Grabbers Friction Grip Project Supports (4-Pack)

Secure Your Work Without Using Clamps.
Grabbers - Stop projects from moving or sliding.
Grabbers - Stop projects from moving or sliding.
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Why waste time clamping things down when you could achieve the same level of security by using these handy little triangles? They are called Grabbers because that is just what they do. These sturdy project supports are rubberized on both sides to create a highly efficient non-slip surface. When placed onto a counter or workbench they don't move. Place an object on top, and it becomes just as immobile. No longer is it necessary to clamp things down in order to achieve precision when sanding, drilling, gluing or other jobs because these affordable little guys will do the job just as well, but with way less time and effort involved. They can be used on their own, or along with Painter's Pyramids or the VersaSpin 360 for even more usefulness.

Elevate your work, and prevent it from moving in order to save time, achieve a higher level of precision, and make all of your projects easier to finish. When the object you are working on is elevated, more work area will be revealed, but it will also make it easier to access all parts. When the object is unable to move, you never have to worry about slipping or sliding, so you will be able to work more efficiently and end up with a more professional finish. Small mistakes and accidental errors will be all but eliminated, and jobs where pressure is applied, and objects are prone to moving will be greatly simplified when you have these in your toolbox. Chisel without chasing the board, drill without anything spinning, and sharpen knives with the highest level of accuracy. Forget about searching for the right size clamp, setting it in place, and then worrying about how it might ruin the object you are securing. Just toss a few of these down and rest your object on top for the ultimate way to stop moving objects while repairing, crafting, building, painting, sanding or anything else.

These things are great all by themselves, but when paired with other products, they can offer a whole new level of usefulness. Attach to Painter's Pyramids, the VersaSpin 360, or Gliders for more versatility and possible applications. Just pop a Painter's Pyramid on top and it will fit securely over the top in order to form a Pyramid with a non-slip base. This will allow you to use the Pyramids anywhere and they will stay in place without being screwed down. This will elevate your object higher, and allow it to rest on an extremely small, non-stick surface. You can rest freshly painted objects on top without worrying about ruining your work. Attach to a glider for a triangle that is friction free on one side and high friction on the other. Stick underneath a heavy object to grip the object while reducing tension with the floor. It can now be moved with less strength and effort. Use this same technique for several other applications. Grabbers come included with the VersaSpin 360, but you can always add more for increased value. They will allow you to place objects on the turntable and make sure that they don't move. This is perfect for things like cake decorating and flower arranging, but can also be nice for simple stuff like sanding a cabinet door. Secure an object in place and then spin it around to access all sides without moving.

Just because you have used traditional tools in the past does not mean that you should waste another minute using them again. You don't have to chase pieces of wood that slide away from you, or deal with mistakes brought about by and unstable working surface. Increase your perceived skill level while reducing the time it takes to finish the job. Don't use old school clamps and other methods of immobilizing your work. Simply set down these, and lay your project on top for an incredibly secure platform that will make working easy. Sand wood without slipping, drill holes with professional style accuracy, paint without errors or redoing it to get the perfect finish, and so much more. When you don't have to worry about stuff moving around, or running away on you while you are working, it is much easier to complete the task. These simple little triangles will quickly become your favorite addition to your tool collection as you begin using them for more an more jobs. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (4) Grabbers
Dimensions 2.375" x 2.375" x .25"
Uses Elevate objects and prevent them from slipping sliding or moving in any way.
Color Black and red
Material Plastic and bonded rubber
Compatibility Use alone or use with Painter's Pyramids or The VersaSpin 360
Rubberized Surface Yes - Double sided non-slip surface
Elevate Projects Yes - Raise objects by .25" when on top.
Package 4-Pack - One package contains a total of 4 grabbers
Shape Triangle
Shipping Weight .3 lbs

Grabbers - The fast and easy way to keep things stationary while you work. Don't waste time with clamps when sanding or drilling. Use these little triangles instead and finish the job in less time. Order Yours Today!

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