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Large, Commercial Grade Shammy
Large, Commercial Grade Shammy

Large Super Shammy

A 20" x 27" Commercial Grade Shammy. Made in Germany.
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This commercial grade, German Shammy is thicker and more absorbent than virtually any other similar product available. It is a super high quality cloth that is guaranteed to work great and last for years. It's the most absorbent cloth you will ever use, and can soak up 21 times it's weight in liquid. This makes it great for cleaning spills, wiping counters, cleaning floors, drying your car and much more. You will find all kinds of uses for this great cloth. Our shammy will pick up amazing amounts of any liquid and will never drip or make a mess afterward. You will be able to soak up tons of liquid and then walk to the sink without making another mess on the way, or dry your entire vehicle with one cloth after washing. When compared to similar cloths, these ones will always be better. They are thicker, more absorbent, and longer lasting than other synthetic chamois available. They come in an extra large 20" x 27" sheet, but you are able to cut them down to any size. Due to the unique material, they will never fray or fall apart when cut, so resize as needed to suit your tastes and preferences. This is the large size super shammy. We also sell a smaller one called the Kitchen Shammy. If you want both, then our Shammy Set may be a better choice.

These cloths are made in Germany with the highest quality materials and manufacturing process. They are commercial grade cloths that feature a 260 weight which is much thicker, and therefore more absorbent, than other brands. This means that it will soak more liquid when it spills, it will dry your boat or RV quicker, and it will last for more years of regular use. They are great for a number of jobs, but as just a replacement for paper towels, they will save you money. Instead of using several disposable wipes to clean a mess, use a shammy to save time, effort and money. You will be done quicker, you will avoid making multiple trips to get more towels, and you will be using a product that can be washed and used again instead of thrown away. This makes them a very economical and environmental choice for cleaning. They also work great for drying your hair, as a bathmat, as a pet towel, for pulling spills and pet urine out of carpet, to clean tile floors, for use as a sports towel and so much more. Basically any time you are absorbing liquid while cleaning, or drying something off, a Super Shammy is the perfect tool. Place one under your dish rack to catch all of the drips and avoid a mess after washing dishes.

  • Use in the kitchen to dry spills, wipe down counters, line drawers in your fridge to absorb moisture, and much more. They will not scratch granite or marble, and they work great on stainless steel.
  • Use on your carpet to remove puppy pee, or soak up beverages that are accidentally spilled. Simply press down to suck up the liquid like a vacuum and dry the rug all the way down to the padding.
  • When cleaning a fish tank, or changing the water, use one to wipe down the interior without worry of scratching.
  • Use as a personal towel for drying your body when space is limited. A single sheet can dry a grown body, and it is compact to make it ideal for camping, travel, the gym, as a swimmers towel and more.
  • Clean windows and floors to a streak free shine. Eliminate all moisture in a single pass to prevent spotting and streaking.
  • Use on your car or truck to dry after washing without leaving spots. Also great as a sponge cloth for washing, or as a soft pad for polishing.

It is almost like a giant, flat sponge. When you press on it, it will suck up any liquid it touches, and lock it in. The unique material is what does all of the work, and since these are the highest quality available, they are easy to use, and very effective. Not only good for soaking and drying, the viscose rayon material is also good for general cleaning too. They are made in Germany, using a 100% viscose material with absolutely no fillers in it, and are machine washable for hundreds of uses. To make a towel like this, an air spun process is used to create thousands of micro-pores like a very fine sponge. These tiny pores are what allow the sham to suck up an amazing amount of liquid and hold it in. It will slurp up moisture from virtually any surface, yet never drip as you walk away. Once the liquid is picked up by this cloth, it doesn't let go until you wring it out over a sink. There is nothing similar that will work better than this cloth. When drying a spill on carpet, this shammy will pull up liquid all the way down to the floor boards. This is especially handy when cleaning up pet stains or spills from small children. High quality materials and German engineering ensure that our shammys are the best available. We sell a commercial grade cloth that is thicker and more absorbent than virtually any other available.

This highly absorbent cloth is also lint free. This makes it perfect for detailing a car or truck, washing windows and mirrors, and much more. When you wipe, dry and clean with this tool, it will never leave behind lint as you work. It is also safe to use on any surface, no matter how delicate. They will never scratch, mark or ruin anything you use them on, so you can clean all over with confidence. Since it is machine washable, you can use the same one over and over again without replacement, and you can even make a custom size cloth for any job out of these extra large sheets. Machine washing after sizing will not result in raveling or falling apart, and will not affect performance. When laundering, simply throw them in the wash under a normal cycle, then tumble dry on a low setting, or hang to air dry(putting in dryer may cause shrinking, but will not effect performance). This Large Shammy cleaning cloth dries soft and flexible after each washing. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing them as it can hinder absorbency by clogging the pores. Order Yours Today!

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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) large synthetic chamois
Dimensions 27" x 20"
Weight 260 GSM (commercial grade) - Twice as thick as the competition.
Color Your Choice: Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Teal or Yellow
Material 100% Viscose Rayon (Viskose)
Uses amazingly absorbent - soak up spills or dry wet surfaces. Also picks up dirt and debris as you wipe so it is good for general cleaning too.
Absorbency Soaks up to 21 times its own weight
Washable Yes
Reusable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front and back.
Texture Smooth (feels like felt)
Scratch-Proof Yes
Origin Made in Germany
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

A heavy duty, commercial grade cloth. This German made shammy is guaranteed to work great and last for years. It is super absorbent and will soak up 21 times it's own weight. Order Yours Today!

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