Dryer Vent Brush

Remove debris from lint traps, exhaust hoses, and other areas with ease.
Dryer Vent Lint Brush
Dryer Vent Lint Brush
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Quickly clean unwanted debris to keep your dryer in top condition. Too much lint forces your machine to work harder than it should, and lint traps can't possibly catch all of the fluff. Each time you dry a load, small amounts escape the trap to get stuck inside your dryer and it's hoses instead. Over time this can lead to longer drying times, motor damage, excess energy usage, overheating, and even fires. This flexible cleaning brush simplifies dryer maintenance, and allows you to remove lint and other debris from any location with ease. Regular cleaning with this tool will guarantee proper airflow, and help to increase efficiency, reduce lint on clothing, and prolong the life of your appliance.

The large handle ensures a comfortable grip, and the ring at the end allows for convenient storage almost anywhere. Quickly swipe the interior of lint traps and exhaust hoses to clear unwanted debris in seconds. The stiff nylon bristles will pick up every spec of lint without damaging any surfaces, and thanks to the tapered shape and extreme flexibility, it can easily adapt to any model, accessory or location. Although it's specially designed for removing lint buildup inside traps and hoses, you can also use this brush to clean under, behind, or in between your washer and dryer, and anywhere else that a broom can't reach. Get piece of mind and improve the performance of your dryer when you order this brush today.

Why It's Good

  • Simple. So easy-to-use, anyone can achieve great results. Thanks to the design, this tool makes the perfect choice for periodic appliance maintenance in your laundry room. Use this one brush to clean all areas.
  • Efficient. Fast and thorough, the dense collection of bristles will lock in any spec of lint that they encounter. The tapered shape fits into tight spaces, but you can also bend it at any point to conform to odd angles and clean around corners.
  • Versatile. Quickly clean lint traps, exhaust hoses and other areas of your dryer, or use for other stuff instead. This long brush and its flexible head are also great for cleaning radiators, refrigerator coils, under appliances, and into other tight areas where dust bunnies settle.
  • Comfortable. Although it's a large brush, it's also lightweight and easy to handle. The ergonomic handle allows for a wide grip that's easy on your hands, and the large size helps you reach where you need to clean.
  • Convenient. A large ring at the base of the handle allows you to store this brush in any location. Keep it handy by hanging right next to your dryer, or in a closet in your laundry room.

Maintenance = Safety

Almost every home in America has a clothes dryer in it. Just like every other appliance in your home, your dryer requires periodic maintenance to ensure it will function at peak efficiency. The main chore for dryers is to clean the lint trap on a semi-regular basis. If you don't, airflow will be restricted over time, and eventually, it will prevent the cooling mechanism on your dryer from working properly. The result of this can be overheating, malfunction, and, in the rare case, fire. FACT: Each year there are approximately 15,000 house fires that originate in the laundry room, and it amounts to a staggering $84.4 million in overall damages.

Dangerous situations and lack-luster performance can be easily prevented by performing a simple cleaning, using a quality tool. When lint accumulates, just use this brush to clear it away. You only have to glide it over the surface where debris has deposited, and the bristles will lift up, and lock in any stuff they encounter. For a thorough job, make sure to clean the back of your machine too because it's a hidden spot where lint can be trapped out of sight. Because it's specially designed to get in, around, and under every inch of your dryer, this brush makes maintenance easy, and ensures that you can achieve professional quality results. Resilient nylon-poly bristles and a flexible, tapered head allow you to clean any vent, on any dryer, and the long length allows you to clean deep into hoses and other hard-to-reach locations too. With the right tool, removing lint from your dryer and restoring its functionality is easy.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Flexible lint removal brush
Dimensions 30" x 1.8" x 1.8"
Brush Length 20"
Handle Length 10"
Color Gray
Brush Material Nylon/poly
Body Material Metal with vinyl coated tip.
Handle Material Plastic
Bendable Yes
Washable Yes
Compatibility Works with front or top loading dryers, and all components,
Uses Quickly clean out lint and other debris in hoses, lint traps and other locations. Also good for radiators, refrigerator coils and other tight areas.
Origin China
Shipping Weight 1.2 lbs.

The easiest way to clean your dryer. Perfectly designed to remove lint and debris from vents and hoses. Increase airflow and extend the life of your machine.Order Yours Today!

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