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Large Size Static Duster
Large Size Static Duster

Large Static Duster

Dust Your Home or Office The Fast & Easy Way.
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Buy this large static duster alone, or get it when purchasing one of our sets found here: Duster Set or Long Reach Duster Set.

This easy-to-use tool gives you one of the fastest and most effective ways to dust just about anything. It's perfect for home use, but the incredible power, and long lasting durability make it ideal for commercial applications too. As you use it, a strong static charge will build to literally suck up dust and debris like a magnet. Fine particles will seem to jump off of the surface you're cleaning, only to be locked into the synthetic fibers. Bend the head to any angle to clean ledges, shelves and ceiling fans, and never worry about any surface or object because the super soft fibers are safe and gentle on anything. The long lasting charge will hold in collected dust until you release it into the trash. A quick shake or tap over the can will release the charge, and deposit the collected debris. Stop using old rags, chemical sprays and other products that just don't work. These electrostatic dusters will make dusting a quick and simple chore.

Why It's Good

  • Flexible. The inner core is made from a thick and durable metal, but it's easy to bend into any shape. Give it a right angle to dust the top of a shelf, or create a loop at the end to clean the top and bottom of fan blades at the same time.
  • Washable. Rinse with water, or wash with dish soap when dirty. Maintenance is simple, and because it washes clean when necessary, one duster will last for many years.
  • Gentle. The soft fibers conform to any surface and spread out to cover a maximum amount of surface. The fluffy, synthetic material is safe for any surface of material, and will lift up dust without any harm possible.
  • Effective. You don't even have to touch the dust to pick it up. Just wipe gently across furniture and other things, and the static charge will pull in dirt like a magnet.
  • Large. With nearly eighteen inches of fibers to clean with, this large duster will clean more area in less time when compared to other options.
  • Extendable. This tool is pretty long at 27 inches, but it can be made even longer when attached to extension poles sold separately. For any close quarter dusting, the standard length will be adequate, but for hard to reach places, a compatible pole can be invaluable.

The thousands of tiny fibers are extremely efficient at cleaning and have the added benefit of being incredibly gentle on every surface. You will never scratch or harm anything you're dusting because the fibers barely have to touch the surface in order to completely remove the dust. This duster also has the unique ability to get into tight places, or to clean under and around objects that you don't want to move. When fully compressed, it can get into openings of just a couple inches wide. This means that delicate knick knacks, glassware and other decorations can be easily cleaned, inside and out, without rearranging or making a big chore of it, and hard to reach places like behind shelving or under appliances are no longer hard to clean.

These large static dusters are extremely effective and they will dust any surface with a very gentle touch. The super soft fibers glide over surfaces without harming them, so you'll never have to worry about marking or scratching, and you'll always end up with a completely dust fee surface. The inner core is made from a strong, but flexible metal, so you'll be able to clean things that are hard to reach like ceiling fans, wall hangings and curtain rods. It's also great for house plants. Just twirl it over the leaves to dust the top, the bottom, and even the stems, all at the same time. It's also fabulous for furniture, tables and delicate knick knacks because it's able to eliminate dust quickly, and leave these surfaces looking great. Just press vertically against the back side of mini blinds, and then slide back and forth to completely clean several slats all at the same time. You're able to clean the front and back with a single swipe so all of your blinds can be done in less time than ever before.

How To Use It

You can use them as is, but for tremendous cleaning power, it's always best to "charge them up" before you get started. If you're unsure what this means, or want to see why it's important, watch the video for a demonstration of the technique. Once charged, you will be ready to clean. Read the tips and instructions below to ensure proper performance, and long lasting durability.
  1. To get ready, remove the tool from the plastic sleeve, and then hold with palms flat between both hands.
  2. Rub your hands back and forth to twirl the duster and puff out the fibers.
  3. Once it's nice and fluffy, take a plastic grocery bag and grab the fibers with the bag in your hand.
  4. Rub up and down to build a charge. You'll know it's ready because the fibers will fluff out even more and appear to stand on end.
  5. To dust wipe gently over surfaces and particles will leap up into the fibers.
  6. For plant leaves and gentle items, use a twirling action to get all sides without any damage.
  7. To change the shape of the head, just bend with both hands to any angle. Bend back when finished.
  8. Virtually all dust clings to the static duster instead of being pushed from one spot to another or scattered into the air like dusting cloths and rags do.
  9. After using it, just shake it clean over a trash can or wash it with mild soap and water in your sink when necessary.
  10. Store in plastic sleeve, and hang up when not in use.


Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Large Static Duster
Overall Length 27"
Duster Head Size 17.5" x 7"
Handle Length 9.5"
Fiber Length 3.5"
Uses A powerful tool for removing dust from any surface. Ideal for delicate items, and perfect for everyday cleaning. Remove cob webs, dust ceiling fans, wipe shelves and tables, clean between knick knacks and more.
Color Varies. (stiped or solid with a range of color options) For specific choices please use the comments box at checkout.
Handle Material Plastic shell with a metal core.
Duster Material Synthetic Fibers
Bendable Yes
Washable Yes
Electrostatic Yes
Hanging Loop Yes
Compatibility Safe for any surface or object. Combines with optional extension poles sold separately. Do not use near heat sources or open flames. Avoid oily surfaces.
Shipping Weight .6 lbs

Use in your home, office, car, recreational vehicle or almost anywhere else! Hundreds of thousands of fine nylon fibers attached to a bendable rod. No More Dirty Rags To Do Your Dusting! Use Static Electricity to attract & hold dust like a magnet. Order Yours Today!

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