Ultimate Hose Nozzle

Powerful And Indestructible. The Only Nozzle You'll Ever Need!
Ultimate Hose Nozzle
Ultimate Hose Nozzle
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The Ultimate Hose Nozzle is probably the best one you will ever use because it is easy to operate, and it features high quality construction and rugged materials that allow it to last forever. You never have to struggle, or worry about functionality because this fireman style spray nozzle has a wide comfortable grip, easy adjustment, and it provides a strong, steady stream with every use. In your hand, it feels like a professional firefighter's tool, and unlike other options that look the same, it actually offers similar performance and durability too. Attach to any standard garden hose and it will deliver an infinitely variable stream of water that is strong and steady when needed, or gentle and cascading as necessary. Select from five different spray patterns, ranging from a soft fan to a powerful and precise jet stream, or stop at any point in between. Keep on twisting in either direction and the two-way shut off will stop the flow of water. A thick rubber casing provides an added layer of comfort, and ensures that it will never break. Drop it, whack it, step on it or even run it over with your car and this high quality spray nozzle will still work like it was brand new! Comes complete with a lifetime guarantee.

Need a longer reach? If you are looking for something similar with an extension handle, then check out The Ultimate Watering Wand. It is a commercial grade wand with shut off valve, and it comes as a set with one of these nozzles.

Why Choose This One

There are a lot of low quality nozzles out there, and many of us find ourselves purchasing a new one every single year. When brand new, many of them are mediocre at best, but the single biggest problem about those regular models is that they break. Some will fall apart or malfunction sooner than others, but eventually they all end up in the trash can because they stop working for one reason or another. The Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle is constructed with stainless steel, brass, reinforced fiberglass and santoprene rubber. There are no plastic parts hiding inside that will fail over time, and the reinforced exterior keeps the metal construction free of dents, dings and bends in order to preserve functionality. It is definitely built to last, and that is why the manufacturer is able to offer a lifetime warranty. You are guaranteed to be impressed by the operation and reliability of this product, so there is no risk involved. You can find similar looking nozzles for cheaper, but they are cheap for a reason. Nothing compares to the power, versatility, reliability and durability of the this one. If you choose a cheaper model, you can almost guarantee a replacement down the line, but when you buy this one, it will be the last nozzle you ever purchase.

Higher Quality = Easier Usage

Made from high quality components consisting of aircraft grade aluminum, forged stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced nylon, and santoprene rubber, the Ultimate Hose Nozzle is built for long lasting performance and simple operation. The outer surface gives it a comfortable, non-slip grip, and it also provides a thick layer of protection. Accidentally drop it on a concrete surface, step on it, kick it, or let your kids use it without worry. It is virtually indestructible thanks to this outer coating and the high quality materials inside. Beyond just protection, this soft coating also makes it incredibly comfortable to hold, and easy to handle for long periods of time. Conventional hose nozzles can't handle the same level of abuse, and if dropped, they will usually change spray patterns, break, kick on, fall apart or do any number of other undesirable actions. This one will never break or spray unexpectedly when dropped, and it will even withstand being driven over by a vehicle without affecting its ability to function. Unlike pistol grip versions, this one does not have to be picked a certain way or continually squeezed to keep water flowing. Just grab anywhere and you are ideally positioned and ready to spray without pressing or holding anything. People with arthritis or strength problems love this feature because it eliminates strain and fatigue, and allows them to hold on with a wide comfortable grip.

Where To Use It:

The versatility offered by this product will have you prepared for any outdoor watering task. Switch from a powerful blast to a gentle shower with a simple twist. It will deliver an intense stream when needed or one gentle enough for delicate foliage when not.
  • Use the jet stream to spray bugs, tar and other stubborn stuff on vehicles. Blast through mud, dirt and debris on the surface of your vehicle, wheel wells and undercarriage.
  • Adjust the spray pattern to get a heavy-duty stream for washing pool decks, driveways or sidewalks to remove dirt quickly.
  • Use a wide spray to gently and thoroughly rinse of soap after washing boats, RV's or cars.
  • Use the gentle fan pattern to water flowers and bushes without harming them.
  • Switch to a medium spray to saturate your lawn, and cover large areas with less movement.
  • Use the high pressure pattern to wash vinyl siding, fences and other vertical surfaces.
  • Wash your dog out in the yard, or spray off the kids when they get all muddy and finish quickly without inflicting pain.
  • Perfect for rinsing out gutters, hosing down lawn furniture or any number of other outdoor chores.
  • The wide fan pattern is ideal for gently rinsing surfaces without causing damage.
  • Gently shower a child's slide for increased speed, or let them hold it for the ultimate squirt gun.

How To Use It:

Operation could not be easier. It is compatible with any standard garden hose, and works with regular pressure that comes from any standard faucet on the exterior of your home. Due to better parts, and superior construction it is simple to adjust and effortless to use.
  • To install, simply remove any end piece you have on now, and screw this one in place. Turning to the right will tighten it. Keep twisting until it is secure. Turning the water on will allow you to test for leaks and verify a proper install.
  • Once on the end of your hose, turn on the faucet all the way. Full pressure at the spigot will allow for best operation.
  • To adjust stream, turn the front part in either direction. There are five distinct settings, but you can leave it at any point in between as well.
  • Once set to desired pattern, it will continue spraying until changed or shut off. No squeezing, clicking or switching is necessary to continue watering.
  • To stop the water, turn all the way in either direction. The two way shut off adds convenience, and allows you to pause the flow for any length of time.
  • When finished, turn of water at the faucet, and store for later use. Better materials means it won't rust, seize or break when not in use.

Don't be fooled by Imitations. This is The Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle by HISC, and it is backed by a lifetime warranty. You can even take it apart with a 5/32" Hex to clean and re-lube if desired! Effortlessly wash cars, spray off decks or just water your garden. It is built to resist breaks and the development of leaks, and its unique two-way shut off allows you to turn the nozzle fully clock-wise or counter-clockwise to stop the flow. Don't settle for a cheap sprayer, or a second rate fire style nozzle. Go with the ultimate and you won't be disappointed, and you won't be searching for a new one next year. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) nozzle
Dimensions (l x w x h) 4" x 2.75" x 3"
Color Varies: Blue, green or titanium will be chosen at random unless otherwise specified. To request a certain color, just use the comments section at checkout.
Nozzle Type fire hose / fireman style
# Spray Patterns 5
Materials rugged aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, & santoprene rubber
Two Way Shut-Off Yes
Manufacturer HISC
Warranty Lifetime
Availability In Stock
Shipping Weight 2 lbs.

Ultimate Hose Nozzle - The best nozzle available for your garden, patio or garage. This will be the last nozzle you will ever buy. Super durable construction and a lifetime warranty ensure that it will last for years.

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