. Switch from grabber to flipper in a flash. Rotate to perpendicular to use as a whisk.
Locking Yes. Thumb switch allows you to lock it closed for storage or use as a spatula or whisk.
Hangs For Storage Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

A handy tool for any chef. Grip and grab with amazing accuracy, or flip and turn with a gentle action. Ideal for many cooking tasks, this tong and whisk combo tool is ideal for any kitchen. Order Yours Today!

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