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Outdoor Rubber Broom (18 in.)

An 18" Industrial Size Broom For Bigger Jobs & Use Outside.
18" Outdoor Rubber Broom
18" Outdoor Rubber Broom
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The large, virtually indestructible, 18" head on this tool makes it the perfect outdoor broom. Use it to sweep out your garage, clean a deck, clear a patio, or remove debris from your driveway. The extra wide head, and pliable, rubber bristles make sweeping easy because they form a solid wall, and conform to any surface. As you sweep, you'll also build a slight static charge thanks to the natural rubber material. This causes dirt to collect and move along with the bristles, and remain on the ground instead flying up, or floating away as you work. The rubber head is a solid piece that has been molded to shape so it can't come apart. It'll never lose its shape, bend or break, and if it gets dirty you can hose it off easily, or even wash it with soap and water. An all steel handle completes the package, and compliments the rubber bristled head nicely. It's sturdy enough to handle years of abuse, and it won't fail, or lose effectiveness, even with regular use. Because it's so study, and able to produce great results, this broom is perfect for any outdoor space, but it's also ideal for garages, construction sites, warehouses, barns, factories and other commercial and industrial settings.

Product Features

  • 18" Natural Rubber Head.
  • 33"-59" Steel Telescoping Handle.
  • Washable and Chemical Resistant.
  • Durable and Long-lasting.
  • Safe For All Surfaces.

Why It's Good

  • Incredible Durability. A commercial grade steel pole is combined with a solid rubber head to create a powerful and long-lasting cleaning tool. You can use it on any surface, and for almost any job without any worry of it wearing out, breaking, or becoming ineffective. The bristles won't break or bend, the head won't lose it's shape, and you'll never have to worry about the pole bending or breaking with normal use. Don't settle for flimsy alternatives.
  • Natural Rubber Construction. Low quality rubber deteriorates quickly, and some rubber heads are combined with plastic parts that reduce durability and functionality. The natural rubber on this broom ensures proper function, but also guarantees longevity. Avoid frustration, or the need to buy a replacement early when you choose this high quality outdoor broom.
  • Extra Large Head. Way bigger than the standard size head, the cleaning surface on this broom is a full eighteen inches wide. Reduce the time it takes you to clean, and handle bigger jobs with ease. Although the giant head may be too big for inside your home, it's ideal for decks and patios, and also perfect for warehouses, garages, and offices.
  • Superior Performance. It almost does the work for you. The powerful rubber bristles lift up dirt and light particles with ease, and will clear the entire area with a single pass. When surfaces are uneven, the bristles adapt, and when there is a crack or crevice, they dip down to pull dirt out of it. Unlike other options that leave behind dirt, or don't work on tough stuff like hair and dust, this broom cleans almost anything with little effort.
  • Versatile Cleaning Ability. Use it like a regular broom, or take advantage of it's incredible cleaning power by suing it as a scrub brush, mop, or squeegee instead. It'll easily outperform regular brooms for normal sweeping tasks, but when you add the ability to use it for other stuff too, it becomes a way more useful and affordable option.
  • Easy Maintenance. Never worry about it getting dirty or wearing out with age. The bristles won't age like traditional ones do, and when the head gets dirty, you can just rinse it clean, or wash it with soap and water.
  • Sturdy Steel Handle. A flimsy handle can make a good broom impossible to use. This broom comes with an extra strong handle to ensure that it pairs well with the heavy rubber head, but also to ensure that it'll never feel cheap or lightweight, and you won't have to worry about it failing while you work.

Other Options

This 18" Outdoor Sweepa Rubber Broom is the largest size we carry. It's perfect for many uses, but it might be too big depending upon your intentions. You probably wouldn't want to get this model to use inside your house, but it is great for your basement, storage shed, or garage. If you would prefer a smaller size head, then check out the other two rubber brooms we carry. They're all the same brand, and of the same quality, so head size is the main choice to make. To see pictures, and read more about the other Sweepa brooms we carry, check out the following links: 12" Household Rubber Broom & 13.5" Commercial Rubber Broom. When compared to the household broom, this one will be much wider, but also thicker and with longer bristles. When compared to the commercial broom, you're mostly getting a head that's wider. This model and the commercial version bothhave a thicker wall on the thread where the pole attaches to the head. This makes them more sturdy and more able to handle frequent use, or jobs that require extra force or friction. If you already have a pole, or prefer a different style, then you can also just get the broom head by itself. For a similar tool that collapses for storage and travel, check out the Compact Rubber Broom we also carry.

A Better Broom

Whether you're sweeping up wet leaves in your yard, moving around mulch in your garden, or just removing dirt and debris from the floor of your garage, this broom makes it easy. The rubber bristles are safe for any surface, and they will never scuff, scratch or mark anything you're cleaning. As you sweep, they bend and flex to make a solid, flexible wall that'll get into cracks, and adapt to uneven surfaces. On the back side of the broom there's an integrated squeegee to add utility and convenience. Flip the outdoor broom over to use the pliable rubber edge to dry surfaces, or move liquids. The bristles are also quite useful as a scrub brush when used we. Combine these features, and add soaps or cleansers to take care of jobs like scrubbing oil stains in your driveway, washing and drying outdoor windows, cleaning a dog kennel, washing your car or boat, and so much more.

The natural rubber bristles will not wear, tear or lose shape like conventional brooms do, and they have the same strength and durability that car tires do, so no job is too tough, and frequent replacement is not necessary. It also makes a great snow brush. The bristles won't freeze and mat like traditional ones, and it's large size and squeegee make removing snow from your vehicle easy. Thanks to the telescoping handle, you can collapse it to fit easily in your trunk or backseat, but then quickly extend it to clear snow from a single side of your vehicle, or to reach the top of vans and trucks.

Stop wasting your time and energy with other brooms that leave behind dirt, cause hair to fly, and wear out quickly. With this powerful tool, you'll reduce the time and effort it takes to sweep, and be left with a more versatile tool that'll last years longer than traditional options. Because it's made with high quality, commercial grade components, this outdoor rubber broom is able to handle any sweeping job, and it'll easily outperform similar tools. Instead of sweeping over a spot several times to remove tough debris like saw dust, sand or hair, this broom will completely remove it in a single pass. Even the smallest little particles will be swept up by the rubber bristles, and due to the charge created as you work, none of it will fly around or float away as you attempt to collect it. This will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning, but also prevent the frustration caused by cleaning with inadequate tools. It's safe for any surface, and guaranteed to last for years, this outdoor broom is the best broom you'll ever use when sweeping outside.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Outdoor Rubber Broom
Head Size 18"
Head Thickness 2.75"
Bristle Height 1.75"
Handle Length 33" - 59"
Head Material 100% Natural Rubber
Handle Material Heavy-Duty Steel
Uses Sweep up anything with more speed, safety, and efficiency. Easily outperforms traditional brooms with tough stuff, like dust, sand, hair, etc. Also doubles as a squeegee, scrub brush, or snow removal tool.
Head Color Black
Handle Color Yellow
Telescoping Handle Yes. Single stage telescoping pole.
Squeegee Yes
Brand Sweepa
Model S400i
Shipping Weight 4 lbs

Sweep, Scrub and squeegee all in one. Perfect for outdoor use at home, but also ideal for many industrial and commercial applications. This rugged broom will clean great and last for many years of constant use. Order Yours Today!

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