5-In-1 Bottle and Can Opener

Quickly open beverages and other stuff with ease. A high quality tool that works on a wide range of bottle and can lids.
5-in-1 Bottle and Can Opener
5-in-1 Bottle and Can Opener
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Compact and powerful. Stop wasting space, time, and effort with multiple opening tools. This 5-in-1 Bottle and Can Opener will remove a wide variety of caps and lids with speed and precision. The unique design and a bold look make it a cool tool to have, but its versatility and usefulness make it a must have kitchen gadget that'll be used time and time again. Instead of searching for the right tool, or resorting to several different tools just to get the job done, you can simply use this one opener to remove flip tops, pull tabs, pop open cans, twist off threaded caps, or loosen stuck jar lids. The comfort grip handle, and ergonomic design make it comfy to hold, and combined they help to reduce the pain and strain that is common with other opening tools. Use it with great success to open beer and soda bottles, plastic bottle caps, pull tabs on canned food, and much more. It's one of the fastest and easiest ways to open almost any bottle or can in your kitchen.

Five separate tools would take up tons of room, but this compact alternative fits almost anywhere, and it's easily portable as well. Keep it on hand for daily use in your kitchen, or pack in a purse, pocket, or bag to take it with you while vacationing or camping. The durable materials guarantee proper function, but they also ensure a long life. Use it with confidence, and on a regular basis, but never worry about it wearing out, or failing with time. Commercial quality construction ensures that it'll work like new, and last for years, even with regular use. Stop fumbling through drawers to find the right tool, and don't settle for other universal openers that don't work as well. Add this amazing 5-in1 Bottle and Can Opener to your collection of kitchen gadgets, and always have the perfect tool, right at your fingertips.

Product Features

  • 5 Tools In One.
  • Comfort Grip Handle.
  • Your Choice Of Colors.
  • Compatible With Most Beverage Containers.

Why This Product Is Good

High Quality

Be careful when shopping for similar looking tools elsewhere. This one features incredible quality and guaranteed performance, while most others will be lower quality in comparison. Don't let our affordable price tag fool you. Our 5-in-1 Bottle Opener will outlast and outperform similar products, even when they cost twice as much.


Despite the versatility, this tool is also very easy to use. Anyone can get good results, and master all five functions with ease. You don't need to use a special technique, and it does not require you to be strong or skilled in any way. Just let the tool do the work for you and you'll find that it's easy to open any bottle or can.

Versatile Performance

Other openers only work for a single job, or one type of lid. This versatile tool provides way more function, and enables you to open a variety of can and bottle tops. It doesn't take up any more room than a regular bottle opener, but it will be much more useful in comparison.

Compact Convenience

The small size makes it perfect for any kitchen, but also great for camping and travel. It fits easily in any drawer when not in use, and then delivers the power of five different tools whenever you need to use it. It's large enough to make it easy to use, but compact enough to store almost anywhere when you're not using it.

Highly Effective.

The number one feature of this tool is how well it works. When you need to get the job done without stress, straining, or frustration, this opener delivers. The simple and effective function ensures fool-proof operation every time.

How To Use It

Although this tool is incredibly easy to use, each portion is designed for a different job, so it can seem a bit complicated. To master the five tools in one, use the instructions below. The tips and directions will help you use it correctly, and ensure that you can easily remove an assortment of lids.


A classic "church" key style opener opens flip top bottles. Just align correctly, and secure of the cap. The rotate upwards to pop off the top. Use it to remove lids from beer bottles and other glass bottles without twist off lids.


Simply use the beak-like grabber to securely grab onto the tab, then rock back and pull to open the lid. If difficult to open, use one side of the beak to lift the tab, then use the other side to grab and pull. Use it to open canned food and other similar stuff.


Place the large opening over the bottle cap, and press down firmly. The inner material will grip tightly to the lid. Once in pace, simply grasp the tool's head firmly and twist counterclockwise to open. Use it to open water bottles and soda bottles with twist off lids.


Slide the bottom end of the handle towards the tab, and allow it to enter the hole at the end. Once you have a secure grip on the tab, hold onto the can, and then rotate upwards to open the can. Use it to open beer and soda cans.


The beak-like grabber can also be used to break the seal on jar lids. Just align it with the edge of the lid such that the grabber is under the lid edge. As you rotate the handle, it will break the seal to make the lid easy to twist off. Use it for jars of food with stuck lids.

Stop using multiple tools to open different kinds of bottles and cans. This high quality bottle and can opener can handle them all. Take advantage of the compact convenience, and keep one handy at all times. It's the perfect tool to use any time you need to crack open a cold one, open a can of tuna, pour some soda from a 2 liter bottle, and much more. It's fully compatible with a wide range of cans, jars, and bottles, and it'll help you to eliminate struggle and strain while making the job easy. No more asking for help, and no more wasted time and effort with inferior tools. This incredible 5-in-1 Opener is guaranteed to perform well and make the job easy enough for anyone to handle.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 5-in-1 Bottle and Can Opener
Dimensions 6" x 2.25"
Compatibility Works with a wide range of bottle and can lids.
Color Your choice: Black/Gray or White/Red
Inner Material and Comfort Grip Handle TPR (rubber)
Outer Material Durable ABS Plastic
Uses Open lids the fast and easy way. 5-in-1 action. Grip and turn twist caps, pop open bottle caps, crack open beer and soda cans, lift and pull canned food tabs, or break the seal on jars.
Ergonomic Design Yes.
Comfort Grip Handle Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

High quality materials and superior craftsmanship make this little kitchen gadget a must have. It's a great accessory for anyone that enjoys cooking. Discover the easiest way to open virtually any bottle or can. Order Yours Today!

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