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Squigz Starter Set (24 pieces)

Suction Construction. 8 Different Shapes That Stick And Flex For Building Fun.
Squigz 24 Piece Starter Set
Squigz 24 Piece Starter Set
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This toy sucks in a good way! Top quality silicone combines with bright colors and fun shapes to create a building toy powered by suction. Stick them to each other, or adhere to any smooth surface for endless hours of creative fun. This 24 piece starter set is the perfect way to discover this new way to build. Support structures by suctioning to desk tops and tables, or push them to the limit and build right on walls, windows and mirrors. The superior material ensures a strong bond that is easy to create, and the way in which they attach ensures a satisfying pop when you pull them apart. Suction construction is a great alternative to traditional bricks and blocks, and the fun looking pieces appeal to boys and girls alike. Pile them on top of each other to build structures, or join them in unique ways to create jewelry, monsters, vehicles and more. These fun little fellows love to defy gravity, and they stick together through thick and thin. Perfect for everyday dry fun, but also ideal as the perfect bath toy.

Other Options

Looking for a larger set? Check out the 50 piece Deluxe Set. It has all the same shapes and colors, but you end up with more than double the number. To add specific pieces to this set, or one you already own, check out the Add On Packs. For compatible pieces with bendable centers that hold their shape, take a look at the Benders Set. For the same style fun in a more compact package, try Mini Squigz. They're just like the originals, but 40% smaller. How about a version for little kids? PipSquigz makes the perfect teething toy and interactive builder for children six months and older.

Why They're Good

  • Innovative. Unlike other building toys, these unite by using colorful suction cups. The odd shapes inspire creative thought.
  • Educational. Inspire playful experimentation as children create thought provoking contraptions.
  • Flexible. Safe to use and gratifying to hold, the soft material is totally flexible and bendable.
  • Versatile. Build on carpet by sticking to each other. Stand them in place by sticking to tables, or create horizontally by attaching to walls and windows. Work wet or dry. Use with confidence, inside or out.
  • Wide Appeal. The large pieces, intriguing shapes and bright colors are attractive to all ages, and almost anyone can successfully build thanks to the easy suction action.
  • Safe. Quality silicone is totally safe for kids, and the soft material will not break, or damage other stuff. They never leave behind residue or sticky goo, so kids can build without any worry of damage.

What Are They

These fun little suckers are not your average building block. They are soft and squishy alternatives are made from pure silicone. The weird shapes all begin with a ball at the center, and then any number of suction cups that stick out from the center. You will find eight different shapes in this 24 piece set, and each one is a different color. They are just as much fun to disconnect as they are to put together because the soft silicone cups will make a popping sound as the com apart. Each piece is sturdy enough to make large structures, but also flexible enough to bend and flex into different positions. Simply press them together to make them stick. The cups will adhere to each other or any other smooth surface. Once joined, they do take slight effort to separate, but the noise that results makes it all worth while.

How To Use Them

This sucky toy can be enjoyed by children of all ages, but the manufacturer recommends use by kids 3 years and older. It does not take a genius to figure out how to play with them, but the beneficial, brain building activity may result in genius level intelligence after the fact. Squish and separate in any manner you like, but note the tips below for guaranteed fun.
  1. To combine, apply pressure to two Squigz. Press until all air escapes and a strong bond is created.
  2. To separate, pull directly apart until they separate with a pop.
  3. Attach all parts to one another, or stick to any smooth, flat material.
  4. As with any suction product, a bit of moisture can help adhesion.
  5. Totally washable if necessary.
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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 24 Piece Set of Squigz
Dimensions n/a - Each piece is a different size. Overall dimensions will be dependent upon design and construction.
Uses Stick, bend, build or pop apart. Suction cup ends connect to allow for endless creations.
Color Multiple - White, blue, red, yellow, purple, green and orange pieces will be mixed into the set.
Material High quality silicone (tested safe)
# Pieces 24 Total. 
Piece Type 8 Different types. Zorbit, Wonkity, Gobnob, Skootch, Yoink, Grippity, Doodle and Pip
Compatibility Stick to one another or adhere to smooth surfaces like windows, tables and desk tops.
Ages 3 years and up
Awards "Best in Play" International Toyfair 2013, Parenting Magazine
Best Toys for Kids Award Winner 2013 - ASTRA
Parents' Choice Approved Award 2013
Major Fun Award 2013 - Toys, Family, Creative
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2013
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

A building toy that really sucks. Oddly shaped pieces squish together or pop apart. Teach colors, hand-eye coordination, construction skills, patience and much more. Order Yours Today!

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