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Deluxe Lint Brush
Deluxe Lint Brush

Deluxe Lint Brush

Double Sided Lint And Fur Removal Tool. Use On Clothing, Furniture, Upholstery And More!
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A deluxe version of our regular rubber lint brush, this dual sided model will help you eliminate pet hair and lint from almost any surface. Made from natural rubber, it has long bristles on one side, and wavy ridges on the other. Use the longer bristles to quickly remove soft particles and fine strands of hair. The reverse side is perfect for eliminating any microscopic pieces left over, or to ensure a gentle touch on textured or sensitive materials like corduroy, suede and velvet. You can easily flip back and forth from one side to the other, and over time you'll discover which side works best for the different surfaces and types of debris you encounter on a regular basis. When used dry it can safely clean almost any surface to remove lint and pet fur, but you can also get it wet, and mix with soap and it transforms into a powerful scrub brush.

With each swipe, the soft bristles will bend and flex to glide along the surface, and they will combine to form a solid wall which prevents tiny particles from being left behind. With short strokes, you'll build a slight static charge that will pull fuzz and fur off the surface, but also keep it from flying around. Clean dog hair off you black pants in seconds, or use to massage and scrub the next time Fido needs a bath.

Other Options

Looking for a similar tool, but want to spend less money? Then check out the regular Rubber Lint Brush. It only has a single surface for cleaning, but the flexible rubber bristles will be identical to the ones on this version so results will be similar.

Why It's Good

  • Natural Rubber. The ultimate in durability and cleaning power, this tool will work like new for many years to come. The rubber bristles are safe for any surface, highly effective at removing dust and hair, and they will never break, lose shape, or stop working, even with constant use.
  • Double Sided. Two completely different surfaces will have you prepared to clean anything. The longer bristles are perfect for all around lint removal, but when you encounter teeny tiny pieces that stick stubbornly, or if you are working with a plush or textured fabric, the reverse, wavy side can be invaluable.
  • Integrated Hanger. A large hole on the pointy side of the handle/frame allows for easy storage. Simply hang when not in use, and you can be sure it will be easy to find, clean, and undamaged the next time you need it.
  • Static Charge. The hundreds of bristles clean well alone, but as you work a charge will also build to supercharge their ability. Debris will get sucked right off the surface where it will neatly collect in front of the brush without flying around.
  • Ergonomic. The wide grip and plastic handle around the outside combine with an ergonomic shape to make this tool incredibly comfortable to use. Brush for long periods, or scrub a whole floor without any strain in your hand.
  • Multiple Uses. Perfect for brushing dog hair off your couch, or lint off your shirt, but also great as a grooming tool to brush your dog or cat, or scrub them in the tub. Get it wet, and add some soap to safely scrub and clean any number of surfaces around your home.
  • Safe. Stiff enough to do the job, but flexible enough to ensure no damage is caused. You will never mark, tear, or damage any surface in any way, and because it's made from natural rubber, there's nothing toxic or dangerous about it.
  • Washable. Over time, the tool may become dingy with use. Simply hand wash with dish soap in your kitchen, or place in your dishwasher for automatic cleaning.
  • Long Lasting. No sticky sheet to wear out, no cheap plastic to break, and no material that will stop working with repeated use. The rubber on this tool will function like new for many years, and it will never break, lose shape or become ineffective.

Made from a solid piece of natural rubber that's molded onto a thick plastic frame, this durable tool won't wear out, even with regular use. Because it's constructed from natural rubber instead of something synthetic, it has carbon inside that attracts dirt, dust and lint, and lifts it up like a magnet. This results in an incredibly clean surface with very little effort. The large cleaning head gives you more surface area than other options, so you'll finish the job sooner, and with better results. Stop throwing away money on disposable sticky rolls, or inferior brushes that wear out quickly. Get this deluxe lint removal tool and say goodbye to lint and fur all over your home.

How To Use It

Using this tool is pretty straight forward, and with the design and materials, it does most of the work for you. Proper use is important for ideal results and to avoid frustration, so follow the steps below to ensure long lasting performance.
  1. Use on clothes, furniture, comforters, upholstery and more.
  2. To remove lint and hair, use dry. To wash pets, or scrub surfaces, combine with soap and water.
  3. For lint removal, hold in your hand with the bristles you want to use facing out.
  4. Use short, quick and deliberate strokes to clean the surface, and pull the brush towards your body at all times.
  5. As you move across the surface, a charge will build, and a pile of fur will begin to gather. Continue moving in a straight line until the section is clear, then dispose of collected fur and continue to the next section.
  6. Do not push, or wipe side to side.
  7. Use the longer side for all around cleaning, and flip to the wavy side for textured and plush fabrics, or for instances when teeny pieces are left behind.
  8. To scrub surfaces, prepare a bucket of soapy water and dip in, or use a spray bottle to coat surfaces first.
  9. Scrub using an up and down or circular motion.
  10. Hand wash or place in dishwasher when dirty.
  11. For storage, use the hole in the handle to hang when not in use.

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