Blue Plastic Dryer Balls (2-Pack)

A safe & non-toxic alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets! Save money, and make laundry time less annoying.
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Soften your clothes without using toxic chemicals. These funny looking balls will do the job just as well, but they don't contain any fragrances or dangerous chemicals, and they'll basically last forever. One single purchase will soften load after load of laundry, and you never have to worry about sensitive skin, or if you need to run to the store for a refill. Static cling will be reduced, fabric will be softened, lint will be removed, and your laundry will be less wrinkled, but you will not have to add liquid softener to your washing machine, or dryer sheets to your dryer. This is wonderful for anyone with sensitive skin, or those washing baby clothes, but it's also ideal for regular folks that would just prefer to spend less money for each load of laundry they wash. Our Blue Plastic Dryer Balls come in a set of two, and are meant to be used that way. You can add more if you want to, but a single set will be plenty for softening normal loads of laundry.

Product Features

  • 2 Balls Included.
  • Use For Small to Large Size Loads.
  • Premium Quality Plastic.
  • Added Spikes For Improved Performance.
  • Rated For Hundreds of Uses.
  • Reusable Fabric Softener Alternative.

Higher Quality For Improved Performance

You could probably save a dollar by getting a set of similar looking dryer balls elsewhere, but chances are you'll be quickly disappointed in your decision. Other products generally fall into one of two categories. Cheap, and cheaper. The cheap ones are usually hard and stiff to the touch, or super soft and squishy. Although these ones do have longevity, the overall results will not be as good due to inferior materials that result in a stiff, inflexible ball, or one that mushes against fabric instead of massaging and separating it. If the massaging action does not take place, you may as well just throw in some tennis balls.

The even cheaper dryer balls can be soft or hard, and they'll be prone to breakage due to low quality materials. If you have ever tried a set like this, then you probably remember opening your dryer to discover that each ball was now in two pieces, or several of the little spikes had broken off.

Our Blue Plastic Dryer Balls are quite possibly the best fabric softening product out there, and they are incredibly affordable at the same time. When you get a set from us, you'll know that they are made from better materials, and that'll make them work better. When cold, the balls will be slightly flexible, but after they heat in the dryer, the flexibility will increase to make them excellent at what they do. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, and don't overpay for fancy versions either. Choose this tested and proven set to pay a low price, and get a large bang for you buck. We guarantee them to work, and we know they will last.

Each ball is made from high quality materials, and designed to last for years of regular use. Simply plop the set in your dryer as you receive them, and then forget about them because they'll continue working over and over again. As you place loads of laundry in your dryer, the dryer balls will tumble around to dry those clothes faster, and make them feel softer at the same time. Thanks to the fact that these balls do not release chemicals or perfumes, anyone can use them safely, and they make the perfect, hypoallergenic alternative to traditional softening products. Stop wasting your time and money, and start using a smarter, more environmentally friendly option when drying your clothes. Dryer balls are totally reusable, just as effective, and way more simple. Your clothes will spend less time in the dryer, but the only difference you'll notice is the smaller amount due on your energy bill.

Why This Product Is Good

Long-Lasting Solution.

Other fabric softeners run out over a short amount of time, and other dryer balls wear out way sooner in comparison. If you want to add convenience to your laundry room that will last for years, this set is the perfect choice. They will deliver the same level of performance for many years of regular use.


Nothing to measure, nothing to add, and nothing to throw away after your load of laundry has been washed. Just toss this set of Dryer Balls into your dryer and allow them to work for each load you dry. You don't have to catch your machine at the right time, or remember anything as you work. After you place them into your dryer, you can forget that the balls are even there. Without fail, they will continue to do their job.

Soften Clothing.

The gentle massaging action of the dryer balls moving around with your clothes will make fabric feel just as soft as it would be with a traditional softener. Why waste time, effort and money? You can get the same results without even trying, and you won't notice any difference in how your clothes feel once you switch.

Eliminate Liquid Softeners and Dryer Sheets.

Replace expensive and chemical filled liquids in your washing machine. Save money, reduce effort when washing a load, and get rid of fragrances and other ingredients that annoy or harm family members. Dryer Balls are a more convenient option that takes the place of fragrance coated dryer sheets. Reduce sensitive skin irritation, and save money without compromising fabric quality.

Reduce Drying Times.

Better air flow reduces the time needed to dry your clothes so you save time and money. The bumpy studs will gently grab and manipulate clothing to separate each piece of clothing an help the hot air flow more efficiently. When you use dryer balls instead of something different, you can cut drying time by up to 25%. This means that you'll finish each load of laundry in less time.

Eliminate Unwanted Lint.

More lint will be removed as the soft little nubs massage clothing. Because more lint will be collected in the trap, less will be left on your dress or sweater.

Money Saving Convenience.

Choosing a reusable alternative that does not require refills or repurchase will reduce costs drastically. When you add in the value of the time you'll save, and the reduced energy costs, the savings become significant. Make a single purchase, and have a fabric softening product that will last for years of everyday use.

How They Work

As your dryer spins, the bumpy blue balls will tumble around, and intermix with your clothing. You'll hear the noise of the plastic at first, but after just a couple of minutes it'll completely muffle as your clothing begins to soften the blow, and the balls begin to heat up. For the remainder of the cycle, the sound will be hardly noticeable, but the results will be easy to see. The little nubs that cover the surface are pretty stiff when cold, but they become softer and more flexible when heated. As they travel through fabrics, these protrusions will gently massage the material, and separate it from other garments. This action makes the air in your dryer flow more efficiently, so any type of fabric will dry in a shorter amount of time.

When the Dryer Balls brush past fabric, the material is also fluffed and softened, while excess lint is removed. Instead of resorting to chemicals to fluff your fabrics, let the gentle action of these balls take care of it naturally. Sheets will be less wrinkled, sweaters will be less lint ridden, and all of your clothes will be softer and more enjoyable to wear. You don't need to remove them when the load is finished, and a single set will last for many years. Simply leave them in your dryer, and allow them to work for every load you dry.

How To Use Them

Softening clothes without chemicals or high costs is easy with a set of these Dryer Balls on hand. Anyone can use them with ease, but follow the tips and instructions below to guarantee perfect results and long-lasting performance.
  1. For regular loads, place two dryer balls in. With larger loads, or loads of large sheets, using more may improve drying time.
  2. You will only have to stick these in your dryer once. After that, simply leave in load after load.
  3. Place clothes in on top, close the door, and then turn on your dryer.
  4. If you normally use a timed setting, reduce by ten percent at first. You may be able to cut the time it takes by up to 25%. For other types of settings, be aware that everything will dry faster than normal.
  5. Run the machine until it finishes. If you hear noise at first, this is normal. The hard plastic will soften, and the balls will mix with the fabrics. After just a minute or two, all noise will be reduced and barely noticeable.
  6. Leave them in until the next load, and use over and over again.

Why This Fabric Softening Product?

For a price that is just a little more than one fabric softener or dryer sheet purchase when getting regular products, you will have an effective alternative that will last for years. Imagine the savings of never buying liquid softener or dryer sheets again. Plus with 15%-25% shorter drying times, you will save on energy costs and shorten the amount of time it takes you to do laundry. Never spend another minute thinking about when the softener cycle is, or what the ingredients may do to harm you body. Dryer balls are a safe and effective way to save time, effort and money when doing your laundry, and they also increase safety too! The soft nodules never wear out, so they will massage fibers, and make them naturally soft and fluffy for years and years. They are safe for all fabrics, and the unique soft rubber material will never melt, break, or release any chemicals into your dryer.

Plastic Vs. Wool

If you like the idea of reducing chemicals in your laundry, but you have concerns about the plastic material these are made from, you'll want to check out the wool version. Both types will provide similar results, but there are some distinct differences between the two. Wool balls have a smoother exterior, and they are a bit larger in size. The six piece set will cost more than the two piece set featured here, but it's also made from a natural material that's renewable and Eco-friendly. These plastic balls are more efficient due to the spikes, and they'll last longer in comparison. The plastic material will make some noise initially, but the softer wool material will be silent for the full cycle. The ideal choice really comes down to personal preference, and either product would make a good alternative to the dangerous products you're using now.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Set of 2 Balls
Size 2.75" Diameter
Uses Soften fabrics without using dangerous chemicals. Use as an alternative to softening liquids and dryer sheets to make clothes softer, reduce lint, shorten drying times, reduce static and wrinkles, and save on energy costs.
Color Blue
Fragrance Free Yes - No fragrance added. Safer for sensitive skin types.
Chemical Free Yes - No chemicals are released onto clothing.
# Balls 2 balls in each set.
Reusable Yes - Use over and over. They do not wear out or lose effectiveness.
Non-Toxic Yes
Total # Uses Unlimited
Compatibility Safe for all skin types. Use with any type of dryer, and any type of fabric.
Shipping Weight .6 lbs

An all-natural alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They are chemical free and safe for people with allergies. Soften fabrics and reduce static cling without toxic chemicals. Order Yours Today!

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