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Loofah Back Scrubber With Ergonomic Handle
Loofah Back Scrubber With Ergonomic Handle

Natural Loofah Back & Body Brush

Ergonomic Scrubber For Natural Exfoliation and Cleaning.
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Clean any hard to reach area with this powerful brush. A long, ergonomic handle has a slight bend in it to provide the perfect angle, and a large, natural loofah sponge delivers the cleaning power necessary. It's ideal for washing that part of your back that nobody can reach, but it's also nice for any other area that gives you trouble. Scrub your feet without bending over, cleanse shoulders and ankles without strain, or exfoliate all over quickly and easily. The natural fibers will deep clean your skin without being abrasive, and as you use it, dead skin cells will be removed, your pores will open up to release toxins. The end result is cleaner, more healthy looking skin, with less bending, stretching, and straining to get it that way. You'll spend less time trying to get clean, and more time admiring your fresh and youthful looking skin. A wide handle makes it comfortable to use while bathing, and the integrated hanging rope makes it easy to dry and store when you're finished.

Much more powerful than a regular sponge, loofah are nothing more than dried out fruit. This fibrous member of the cucumber family is quite edible when harvested young, but becomes a dense mass of fibers as it is allowed to mature. Upon picking the fruit for use as a scrubbing tool, it is fully processed to remove everything but this interweaving network of natural fibers, and then dried out to create the hard sponge with a slightly rough surface that is familiar to everyone. The resulting surface is quite durable and long lasting, and it will provide an effective scrubbing surface that is safe for all skin types. It softens when damp, so as you use it, the sponge will conform to your body while remaining gently abrasive to do it's job. As you slide it across your skin with the long reach handle, it will easily remove stubborn dirt as it rejuvenates your skin. The natural material will actually hold more soap than regular cloths and scrubbers, but then rinse out more thoroughly when you're finish with it. When hung up after washing, it will dry quickly to remain an effective and sanitary way to clean your body.

Beyond the naturally powerful scrubbing sponge at the end of this brush, there are many other characteristics that also set it above similar alternatives. The dark, natural wood handle is longer than most, and also features a slight bend toward the top. This curving of the handle makes any body part easier to reach, and will ensure that more sponge is touching the area you are trying to wash due to the improved angle. For this reason, anyone should be able to clean any part of their back with this long, ergonomic brush. To improve comfort, a rubberized hand grip has been added to the lower portion of the handle as well. Most other versions available are nothing more than a straight stick, but this one is contoured and padded for comfort. Not only is this grip squishy to make it feel nice, it is also ridged to improve control. The added texture will keep the tool securely in your hand no matter how much slippery soap you add. The large sponge on the end is high quality and durable, and it is secured better so that it stays in place for the lifetime of the brush. When finished washing, you are able to choose two different methods of storage and drying. Use the integrated rope loop to hang on any existing hook, or use the powerful suction cup to stick and hang from tile fiberglass and other smooth surfaces.

Stop struggling and stretching in vain. Get all of your hard to reach spots cleaner than ever with this powerful, and easy to use brush. It will go beyond just washing to open pores, release toxins and rejuvenate your skin's appearance as it eliminates dead skin. No type of dirt stands a chance against this powerful scrub brush, but it is gentle enough for use with any skin type. The natural fiber is more effective than synthetic alternatives, and the deluxe design makes operation a breeze. Reduce frustration caused by trying to reach areas that are impossible, or save time by replacing regular brushes with this improved alternative. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) back and body brush with natural loofah scrubbers
Overall Dimensions 14.5" x 3" x 2.75"
Loofah Dimensions 4" x 2.75" x 2.75"
Uses Cleaning, exfoliating and invigorating. Remove stubborn dirt, rejuvenate skin, and stimulate blood flow. Easily reach any part of your body and apply necessary pressure. Perfect for back scrubbing, but useful for any other part that is difficult to reach as well.
Handle Material Wood
Scrubber Material 100% Natural Loofah
Ergonomic Handle Yes - A gentle bend makes it easier to scrub.
Integrated Hanger Yes - Rope loop for use on existing hooks.
Non-Abrasive Yes - Gently scrubs without harming your skin.
Skin Type Safe for all skin types.
Compatibility Use with any of your favorite soaps, or use alone when dampened with water.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Scrub without stretching or straining, and gain the benefits of natural loofa scrubbers. Remove dead skin as you clean your hard to reach parts. Increased blood flow with rejuvenated skin, and opened pores will release dangerous toxins. Order Yours Today!

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