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Single Bulb Window Vase
Single Bulb Window Vase

Single Bulb Window Vase

A Clear, Flexible Vase. Stick To Windows, Mirrors and More!
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Enjoy fresh and fragrant decor in any room of your home or office. You can even use this unique product to display fresh flowers in your RV, while traveling. It is a flexible flower vase made from unbreakable vinyl, and then equipped with a suction cup in the back. It is tall enough to hold a decent sized bouquet, and it will expand to fit the exact amount of flowers and water that you put in it. When not in use, it will store flat, so it takes up very little room, and is extremely portable. This flower vase is ideal for use on any window or mirror, but it can also be used on any other smooth surface as well. Place one on a tiled bathroom wall, or stick to the back splash in your kitchen. It can be used on the walls of an RV, or even a night stand in the bedroom. This simple little vase will allow you to display fresh or dried flowers in almost any location, no matter how much space you have. This one is similar to the Single Stem version in size, but it has a slightly different shape, so it will hold a bit more overall. For a smaller one, check out the Mini Oval, and for one that is bigger, look at the Trumpet Shape or Three Blossom versions.

Although it looks like glass when filled with flowers and water, this product is actually made of clear vinyl. This makes it nearly impossible to break, but also ensures that it is lightweight and easy to store. High quality material is cut to shape and then bonded on the edges to create a container with a familiar, vase-like shape. When empty, it will lay flat, but when you begin to add plants and water, it expands to become three dimensional. On the back side there is a strong suction cup that will allow you to attach the vase to any smooth, dry surface. The front facing side of the vase will look as expected when hung, but the back will conform to the flat surface in order to maintain stability. If you would prefer a glass vase with suction cup, we also carry one of those. It is significantly smaller than the one featured here, but some people may prefer the material or styling. Thanks to the material that this one is made from, it takes up way less space when not in use, and you never run any risk of damage due to accidents. When stuck in place, the powerful suction cup will hold strong until you remove it.

Anyone can use this Single Bulb Window Vase. There is no real trick, and once you find an ideal place to stick it, the rest is simple. This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy flowers in non-traditional locations, or places where space is limited. It also offers an affordable container that could be used as a gift, or as part of a surprise. When attaching this vase in your desired location, it is important to ensure that the area where you intend to hang the vase is a good fit. Textured walls and other uneven, or not quite smooth surfaces will not allow the suction cup to maintain a strong bond. Areas made of glass, metal and other smooth materials will be your best bet. Once an ideal location has been determined, it is important to clean it, even if it does not look dirty. After it has been cleaned, you will also need to allow it to dry fully prior to mounting the vase. If the surface is dirty, you could have trouble getting the vase to stick. If the area remains moist after cleaning, you could have a problem with sliding that would be avoided once dry. After the surface is ready, simply add your desired flowers to the vase, and then fill about half way with water. Once the arrangement is all set, simply stick the suction cup in the location you have prepared, and apply firm direct pressure to lock it in place.

Catch a loved one by surprise, or liven up your workplace. Attach one to a grave stone to leave behind flowers that will stay fresh longer, or deliver a special message in a unique way. This versatile flower vase can help you enjoy clippings from your garden as they bloom, or place sweet smelling blooms in a bathroom as odor control. Thanks to the affordable price tag, you can gift flowers in this vase by sticking them in a location that is guaranteed to get noticed. Greet visitors with buds on the front door, or pamper guests with fresh clippings at their bed side. The possibilities for enjoyment are nearly endless with this useful decor item. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) flower vase
Dimensions 10" x 2.5"
Capacity Large enough for a small bouquet, or a single stem arrangement
Compatibility Use with fresh flowers & water, silk, dried or live with dirt
Color Clear
Material Vinyl / Plastic
Suction Cup Included Yes
# Suction Cups One
Vase Shape Straight cylindar with rounded "bulb" base
Where to Use Adhere to any clean, dry surface that is also smooth. Ideal for windows and mirrors, but works well on other glass and metal surfaces, polished wood, finished stone and more. 
Cleaning Rinse with warm water, or use mild detergent when necessary. Allow to dry completely prior to storage.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Single Bulb Window Vase - Fresh and fragrant decor almost anywhere. If shelf and table space is limited, stick one to a window or mirror to enjoy flowers in any room of your home. Order Yours Today!

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