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A Stick-Anywhere Hook To Easily Hang Phones And Other Devices Right Where You Want Them.
AutoHook - A Stick-Anywhere hook for your ClipHanger
AutoHook - A Stick-Anywhere hook for your ClipHanger
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Product Description

Hang your phone anywhere with this convenient hook. It's designed for use with any ClipHanger model, but it may be compatible with other, similar holders too. Use it in your car to view GPS while driving, or listen to streaming music. You can even place one in the back so kids can easily watch videos without holding onto your phone or tablet. At home, it makes the perfect storage hook for next to the door, or in a bedside location. Stick one on your desk at work to keep your phone tucked away, and never miss a call or text. It can attach to almost any smooth surface so the possibilities for placement are endless. A powerful adhesive circle keeps it in place, but it also removes without any sign, if you decide to move it. Having a ClipHanger on your device adds incredible convenience, but this simple little hook makes it even better. Keep phones, tablets and other devices handy at all times, and let them hang, hands-free, right where you want them.

How To Use It

Almost any surface is compatible with this hook as long as it's clean and smooth. You never want to reuse and old adhesive circle, and you never want to stick one to something that's dirty. Once you have selected a location, and prepared it, installing the AutoHook is a snap. Place it anywhere you want your device, and keep it handy for watching, listening, storage or answering calls. It will not adhere to silicone or leather, but most other materials are fair game. Once in place, allow it to sit for 24 hours before regular use.
  1. Once you have selected a smooth surface in an ideal location, prepare it by cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Extra attention will be required for dashboards and other surfaces that have been treated with protectant.
  2. Once totally clean, allow the surface time to dry completely.
  3. After it's dry, remove the backing from one side of the adhesive circle.
  4. Press the sticky side onto the AutoHook, then remove the other piece of backing.
  5. Press into place firmly to mount in your chosen location.
  6. To use it, simply tilt your device upward in order to slide the top of you ClipHanger horizontally into the hook.
  7. Once it's in, allow it to rotate down, and hang in place.
  8. To take your device off the hook, just rotate up and pull.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Auto Hook
Dimensions .8" x .8" x .7"
Color Black
Material Plastic
Uses Stick anywhere to use as a hook for your ClipHanger attached device.
Compatibility Works with all ClipHanger Models. May also work with other similar holders.
Surface Compatibility Works on virtually any hard surface, and safe for use on all materials. WILL NOT stick to silicone, leather or uneven and/or porous materials.
Adhesive Included Yes. One circle included.
Adhesive Type 3M VHB For a strong hold and a clean removal.
Shipping Weight .15 lbs

Hang your phone in your car or anywhere else using this convenient hook. The top of your clip hanger will slip right in, and your device will be held securely. Perfect for GPS while driving, or storage when not in use. Order Yours Today!

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5 out of 5
Auto hook
Found a handy spot on my dash to hang my phone & it really works good. Vary good!!!
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5 out of 5
very handy once found the right spot in my car for it. still getting comfortable with it but much better than feeling around on the car floor where it would tend to fall .thanks??
Reviewed by: on
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