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Static Duster Set
Static Duster Set

Static Duster Set

A Money Saving Set. Dust Your Home Faster & Easier.
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Don't spend one more minute dusting with old rags and outdated feather dusters because this amazing set of tools will make the job easier than ever before. The secret behind the dusting power delivered by these dusters is static electricity. Just brush it across a TV screen, or rub it against a plastic bag and the fibers will become charged. Once this strong charge builds, it effectively transforms these dusters into dust magnets. It results in a tool that is easy to use and extremely effective because lint, dust and other debris will seem to leap of surfaces only to be sucked in and stored in the synthetic fibers. Use one of these dusters for the easiest way to clean furniture, blinds, computer keyboards, televisions, collectibles, plants and more. The dust, dirt, hair and micro particles are lifted off the surface and pulled into the duster with very little effort. Virtually all dust clings to the static duster instead of being pushed from one spot to another or scattered into the air like regular dusting cloths and rags do. After your cleaning is complete, just shake it clean over a trash can to deposit everything you have collected. When it gets really dirty after several uses, you can even do a thorough cleaning with mild soap and water in your sink.

Our static duster set includes (1) large static duster, (1) extension pole, and (1) mini duster. You can order them individually, but when purchased as a set, you save money.

The large static duster in this set has a flexible head that can bend into any position. This means that it will be easy to dust difficult areas like under the fridge, behind shelves and entertainment centers, or on top of ceiling fans and high shelves and ledges. Because the actual duster is mostly just fibers with a thin metal core, you can reach into tight places, and each time you dust, you can be sure that it will be gentle on every surface. The long flexible fibers can get into cracks, between objects, and will cover quite a bit of surface area on regular flat surfaces too. Dust mini blinds quickly because you can do the front and back of several slats with a single pass, or bend the duster at a right angle and attach it to the included 31" extension pole to clean the tops of fan blades, curtain rods and other hard to reach areas.


  • Press large duster against mini blinds to clean several at a time, front and back.
  • Attach to the extension pole to reach high shelving, wall art, cobwebs and more.
  • Bend the duster to a right angle and clean fan blades, picture frames, plant ledges, etc.
  • Use the small duster to clean keyboards on computers, or dust figurines in your china cabinet.
  • Use the large size, and twirl through leaves to remove dust from plants.
  • Hold in your hand to dust TV stands, clean vehicle interior, or perform light cleaning on any surface.
  • Safe for any surface type. Will never scratch, leave marks, or drop lint.

These amazing static dusters literally pull dust and dirt from any surface and they will do it quickly without any risk to the surface. Almost like a miracle, the electro static fibers will attract dust like magic anywhere you use it. They are perfect for regular dusting at home, at the office or even in your car, but they can be especially useful for tasks like removing cobwebs from your ceiling or dusting the tops of picture frames. The static dusters in this set can be used anywhere in your home you want to dust, and are great for house plants, knick knacks, or wood furniture. Just twirl the duster over the leaves of your house plants to dust the top, the bottom, and even the stems all at the same time. This duster is also fabulous for furniture, tables and delicate knick knacks. You will be amazed at how easy they are to use and how quick and easy dusting is when you use them.

Each set will include a bonus mini static duster. Keep this one next to your computer to keep your keyboard clean at all times. The static charge will lift dust and dirt out of the keys with just one pass. You could also use it to dust delicate knick-knacks or other small items without moving them, or just keep it in your car to dust your dashboard on the fly. One thing is for sure - this mini duster is a handy tool to have around. Order Yours Today!


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