Large Instant Marinater (10" x 14")

Speed & Quality Combined. The Same Flavor & Tenderness In A Fraction Of The Time!
Speedy Plus Instant Marinator
Speedy Plus Instant Marinator
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Flavor your meat in as little as five minutes with this advanced container. Instead of letting food sit overnight to soak up the right amount of marinade, this one uses vacuum technology to infuse the taste in a fraction of the time. A locking lid provides the air-tight seal necessary to make it work, and also allows you to lock in bacteria and raw juices after the meat is on the grill. Once closed, the same lid doubles as a platter to allow you to transport the finished food back inside without getting another dish dirty. You can use it for a single chicken breast, or you can fill it to capacity in order to serve as many as 14 pieces at once. Culinary experts agree that letting steak or chicken sit in marinade for several hours will produce the best tasting barbecue, but this handy grilling accessory enables you to get the same professional tasting results in less than ten minutes. Use it to prepare flavorful meat in the time it takes your grill to heat up, and experience the same taste and tenderness that the pros get.

How To Use It:

Marinading meat could not be more simple when you have the Speedy Plus Instant Marinater. You are going to need a container anyway, so why not use one that improves results, reduces effort, speeds the process, and allows you to cook with less mess. The easy operation employs a vacuum pump to regulate pressure inside the marinator, and this results in a flavor injection process that makes everything taste awesome. Follow the steps below for perfect flavor each time you grill.
  1. Place desired number of fillets into the container.
  2. Add sauce, dressing or marinade over the top. For complete coverage, you may want to pour some down prior to placing you meat, and then layer the remainder over the top.
  3. Close lid and secure locking tabs by snapping them in place. This will provide an air tight seal.
  4. Insert pump into lid at the larger red circle. Pump using an up and down motion until full vacuum is achieved. The small red gasket will pop up to indicate this.
  5. Allow to sit for five or more minutes.
  6. Prior to grilling, lift up on the larger gasket to release the seal and allow all air to be released.
  7. Position container on flat, stable surface and then transfer food to grill.
  8. Once meat is removed, close and lock lid to seal in bacteria and raw juices.
  9. When chicken or steak has finished cooking, transfer back to container, but place on top of lid. It will act as a platter for your trip back to the kitchen.
  10. Clean up is easy. The whole thing is dishwasher safe, and the lid easily slides out to separate from the bottom. Place on top rack and forget about it.

Advanced Design

This amazing marinator features an innovative design that eliminates cross contamination while allowing you to use fewer dishes and platters while grilling. Instead of using one vessel to soak your food, and one to bring it back inside, you can use the same one for transport in both directions. Simply snap the lid shut after your food is on the BBQ, and then use the tray at the top to place your finished product. Raised edges will prevent anything from sliding off onto the ground, and any juice will remain contained, so you won't be dripping either. A stability bar hinge design adds safety and reassurance as it eliminates the potential of tipping when the container is open. This same hinge also allows the lid to easily separate from the bottom portion, so cleaning is made simple. Just place both parts into the dishwasher and you are done. High quality materials, and close attention to design allows this product to be backed by a lifetime replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

How It Works:

The included vacuum pump will provide commercial level pressure inside the chamber. Once sealed, you simply pump to make it work. After full pressure is achieved, the liquid is forced into your food in order to penetrate deeply, and completely flavor any meat in a matter of minutes. You can achieve the same results by letting food soak overnight, but who wants to wait that long? For last minute gourmet, or everyday use, this tool will quickly become one of your favorites because it offers one of the best ways to marinade meat, and it is super easy to use. Perfect for steaks, chicken breasts and pork chops, but also ideal for any other food you might want to flavor. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Speedy Plus Instant Marinater
Dimensions 10" x 14" x 3.5"
Uses Infuse flavor into food and make it more tender. Works in minutes instead of hours.
Material Durable Plastic
Capacity 4.5 liters
Meat Held Works with 1-14 chicken breast or fillets
Vacuum Pump Included Yes.
Locking Lid Yes. Close and lock to seal in bacteria from un cooked meat.
Integrated Platter Yes. Lid doubles as platter when closed. Easily transport cooked meat without getting another dish dirty.
Spill Guard Rim Yes. High sides prevent slips and spills and keep juices from dripping.
Stability Bar Yes. Prevents tipping when open.
Marinade Duration 5 minutes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Manufacturer Jaccard
Warranty Yes. Lifetime warranty
Shipping Weight 1 lbs.

Get ready to grill in a matter of minutes. Professional quality meat does not have to sit overnight to taste great. Vacuum in the flavor with this clever container, and it will take less than five minutes! Use for a single portion, or do enough for a large gathering thanks to the ample size. Order Yours Today!

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