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Slice, Dice, Shred or Julienne With Ease.

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Borner Disc Slicer

Perfect slices and uniform julienne sticks can be nearly impossible to cut by hand. When you use one of the high quality tools featured here, you will get professional level results with every piece of food you slice. Reduce the time it takes, eliminate the mess, and make it easy on yourself. Stop using a knife every time you slice a tomato or chop up some carrot sticks. Use one of these high quality slicers to make the job easy, and ensure perfect results. Whether you work in a professional kitchen, or you just want to prepare great looking dishes at home, we have the good stuff you need to get the job done. Shred cabbage for salads, slice onions for sandwiches and burgers, or quickly reduce carrots and celery to sticks for dipping. Each item here has been tested for performance, so you know that you will receive a great tool that will work well, and last for years.

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