1. Swibo Serrated Paring Knife
Swibo Serrated Paring Knife
Swibo Serrated Paring Knife

Swibo Serrated Paring Knife

Professional Quality Cutlery From Wenger.
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The Swibo line of cutlery was originally designed for professionals. These high quality knives have been used by chefs and butchers for years, but are now available for home cooks as well. A great paring knife like this one will make cooking easier because in order to achieve professional looking results, you first need to start with a tool that is up to the task. Swibo knives allow you to increase your speed and precision while cooking so you can achieve better results in less time. These paring knives are manufactured in Switzerland using superior, custom blended steel that is exclusive to this brand. The steel is double tempered for strength, and then stamped to form the blade. The end result is a razor sharp blade with a Rockwell hardness rating of 55-58 that is resistant to the corrosion and wear brought on by excessive use and multiple washings.

The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to grip, and features a non-slip texture for safety and ease-of-use. Each handle is made from a special Swiss designed polyamide that is injection molded and hermetically sealed to the blade. This process eliminates gapping between the blade and handle, provides a hygienic solution, and ensures that the handle remains permanently attached to the blade. Extra attention to detail and better materials make the Swibo line of knives stand apart from the rest. When you use a Wenger Swibo to prepare food you know you are using a high quality knife that will cut great, look incredible, and last for many years.

Use this professional quality paring knife for peeling, trimming, garnishing and other small cutting jobs. The advanced design, construction and materials, ensures that this knife will perform great each and every time you use it. The bright yellow handle lets you know right away that its a Swibo, but also adds convenience and safety when the knife is in a drawer for storage or the sink for washing. Another notable safety feature is built right into the blade. The back edge of it has a rounded ridge rather than the standard squared, to reduce the risk of injury in case of accidental slippage. This paring knife features a serrated blade that is rigid and measures 3.25" in length. It is ideal for many everyday chopping tasks, and would make a great addition to any knife drawer.

From the makers of the original swiss army knife comes a professional line of cutlery. A half a century ago, Wenger created the Swibo® brand, to be used by professional chefs and butchers. Since that time, the Swibo line has been consistently perfected and expanded to become the industry standard that it is today. These knives are comfortable to handle for long stretches of food preparation and are incredibly hygienic. The one piece handles do not have any micro crack or pores, so there is virtually no ability for it to harbor bacteria. The polished, high-carbon, stain-resistant blades are stamped rather than forged, which makes them more affordable yet still extremely sharp and highly precise. The Swibo line of knives is preferred by professionals because they offer a great value. Years of use have proven that a Swibo Paring knife will outperform similar versions, and will stay sharp and last for many years to come. They are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized if desired. 3.25" blade. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) serrated blade paring knife
Overall Dimensions 7.5" x .75"
Bade Dimensions 3.25" x .62"
Handle Color Yellow
Uses slicing, paring, peeling and more
Handle Material non-porous, hermetically sealed, fatigue-free, non-slip polyamide
Blade Material Stainless Steel (double tempered)
Blade Type Stamped
Blade Style Serrated
Blade Flexibility Rigid
Blade Hardness 55-58 Rockwell hardness
Can Be Sterilized Yes - up to 120C/250F
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight .10 lbs.

Swibo Paring Knife by Wenger - High quality materials and superior craftsmanship make this Swiss made kitchen gadget a must have. A great accessory for anyone that enjoys cooking.

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