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Large, Three Blossom Window Vase
Large, Three Blossom Window Vase

Three Blossom Window Vase

A Large, Three Compartment Vase That Hangs On Windows & Mirrors.
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This large flower vase can quickly attach to any smooth surface, and it features three separate compartments, all connected together. Display a large arrangement of flowers on a window in your living room, or stick it next to your bath tub to grow fresh bamboo in order to create a spa-like atmosphere right at home. This versatile product makes it easy to enjoy the look and fragrance that fresh flowers provide, no matter how much space you have. It was designed to be used on a window or mirror, but any similar surface will work just as well. Attach to a metal door to greet visitors, hang on a desk to make work more enjoyable, or stick one on your refrigerator to add color and pleasing decor to your kitchen. Two powerful suction cups on the back side of this flexible vase ensure a strong hold, and endless options for placement. This one is pretty big, but we also carry some smaller ones with a single compartment. To see other similar items, follow these links: Single Stem, Single Bulb, Trumpet Shape & Mini Oval

When hanging up, and filled with flowers and water, this vase will look a lot like glass, but it is actually made of a clear vinyl material that has been cut to shape and then bonded at the edges. This allows it to collapse completely flat when you aren't using it, but then expand to become three dimensional, and increase inner space depending upon what you stick inside. As you attach it to the wall, this flexibility will also help to maintain stability because it will flatten to sit flush with the wall on the back side, while it bulges to look like a traditional flower vase on the front side. Because it is made from plastic instead of glass, it is able to be large in size without becoming too heavy, and causing trouble when hung. The material also ensures that accidents and cleaning do not pose any risk for damage, so it will remain durable and useful for many years to come. Due to the large size, this window vase has two suction cups on the back to ensure that when you stick it somewhere, it will remain there until you take it down. When your flowers start to wilt, it will store completely flat, so it is easy to put away, or even take with you on the go.

Anyone can use this Three Blossom Window Vase. No special technique or trick is needed for good results, and thanks to the separate compartments, it is tough to mess up when arranging your flowers. Simply cut to the ideal length, and then insert in a visually pleasing manner. You can create one continuous bouquet, or three separate, but complimentary ones. This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy flowers in non-traditional locations, or places where space is limited. It also offers an affordable container that could be used as a gift, or as part of a surprise. When installing this vase, the most important step is choosing a good location.

Textured walls and other uneven, or not quite smooth surfaces will not allow the suction cup to maintain a strong hold. Areas made of glass, metal and other smooth materials will be your best choice. Once an ideal location has been determined, it is important to clean it, even if it doesn't look dirty. After cleaning, it is also important to let it dry thoroughly. If the surface is dirty, you could have trouble getting the vase to stick, and if you don't let it dry all the way, you may have a problem with it sliding. After the surface is ready, simply add your desired flowers to the vase, and then fill each compartment, about half way with water. Once the arrangement is all set, simply stick the suction cups to the surface you have prepared, and apply firm direct pressure to lock them in place.

Let a family member know you care when they least expect it, or use this vase as part of a unique gift for a friend. Stick to the tile next to your tub, and grow fresh bamboo to increase relaxation, and improve decor in your bathroom, or attach to a file cabinet or similar surface at the office to liven up an otherwise dull location. This versatile flower vase can help you enjoy clippings from your garden as they bloom, or place sweet smelling blooms in a bathroom as odor control. Hang one on a door to greet visitors with a colorful display, or add to any window in your home to make that room more enjoyable. Use with fresh cut flowers and water, fake ones made of silk, real ones that have been dried, or even live plants with dirt. The possibilities for enjoyment are nearly endless with this useful decor item. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) three compartment flower vase
Dimensions 10" x 6.25"
Capacity Three compartments will hold one large arrangement that has been separated, or three smaller, complimentary ones. 
Compatibility Use with fresh flowers & water, silk, dried or live with dirt
Color Clear
Material Vinyl / Plastic
Suction Cup Included Yes
# Suction Cups Two
Vase Shape Three straight cylinders connected together to form one rectangular vase with three rounded protrutions at the bottom
Where to Use Stick to any clean, dry surface that is also smooth. Ideal for windows and mirrors, but works well on other glass and metal surfaces, polished wood, finished stone and more. 
Cleaning Rinse with warm water, or use mild detergent when necessary. Allow to dry completely prior to storage.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Three Blossom Window Vase - A large vase that hangs via two strong suction cups. Enjoy fresh and fragrant decor almost anywhere. Order Yours Today!

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