Deluxe Handheld Grout Brush

More bristles, and a curving head provide incredible cleaning power. For professional looking results on grout and tile.
Deluxe Hand Held Grout Brush
Deluxe Hand Held Grout Brush
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A curving brush head and perfectly angled handle combine to create a powerful handheld grout brush. You'll get professional level results with little effort, and no crack or crevice will be too difficult to reach, so your kitchen and bathroom will look better than ever. Thanks to the special shape and advanced materials, this grout brush allows anyone to clean with very little effort, and without the use of harsh chemicals. It's fully compatible with any cleanser you like to use, but due to the powerful cleaning action, additional soaps and chemical solutions are usually unnecessary. A simple back-and-forth motion, and slight downward pressure will deliver unmatched cleaning power that other brushes can't compete with, no matter how hard you scrub.

A wide grip makes it comfortable to hold, and storage is simple thanks to the hole at the end that allows you to hang it up when not in use. This Deluxe Handheld Grout Brush is perfectly designed to make cleaning easy, and the curving head allows you to apply as much pressure as necessary, and also clean into any area. When you scrub up-and-down, or back-and-forth, the angled bristles will thoroughly clean deep into the grout lines, no matter how thin or thick they are, and as an added bonus, you'll also be cleaning the top of the tile at the same time. Perfect for home or professional use, this amazing tool will handle constant use without wearing out or losing effectiveness. Stop wasting effort with inferior tools, and don't spend another dollar on cheap alternatives. Cleaning tile is never fun, but it will be way easier when you switch to this incredible grout cleaning tool, and ditch the flimsy, useless brush you're using now.

Why This Product Is Good

Commercial Grade

Extra durable and long lasting, this grout brush will provide incredible performance, and it will last way longer than other options, without wearing out or becoming ineffective. The bristles will retain their shape and cleaning power, even with regular use.

Better Bristles

The specialized bristle material makes cleaning easy. It doesn't matter if you're scrubbing away years of scum, or layers of hard water because the tough material will cut through any grime with ease. Instead of scrubbing like crazy to get good results, you can gently glide the brush to lift and loosen any type of dirt.

Versatile Performance

The design and materials make this Deluxe Handheld Grout Brush equally good for cleaning tiled surfaces, and the grout lines between them. The angled bristles easily clean in cracks and crevices, and the curving head allows you to clean in corners and other tight areas without trouble.

Curved Design

The angled handle leads up to the curved head, and when combined, they create the perfect shape for cleaning with maximum speed and power. Easily apply pressure when needed, and quickly scrub up and down grout lines, or into tight places with little effort.

Pointed Tip

The tapered bristles provide the perfect angle for removing grime from grout lines of any thickness, but they also come to a point at the tip to ensure that you can clean up to any edge, or into any nook for a thorough clean every time.

Scrubbing Power.

Soft, nylon bristles force you to do all the work, and often can't remove stubborn build-up, no matter how hard you try. The professional grade bristles on this tool give you unmatched scrubbing power, so you'll be able to lift up glued-on grime without intense effort.

What To Use it On

The commercial grade bristles on this Deluxe Handheld Grout Brush are not suited for soft materials like natural stone and vinyl, but for regular porcelain and ceramic tile, nothing works better. Easily cut through grime on common bathroom and kitchen surfaces, but stick to the materials listed below, or ones that are similar, in order to avoid damage to more delicate surfaces.
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Glass

What It Can Clean

Tough grime and stubborn build-up are no match for this grout brush. Thanks to the powerful bristles, a gentle scrubbing action is all that's required to clean any type of dirt. The list below details some of the types of grime it'll work on, but use it on anything similar also.
  • Soap Scum
  • Body Oils
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Hard Water Stains
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Any other dirt

How To Use It

Do a better job, and don't break a sweat in the process. Stop struggling with cheap grout brushes that don't really work, and switch to this amazing tool to make the job easy. Although using it is simple and results are pretty much guaranteed, follow the instructions below for best results.
  1. Intended for handheld use, so grip the red handle with your dominant hand to scrub.
  2. If increased pressure or scrubbing power is required, rotate the handle upward and apply downward pressure with your thumb. This action will force the curving head down and deliver more scrubbing power to the surface below.
  3. Make sure to use on compatible surfaces only. Use the list above, and stick to hard surfaces only to avoid damage. Unlike weaker tools you may be used to, this one can leave marks on softer materials like vinyl.
  4. Before you begin cleaning, prepare the surface by wetting it.
  5. Add a small amount of cleaning solution if desired. Soap and cleansers are not necessary because the brush alone cleans like crazy.
  6. To clean, align the center row of bristles with the grout line being scrubbed. Press down to touch, then apply slight pressure as you move up and down, or back and forth.
  7. Continue with this motion until the area is clean. The brush will wash the top surface of tile, and the grout, all at the same time.
  8. For best results and even coverage, begin at one side of your tub or counter top, and work toward the other. Finish a single section, top to bottom, and then move on.
  9. When finished, rinse the surface to remove any left over soap, or loosened grime.
  10. When finished, rinse the bristles thoroughly, then hang to store for later use.

Other Options

Need a larger brush, or one that attaches to a long extension pole? We've got you covered. For larger models with the same powerful bristles and angled configuration, check out the shark or the demon pro grout cleaning tools. This hand brush is perfect for small surfaces, tight corners, or narrow grout lines, but for floors and tubs, you may prefer one of the bigger options available. Need something even smaller, or more affordable? This deluxe version features an oversized head for enhanced performance, but we also carry a basic model mini grout brush that also works well. For incredible cleaning power in the palm of your hand, take a look at our Wire Bristle Scrubbing Brush. It has metal scrubbers that will remove almost any kind of grime, no matter how stubborn.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Regular tools require the assistance of powerfully toxic cleaners to work well, but this one is different. Because the bristles are so powerful, and because the handle and brush head are perfectly angled, this brush can scrub clean most grime with just water as a detergent. You can use your favorite cleanser if you want to, but in most cases, you can easily achieve a spot-free shine without using dangerous chemicals, or inhaling irritating odors. For those times when the build-up is extra tough, a simple homemade mixture can provide the extra power necessary, and it will be much safer, and far less expensive when compared to toxic alternatives you can find at the store. If you would prefer a safe option that you don't have to mix yourself, check out our natural shower cleaner. It's totally safe, but incredibly powerful, and when combined with this tool, no dirt will be stand in your way.
  1. Fill a small bucket or sink with hot water.
  2. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar.
  3. Mix in 1/3 cup lemon juice.
  4. Pour in 1/2 cup baking soda and let fizzle until settled.
  5. Add mixture to a spray bottle, or apply directly to the surface.

Soft and cheap alternatives will never deliver the cleaning power that this Deluxe Handheld Grout Brush does, so why waste time, money and effort? With the advanced shape of this tool, and the professional grade brush head, you'll easily increase speed and efficiency when cleaning tiled surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. Unlike other options that force you to scrub way too much, this one will guarantee high quality results with little effort, and it won't wear out, or fail quickly like cheaper options do. Skip the soft, thin, or weak alternatives, and go with something that has been proven to remove the toughest grime from any type of tile. Because it's built with commercial grade materials, you know it will last a long time, and allow you to get your tub, shower, counter or floor tile cleaner than ever.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) deluxe handheld grout brush
Dimensions 12" x 2" x 1.25"
Brush Head Length 4.5"
Handle Length 6.5"
Bristle Length 1.25"
Bristle Shape Tapered toward the middle
Bristle Fill 50% more than other tools.
Bristle Angle 31 degrees at the tip. Allows you to clean tile and grout at once.
End Bristles Pointed outward to clean up to the edge, and into tight areas.
Bristle Material Thick Nylon
Handle Material Plastic
Comfort Grip Yes. Coated handle for increased comfort.
Angled Handle Yes. Apply pressure easily, and scrub without effort.
Curved Head Yes. Easily clean at any angle, and into any crevice.
Uses Quickly and thoroughly clean tile and grout lines. Deep clean and remove stubborn grime in any location thanks to the curved head and angled handle.
Color Gray / Red
Shipping Weight .4 lbs

Power through dirt and build-up in your kitchen or bathroom using this powerful brush. The unique shape, sturdy bristles and angled tip allows you to get into cracks and corners with ease, and the advanced bristles lift up dirt with little effort. Order Yours Today!

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