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Slide n Pump - Manual Pump and Siphon
Slide n Pump - Manual Pump and Siphon

Slide N Pump

An Easy-To-Use, Manual Pump and Siphoning Tool.
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Remove water or other liquids from just about anywhere using this powerful tool. The Slide N Pump is a manual water pump and siphon initiator in one. This means that you can use it to pump liquid from any area that a hose fits into, or for jobs where siphoning is possible, just a couple of pumps will start the process and allow water to flow continuously. It is an easy and inexpensive way to move water without the risk or cost associated with using something electric, and it is way more fool-proof than trying to suck on a hose with your mouth. The Slide N Pump is just as effective as any water pump that runs on electricity, but it can be had at a fraction of the cost. This makes it much more practical, because despite it's usefulness, it is a tool that most people won't use everyday.

Although it may only be used occasionally, The Slide N Pump is an invaluable addition to anyone's garage, basement or tool shed. It is perfect for removing liquid from a clogged toilet, pumping water out of a kiddie pool or hot tub, cleaning aquariums and ponds and so much more. With one of these on hand, disasters like leaky boats or flooded basements are much more manageable. It works with a regular old garden hose and takes no skill, practice or super human strength to operate. If you have standing water, clogged drains and gutters, or just want to perform maintenance on your birdbath or outdoor fountain, this is the perfect tool for you. The tool featured on this page is the regular size, but we also carry the Mini version which can be easier to store or take with you on the go, and it may be more ideal for occasional use or smaller jobs.

How To Use It:

Simple and effective, it could not be much easier to operate this device. Use it as a regular style manual water pump, or use it to initiate a siphon in a matter of seconds.

Use as a pump:
  • For basic pumping of liquid, simply attach a standard garden hose to each end. Any length will work, so add the ideal size for your job. Water will enter in the bottom and exit out the top.
  • Once attached, insert the open hose end from the lower part of the tool into any amount of water or other liquid.
  • To move water simply slide the tool up and down. With each movement, liquid will be sucked up into the hose. As you continue, it will begin to travel out the opposite end.
  • As long as you continue pumping and have the hose submerged, you will continue sucking in water. For this technique location, elevation and pressure do not matter. It is ideal for many jobs alone, but can also be useful when trying to remove the last bit of moisture after a siphon stops.
  • That's all there is to pumping water with this easy to use tool. Slide it back and forth to pump the water away.
Use as a siphon starter:
  • If you want to use it as a siphon, the procedure is similar to what is detailed above, and you will set things up in a similar way. The Slide N Pump is the only product of its kind available because it can pump liquid and initiate a siphon, while most products will only be good for one or the other.
  • The key to getting water to flow continuaously is keeping the pressure in the hose correct. THe container being drained needs to be higher up than the one you are emptying into. After you fill the hose with water using the tool, pressure will push water up and gravity will pull it down to keep it flowing up and out of the container, pool or ditch.
  • Insert the bottom end hose into the water and make sure it is submerged. Secure in place or watch to make sure it stays down once the flow begins.
  • Attach a hose to the opposite end or not depending upon your exact job. Move the tool or hose end to the location you want to drain into.
  • A few pumps will fill your hose and generate the pressure necessary to initiate the flow.
  • When conditions are optimal, a simple pump action will initiate the siphon and cause the liquid to start flowing. Once started it will continue until it is all removed. Once the flow begins, remove the tool from the hose and let it continue draining.
  • If any water remains that you want to get rid of, reattach the hose and use the pump action to suck it out.

Quickly move water from one place to another without making a mess or undertaking some proceedure that requires skill, practice and luck. This low cost manual water pump is hand operated and simple to set up and use. It can move large volumes of liquid in a short amount of time, and it eliminates the hassle and cost of using a larger tool. For each six pumps, you will be moving one gallon of water. This means that you can pump out several gallons of any liquid from any location in a matter of minutes. The Slide N Pump will make quick work of jobs that seem impossible, and it will save time when compared to other options. It stores easily thanks to the compact and simplistic design, and each component is made from specially formulated, lightweight plastic or rubber. This ensures effective results and easy operation, while superior strength ensures long term performance.

This is one of those devices, that you never knew you needed, but you won't want to live without. You can certainly get along without one, but when available, it will make life much easier as it saves loads of time and frustration. It may even save the day if a watery disaster strikes your home or yard unexpectedly. This is the perfect tool for jobs where you need to drain liquid, and it works in virtually any size space. Use for post holes, utility meters, toilets, basements, foundations, gutters, pools, ponds and more. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) hand operated liquid pumping and siphoning tool
Dimensions 3" x 25" (collapsed)
Uses moving liquid from one location to another
Color gray
Material lightweight plastics and rubber
Type Hand operated water pump & siphon initiator
Amount Moved 6 Pumps = 1 Gallon
Hose Type Standard - use with any regular garden hose (not included)
Shipping Weight 1.5 lbs

A high quality manual water pump and siphon starter. Use this amazing tool to move any liquid from one area to another. Simple and effective operation make it easy and efficient to use. Order Yours Today!

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