Dual Sided Rubber Brush

Two types of bristles on one brush! A versatile tool that's ideal for any pet owner. Great for grooming or cleaning, and safe for any surface.
FURemover Duo - A dual sided brush for cleaning and grooming.
FURemover Duo - A dual sided brush for cleaning and grooming.
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A multi-use tool for grooming pets, or cleaning up after them.This Dual Sided Rubber Brush is grooming tool and a cleaning brush combined, and it provides incredible power and capability thanks to the clever design that puts bristles on both sides. One side has a regualr thickness rubber bristle surface, and the reverse side has extra fine bristles for maximum versatility. It's basically a combination of our regular Handheld Rubber Brush, and our Rubber Lint Brush, and the thick and thin bristle pairing makes it well suited for all types of cleaning and grooming tasks. Use it right on your pet to brush out loose hair and scrub them clean in the bathtub, or gently glide across furniture, clothing, and upholstery to lift up and remove unwanted fur in a matter of seconds.

When you use this Dual Sided Rubber Brush, it only takes a single pass to completely clean any surface of unwanted dog or cat hair, and the pliable rubber material is safe for any surface, so you never have to worry about damage. The flexible bristles also feel great, and they actually massage your dog or cat as you groom, so they'll sit still longer, and brushing and bathing will be easier to handle. The fine bristles on the front-side will ensure that no strand is left behind when cleaning pet hair off surfaces in your home or vehicle, and the thick bristles on the back-side will allow you to scrub and brush your pet gently and effectively. Stop resorting to tools that your fury friend doesn't like, and don't waste time looking for multiple tools when one can do all of the jobs. This amazing dual sided grooming and cleaning brush will improve results while making the job easier.

Why This Product Is Good

Indestructible Rubber Material

Because it is made from natural rubber, this brush is virtually indestructible and will never lose its shape. This means that it will perform great and last for many years to come. Despite its durability, this brush is also quite gentle. It will never scratch or harm any surface you use it on, and pets love it because it actually massages them as you brush.

Versatile Performance

Use to groom your dog or cat by brushing them like normal, or use in the tub to scrub and deep clean with little effort. Thanks to the dual sided construction, it also works well for cleaning fur off a wide range of surfaces. Use to combat shedding fur on clothing, furniture and upholstery. Use it right on your dog to brush and groom, then flip it over to clean the floor where he was sitting. It's also great to quickly clean your pets favorite resting spot. Remove hair from their bed, your bed, or anywhere else it lands.

Totally Washable

Thanks to the rubber material, the whole brush is totally washable, so easily clean it when it's dirty, or use at bath time to clean your pet with ease. You can wash with any kind of soap, and it's dishwasher safe, or hand washable.

Charged Up

The pliable bristles get deep into the coat of your dog or cat, and the static charge helps to suck out and brush away loose hair. With continued strokes, the rubber material builds a charge that pulls fur in like a magnet.

Gentle Rubber Bristles

The soft rubber material won't harm any pet, or ruin any surface. As you brush, scrub or clean, they will flex and bend to remain incredibly gentle without compromising ability. You'll be able to collect amazing amounts of fur, and your dog or cat will be asking for more.
  • Effective. Fast and efficient, this brush works incredibly well, and it requires little time or effort to achieve good results. Quickly remove fur from your clothing, or groom your dog in record time.

    How It Works

    The Dual Sided Rubber Brush features thicker rubber bristles on one side, and finer more flexible ones on the opposite side. The combination makes it incredibly well suited for both grooming and cleaning, and it can be used equally well on dogs or cats. As you use it, the rubber bristles press together to form a solid wall. This enables you to clean in less time, because a single swipe of this brush will completely clean any surface you use it on. Even the smallest dust particles and fine hairs will be swept away quickly and easily.

    When you use short deliberate strokes, the bristles will build a static charge to aid in cleaning. This static will pull hair into the bristles like a magnet, and help to prevent it from flying away. Much of the swept hair will remain locked in the rubber bristles until you are ready to dispose of it. The flexible, skinny bristles are better for picking up fur and cleaning surfaces of lint and other small particles. The fat bristles are better for scrubbing your dog in the tub, or brushing their coat to remove loose hair.

    We all love our pets, but the hair they leave behind is less than desirable to say the least. Finding the perfect tool is key to easing the pain that a shedding pet brings on. Vacuums, brushes and brooms can only do so much, and many versions of these tools are worthless when it comes to pet hair. This Dual Sided Rubber Brush is incredibly effective, and it doesn't require a lot of effort to achieve good results. It works so well that you can actually use it right on your carpet to pull up hair, even after vacuuming. You'll be ready at all times to battle the shedding problem in your home, office or vehicle. Any pet owner would benefit from owning this brush because it makes cleaning and grooming easy, and it quickly eliminates allergy causing pet hair from your home.

  • Product Specifications

    Includes: (1) Dual Sided Rubber Brush
    Dimensions 10.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"
    Head Size 5.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"
    Bristle Length .5"
    Handle Length 5"
    Thin Bristle Width 1.5mm (tapered)
    Thick Bristle Width 3mm (tapered)
    Color Varies: gray/orange, green/gray, pink/blue and more.
    Bristle Material TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
    Handle Material TPR and Plastic
    Uses Removing lint & pet hair from furniture, carpet and more. Also used as grooming tool to wash or brush cats and dogs.
    Surface Compatibility Soft and durable material is safe for all surfaces.
    Washable Yes
    Ergonomic Yes
    Construction Solid piece. TPR head is molded onto the core.
    Dual Sided Yes - Thick bristles on one side, and fine on the other.
    Orientation Left or Right Handed.
    Wet or Dry Use wet or dry.
    Shipping Weight 1 lbs

    FURemover Duo - Easily remove pet hair from virtually any surface, or groom your pet like a pro. Natural rubber bristles create a static charge that acts like a hair magnet. Tough enough to last forever, but gentle enough to be used right on your cat. Order Yours Today!

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