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Quick N Brite Cleaner

The Best All Natural Cleaner. 100% Biodegradable & Non-toxic.

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This is one of the safest and most versitile cleaners available. The lovely pink color masks the power of this 100% biodegradable and non-toxic wonder. You can clean anything you can get wet with water and it's completely safe around children, pets and food. A true all-purpose cleaner, Quick 'n Brite cleans kitchens, floors, boats, walls, clothes, carpets and so much more. Stop using chemicals in your home. Use an all-natural alternative and get better results while reducing cost and risk. There are no harsh fumes to breathe or toxins to worry about, and because it is highly concentrated a little bit goes a long way. Dilute just three tablespoons into a quart of water to make all purpose cleaner or use it full strength for really tough cleaning jobs. You will save money and the environment when you replace your household cleaners with it, because it is one of the toughest available, yet safe for almost any surface. Works amazingly well for all regular dirt, and it will even remove stubborn stains like, ink, blood, grease, oil, red wine, grape juice and more.

Occasionally sold as an "As Seen On TV" product, but more often purchased direct at a show or fair where it is demonstrated, Quick N Brite cleaner is one that most people need to see to believe. We offer many online tutorials and guides for using it, and we can also help by phone or email with any job not listed. With literally hundreds of uses, and many slight variations in technique or dilution, it really helps to have an expert to assist when necessary. This alone can make buying from another source a huge mistake, but because we also offer the lowest price available, we are an easy choice as the number one place to buy this product.

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